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  1. I'm just wondering, why if Raag Asa is meant to be sung in the morning, then why is there Raag Asa in Keertan Sohila?
  2. Preceding the Houston Akhand Jaap, the Sikh Youth will be hosting a series of workshops and kirtan/katha programs. Programs will include: Gurbani Workshop Youth Open Question/Answer Forum Sukhmani Sahib Kirtan & Katha We humbly request YOUR presence!!!!
  3. There is a Shabad, Nasro Mansoor Gur Gobind Singh ! That was written by Bhai Nand Lal Ji. (I think.)
  4. http://www.keertan.org/keertan/Simran/Akha..._Jee-Simran.mp3
  5. that arti aint gurmat We Khalse who don't follow Gurmat, what Gurmat do we speak of?
  6. You know, it's simple common sense to understand that if you don't ask Bhai Sukha Singh Ji yourself, you're obviosly not going to get a response. End of story.
  7. Maybe Texas state law permits it residents to carry knife (in their defination) but somehow i think thats most likely not possible. Is there any rule/law that you can share with us that protects us wearing kirpan? Nope, not in this state! Here they take their weapons quite seriously, and you have to have a license to carry a concealed weapon. There is some sort of statute that states that you can have in plain sight as long as its less than 5 inches, but our 10 inch ones dont fit that rule at all. Funny thing is, we walk in plain sight of state troopers and county sheriffs, but we never get in trouble. It is, after all, our 1st amendment right. They usually have a few camps throughout the year in the bay area, and there's also the annual Jakara conference. Tons of akj samagams in the bay area! And there's also the annual Yuba City Nagar Kirtan.
  8. Go texas! :D :D =) AKAAAAAAL! hahahaha
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