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  1. fateh! haha yessss im aliveee and im coming to dallas smaagam again! =D

  2. vaheguroojeekaakhalsa, vaheguroojeekeefateh! (((:D

  3. haha for sureeee =D im gonna reallyreally try!

  4. haha no i came in feb!

  5. I've NEVER missed a dallas for the past 8 years hehe

  6. dallas 100% sure! :)

  7. haha ya woopsie! i thought i did my baddd :D whens the nex smaagam? lol

  8. hehe woopsie =) i thought i did that night :P

  9. someone came to atl!! :)

  10. your in atlanta!! =).. time to naam jaap! hehe

  11. haha nothing much! i was like i hope this is the right person :P hehe what bauot uuuuu

  12. vjkk vjkf! hows it going! haha i found out hehe :P

  13. vaheguru jee kaa khalsa, vaheguru jee kee fateh!! =)

  14. happy birthdayyy!!

  15. vjkk vjkf gurvinderpal singh! where have you beennnn! lol... keertan at my place on sunday ... bettersee you there :)

  16. ok. one of us HAS to call ..haha cuz its been a lil to long since we've talked!bizmo misses pepto!!!

  17. your finally onlineeeeeeeeeee

  18. Happy Birthday!!! :D

  19. "wheres your chairji??" haha :D

  20. vaheguru jee kaa khalsa..vaheguru jee kee fatehhhH!!!

  21. Happy Birthday fellow atlanta-eer!!! :D

  22. pepto! wow! 493 posts!!!!!!!

    i miss yaaa! anddddddd remmeber 131 mroe days! :)

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