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  1. Why doesn't the state government just declare Sri Amristar Sahib a holy city and prohibit alcohol, tobacco, and meat from being sold in the city? Because there is too much money to be made from the sale of these things, on top of profits from restaurants, hotels and pub/clubs. What we need today is a way for Sikhs worldwide to have equal representation from each country in order to limit interference from the GOI and its cells. In India its all politics, the five Jathedars & SPGC make most of their decisions according to their political alignment or for self profit, not caring for what would be best for the entire panth. Like on the issue of a memorial for Operation Blue Star, I pretty sure that majority of Sikhs worldwide want this but the SPGC in India won't make one! We need to figure out a way to have better distribution of representation, so Sikhs outside of India can have their say on important decisions, maybe make an International SPGC, with representation from the UK, Canada, US, India, Pakistan ect. Any ideas?
  2. I don't know the Singh's name but I believe he was apart of the KCF.
  3. Wait a minute, the news article states the Sikh Community (above articles state around 35 families, other I have read say around 15-25 families) paid 20,000,000 rupees for jizia. That is a lot of money, especially since these Sikhs live in the tribal regions which I suspect is not very well off economically. So where did they get the money from? I mean, 20,000,000 rupees is equal to $301,712.40 dollars Canadian, I don't think 35 families in Canada would able to pay this off. 20,000,000.00 PKR = 301,712.40 CAD (Canadian Dollars) = 248,447.20 USD (United States Dollars) = 190,487.63 EUR (Euro) = 168,167.65 GBP (United Kingdom Pounds)
  4. Its the freakin Taliban, they are extorting money from anywhere possible, look at the news clip, people that work on the main highway of Karachi have to give 50% of their money to the Taliban, the Taliban own multi-million dollars worth of construction equipment that is used on the highway. It is clear that Pakistan cannot even secure its largest city, how are they supposed to secure a tribal region in which all of the control is given to the Pasthons and Tribal Elders? Sending more aid will not solve the situation due to the large level of corruption. Only way to solve this problem is for an international coalition to come in and work with Pakistan, otherwise it is clear that the Taliban will slowing gain more support and control. President Obama said that he will go after Taliban leaders in Pakistan, I think now is the time to go in, even without consent from the Pakistani Government. I live in Canada but I think you guys are referring to Dal Khalsa UK, what do you want them to do? Condemn the Pakistan Government for not providing security to minorities in a region they don't even control? Funny thing is that the RSS and Taliban have a lot in common, they both hate western culture, they both want to create one religion state/country, they both like picking on minorities, they both want to nuke other countries, they both have backwards ideology and are a bunch of crazy nuts.
  5. The Taliban are slowing taking over control in Pakistan, watch the following CBC News clip:
  6. More Jagowale for sure, also would like to hear a track from Moranwali Dhadi Jatha. Dhadi remixes are great!
  7. cow urine & soft drink, two words that shouldn't be in the same sentence!
  8. :nishaan_sahib_right: Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale - A True Saint Soldier :nishaan_sahib_right:
  9. This is being made more complicated than it should be. A Sikh is someone who wants to help spread the message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, it doesn't matter if your mona or keshdharee. A person is not a Sikh when he/she spreads or encourages things that would be considered against the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. For example if you drink alcohol but keep it to yourself, I would considered you a Sikh because it’s your own personal problem and I have no right to judge you. You have to fight your own battles and ask Guru Ji for help. BUT if you encourage others to drink alcohol, then you are not a Sikh because you are speaking against the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and propagating a message different from our Guru Sahibs.
  10. If a person believes in One God and has faith in the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, that person should be considered a Sikh, doesn't matter if you're mona or keshdharee. But keep this in mind, a person should not be considered a Sikh if he/she encourages others to take part in things that are against the teachings of Sikhi. I don’t care if you have a hair cut or trim your beard or drink, that’s your own personal choice (I will still call you a Sikh) but if you go around encouraging these types of things and telling others to drink or smoke or cut their hair or discriminate, then you should not be considered a Sikh. Its the duty of a Sikh to spread the message of Guru Ji and anyone who spreads the opposite message, should be considered the exact opposite – not a Sikh. Just my thoughts.
  11. After weeks of questions, Obama transition team member and former Google executive Sonal Shah today renounced her former connection to a Hindu organization accused of fomenting violence against Muslims and Christians in India. Click on the link below to read the full article: http://lostintransition.nationaljournal.co...h-renounces.php
  12. Sikhs groups need to respond sharply to these types of attacks and misrepresentation of our faith. We need a watch dog group to review all serials and make public any offensive material, since Sikhs are not being allowed to sit on the Indian Censorship Board. Repeated requests by the SPGC in recent years for Sikh representation on the board have been denied or ignored. The SPGC had first requested for a seat back in 1998 but nothing has happened since. Here's a quote from G.S. Tohra, former President of SPGC: "Such misrepresentation of Sikhs had hurt the feelings of the whole Sikh Panth. The Sikhs believed that the phenomenon was either a planned conspiracy or a mischief on the part of some anti-Sikh elements" SGPC wants its man on film censor board 1998 Indian Express Newspapers http://www.indianexpress.com/res/web/pIe/i...0/32451504.html
  13. From the information that has come forth, it is very clear that the terrorists were well trained commando style fighters, who had a clear strategy and had pre-planned every step. They were probably trained by the ISI, with the help of militant groups inside of Pakistan or even Kashmir. Its highly unlikely that Hindutva groups are involved, these guys worship radioactive sand from nuclear testing sites (believe nuclear weapons are a gift from mother India) and are so right wing hardcore bharitees that they would never do anything like this, especially killing random people at a train station named "Shivaji Train Station" or trying to shut (through fear) the "Gateway to India" or attack hotels that are India's iconic jewels, a hotel that was made to snub British rule. In the larger view, conflict in disputed areas in both India and Pakistan will never end with military force, using force will only delay things temporarily but the fighting will never stop.
  14. CNN is reporting that all filming/video streaming by media has been suspended. Looks like the Indian Security Forces are going to storm the Taj. Just a cowardly attack by these terrorists on innocent people.
  15. Does anyone have any video clips that they would like to share?
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