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  1. Mehtab Singh i feel out of this world all of a sudden, YESSSSSS!! i'll be your date ... and We'll eat together from the same plate (sarbloh ofcourse ) ... only if you kill 'De Bill Gate'
  2. Here Orono veere >> http://www.sgpc.net/liveaudio.asp Use the above link to listen to the same.. : )
  3. Mubarakaan Balaity Singh. Now i can officially call you Uncle
  4. ^^No need to mock what she said. She heard the word for the first time and typed whtever she knew. ps: I never said taekwondo. I had my own word ... 'taka-wandu' .. Saro rawk sounds kinda hip
  5. Will always respect you/your opinion Mehtab Singha : ) .. don't hate me if i think differently ..
  6. Its not Saro-rawk. Its Sarbloh ... Sarb is 'all' .. Loh is 'iron' .. and you can get it from your local gurughar/talk to the giani ji or any of the online sikh shops ..
  7. Yes Love is a pure feeling .. it could be expressed by hugging..kissing ... i won't say whtelse .. lets not tarnish love by calling it lust : )
  8. Expressing love is NO sin .. wah oh rabba teri khed sachi niayaari aa ...
  9. I avoided writing 'sikh' because i didn't want to cause ruckus. I personally don't hold a similar opinion as some on the forum when it comes to dividing people into different classes, basis being kes. That is something which should be termed as bhraminism.
  10. ^^What is so serious about this topic??
  11. If i had written "6-7 Sikhs" thn someone would have said they don't even keep kes how can you call em Sikh. That is why i chose 'apne', everyone is apna otherwise : ). Apne is just a term used for desi bande.
  12. There are about 6-7 apne in Canada's men's hockey team.
  13. I usually agree with Papi Mal aka OhTwadi but i don't think telling someone how much bani one has memorized is a big deal. Memorizing something is not a big deal. We have been given the brain to memorize stuff. We memorize phone numbers, email addresses, some of our course work etc...etc... We can memorize the math tables but does that mean we'll be able to solve the complex equations?? We can memorize bani but does that mean we'll be able to understand amazing play of waheguru?? I remember i used to cram everything up before my history exams. My father told me i have to understand everyth
  14. :D aaho You don't wanna know what the kid on the left is capable of. The kid in crimson trousers is a sau putt : ). ps: If you are lucky you might be able to find the original of what JustME posted on f*****.com
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