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  1. At last a decent topic on Sikh Sangat i shall post a reply later on....
  2. what i find is gursikhs are rare to find. However as people think that some look down on others it is true but that is the own ego. i notice gursikhs are kind and compassionate when you want to learn about sikhi. But when your the opposite they tend to stay away from you.
  3. well i just wanted to bring to peoples attention about what nirankaris are saying about the apprent "TRUE" events of vasakhi 1978, after chating to a nirankari they come up with the following story Akal Takht attempted to massacre Nirankari Sikhs during their celebrations for Vaisakhi NOT their gathering for "vicious insults of Guru Granth Sahib Ji". Akalis opened fire on a CELEBRATION, murdering and injuring hundreds and in defence, Nirankari's killed 13 people. Those 13 people are not Saints or Martyrs
  4. Does Anyone here know were a suunder gutka can be purchsed preefeably with transliteration from the uk?
  5. Do Jatha Singhs only use Akaal Takht? As we all know their are many jathas etc.. that do not follow Takht Maryada. But what i have noticed whenever their is beadbi etc.. or something these jathas do not like, they will say its agaisnt the hukam of Akaal Takht. e.g the ik niwas situation and places were their are chairs and tables in the gurdwara. Singhs From Jathas etc.. try to protest etc.. agaisnt such beadbi and try and use the authority of Akaal Takht to support their arguments agaisnt matters, but then at the same time they themselves do not follow Takht maryada. Do Jatha Singhs only u
  6. all that left to decide is that are people like baba garbachan singh bhindrawale, baba takhur singh, baba isher singh etc.... are brahmgyanis or bhai randir singh is brahmgyani..... My Guess Is As Good As Yours
  7. panjabi culture today contridicts sikhism as a religion - so how can one keep a balance ? , religion is something in which you have to give all your faith and devotion to... what will you choose when things begin to contridict culture or religion
  8. i have not been their personaly i have jsut been told by some one who used to go their regualrly
  9. there are people out there who can do that iv seen it intresting... so would u go to this baba if u had a evil sprit in you? i personaly really doubt that this baba can do such things i really doubt he has go any spritual power all he is a business man making money he has statues of devtas and every statue their he has a golak 4 them so people put money their he's got a golak for each religious scriptures , and also hes got a golak for guru granth sahib their and then a golak were he sits and a golak were his wife sits.... he is nor more than a fake baba who is out to make money off weak
  10. r u sugesting the baba is "real" then since he can take "evil spirits" out??
  11. Isnt bani nirankar?? how can u do beadbi of something thats nirankar?? ... it is good that sikhs got the senchiya out.... the ek niwas person is just a business man who is making money out of people that go their alot of people that go their are the rich type he has proberly got them thinking that if they continue to come their that they will continue to be succsessfull. also this has been going on over 10 years sikhs have been removing a saroop out of their and they would just get another one.
  12. were has the farla come from the article on amrit world suggest it might have come into existance later after the guru sahibs times... what is the maryada to gaining a farla? what does one need to do?? if it is given to singhs that recite alot of bani and are generals etc... then coudnt the farla be a sign of ego as it stands for something? Does anyone know the maryada of obtaining a farla? and what its purpose is? why cant people who aint from any dals wear one ? this seems discrimnating to me just because one is not part of any dal
  13. the article is questioning of the farla if it was even came to being by Guru Gobind Singh theirs a chance according to the article it came to being after the times of the gurus. as for thrashing ? its not a very sikh thing is it if someone weres a farla then they get a beating. what do you have to do to even get a farla? some one that reads lots of bani and does abhiyaas gets a farla from one of the dals? shaheed talwinder singh babbar wore a farla was he given one by any dal? from my limited knowledge he was not part of any jatha or dal? maybe someone can shed some light on it?
  14. The 'Pharla' In his book 'Guru Keeyaan Saakheeyaan', Swaroop Singh Kaushish gives a 'Sakhi', according to which, in Samvat 1760 Bikrami, King Ajmer Chand attacked Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji. Sikh warrior Bhai Maan Singh pitched the flag in the battlefield and fought with force. He was wounded during the ensuing battle during which the Sikh flag was broken by the enemies and fell down. A Sikh relayed this occurrence to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru Ji immediately made a 'Pharara' from blue 'keski' (small turban) and said, "Henceforth, this Khalsa flag will never be broken". The 'Sakhi' given by 'Gu
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