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  1. Please add replies so this topic stays on the first page of this forum to ensure maximum exposure of the video.
  2. Anyone seen this film, its in 9 parts. Its a film about the khalistan movement. Check out the first link below and follow the links on youtube for the other parts. The main film starts after about 6 and a half mins. If you can try downloading this film, burn it to dvd and hand them out at your local gurdwara etc.
  3. Them panth time shows have been a waste of time, however thats just my opinion. I still cant believe they havent put english translations up when playing recordings of kirtan. They should get that sorted if possible.
  4. there are other reasons why sant moved his headquarters to the akal takht including the leaking of the plan to attack the complex to sant ji whicxh involved the govt making a replica of darbar sahib and planning an assault using it. i hope sum1 will make this info available because i dont have time right now. also sant ji enjoyed the support of the sikh masses, he was the main person leading the dharam yudh morcha, the akal takht is the centre of all sikh political affairs so his place was in darbar sahib in my opinion. if sant ji was doing anything wrong and didnt have the support of the masses at the time other sikh groups would have called for him to be removed and could have removed him themselves as there were other groups that had men and arms. fact is he was doing nothing wrong. he said many times that if he done anything wrong and the police was to put a warrant out for his arrest he would hand himself in. when the police arrested him they were forced to let him go because they had no evidence against him. that crap tully was sayin last night about the govt pulling strings to let him go is rubbish, it was the govt who put pressure on the state police in the first place to arrest sant as the police did not want to upset the masses by doing so. why would the govt need to pull strings if teh police didnt want to arrest him in the first place because they were afraid to upset the sikhs? thats why they sent the army in to attack darbar sahib and kill sant ji because the police were unwilling to go against sant ji, otherwise why not use the police and other states para military if they wernt affraid to arrest him initially. even before the attack it was carried out in secret, they gave no chance to surrender, they didnt even tell the pilgrims inside an attack was comin, do u really think that thousands of unarmed people would be in darbar sahib complex if they knew a full scale assault was about to take place. brar said himself that they gave a chance to the people to get out after 2 days even though that has been flatly denied by all those who were inside at the time. if brar couldnt wait 1 day for the rememberance day of guru jis shaheedi to pass because he sed 1 million sikhs would have surrounded them which swords etc then its a bit obvious that he wouldnt give the sikhs inside fair warning to surrender or for pilgrims to get out because this would have given time to get the word out to the other sikh around punjab and would have given sikh inside a chance to prepare. fact is tho he didnt give them warning cus they wanted to kill every1 inside to send a msg and to destroy any chamces of sikhs gettin autonomy or independance.
  5. i dont think ppl realise how much damage these poorly researched programs do. i would say 90% off sikhs in uk do not bother researching 84 so they take most of there info from progs like this. whats the point of encouraging her to research the facts now wen shes already shown the bs documentary? sum1 shud work on sewing tully for character assasination of sant. i bet he didnt sit in the same room as sant more then a handful of times let alone speak to sant.
  6. i thought it was a load of bs. tully chattibn sumin about the police burning sants sermons so he turned against the govt? wats all that about? he even tried to prove his stupid theory by saying when sant talked about the govt burning our children he sed sant was refering to the sermons. wat a dumass. man is thick as anything if he got to that conclusion. a more plausable reason why he turned anti govt was after 78 wen the police helped teh nirankaris attack sikh peaceful protesters but that wasnt even mentioned. why didnt she refer to sikh accusations that the attack coincided with guru ji shaheedi to maximise deaths? even on the pogroms she didnt even mention the hand of indian govt officials in organising em, she just sed in sum cases police did nufin or sumin like that. u telling me ppl forgot to tell her these things? and her dum conclusion that there wer no more injustices on sikhs in punjab because she had a convo with a 18 yr kid. youve sed alot of points that i wanted to say, totally agree.
  7. if u believe that sri dasam granth ji is the bani of guru gobind singh ji then why should any gurbani be treated different? gurbani is gurbani and we should respect and give our head to all gurbani just the same. its funny how now the india jatha etc have come out with statements in support of guru jis bani the uk branch members have changed their stance like they didnt have their own brains in the first place.
  8. Please take a look at the following link, the blogger has blogged a few news cuttings regarding amitabh bachan and his crimes against the sikh community, some of you might find it interesting. scroll down about half way to view the clippings. http://originalspuk.blogspot.com/2009/10/2nd-edition-25-years-after-genocide.html
  9. hes got a point tho. its sumin ive also wondered. do those businesses pay? because they are shown quite regularly, every break infact. this should be generating alot of money for the channel to continue if they are being paid for as they should be. cus otherwise theyll be using all those direct debits of the sangats youve been asking for to advertise theyre own businesses for free.
  10. WAH!!! That was too wicked! you'l start bowing to the sun and moon next. what a foolish person. the funny thing is this guy actually thought he proved something,lol. might have sounded good to a few other idiots. but this guy would rather bow down to the biggest rock of creation then the creator himself who created it.
  11. i dont see how u can tell someone to become sikh and to take amrit if ur not percieved to be amritdhari and a good sikh themselves. im not one of these ppl that think sehejdharis etc arnt sikhs. everybody at different stages. but u should look and be percieved to be a true sikh of the guru if ur gna tell people to become it themselves. but i guess we got no one to blame for this but ourselves tho if no amritdhari sikh is prepared to put themselves forward as potential candidates.
  12. For all those people who like to ask where this person or that person was when something happend, where will u be this sunday? this time you can make a difference. so please all come. Does any1 have the details of the protest. will it take place at the same location all day?
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