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Found 11 results

  1. I think we would know what state Sikhs would be in a muslim majority indian punjab we just need to look at condition of our oppressed and brutalised Sikh brothers and sisters in afghanistan, pakistan and kashmir But what about if it became a christian majority state what would be the consequences for the safety and security of Sikhi and Sikhs?
  2. Why does it seem as if no one is worried about the christian missionaries wrecking havoc in panjab? So many peole are getting targetted and converted yet no sikh group, included akal thakht, have made a stance on this situation. What do you guys think?
  3. Christianity is just regurgitation of previous religions , and Jesus is a regurgitation of previous deities Horus etc. Please move to appropriate forum, didnt know where to post, thank you.
  4. Tisarpanth 6 mins ยท Here are some interesting excerpts from a report, published in 2009, by Operation Mobilization (deceptively shortened to "OM"). The report's author, one Sabu Mathai Kathettu is a Christian evangelist who is a prominent member of the Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and is "celebrated" (by evangelists of course) for his "fieldwork" in the Punjab. What is humorous about his report, however, is that not only does he admit to the theological inferiority of Christian doxa vis-a-vis Sikhi, but als
  5. A Sikh lady got into scuffle with Korean Christian ladies who were being disrespectful and trying to convert Sikhs at our Harmandar Sahib in Amritsar. Some people tried to malign the Sikh lady saying she was a Hindu convert and trying to pitch the Sikhs against Christians in Punjab. But now the Christian missionaries are going live themselves on their FBs in Harmandar Sahib. When will Sikhs finally wake up? Only a few Sikh youth were going to convert to Christianity in the late 19th century and it triggered the biggest revival in our faith in the form of the Singh Sabha movement and today lacs
  6. Now that an elderly catholic priest has been murdered by having his throat cut in a church in france by a teen islamic nutjob in an act of sacriliage and blashphamy against their religion. Will the christians finally chuck their hippy liberal sandles to the side and fight back or has secular atheists brainwashed christians into pacisfim which will lead to the final nail in the coffin of christians in europe? Seems they dont have any ankh, no courage, no willpower amoungst them to fight back against islam they too scared of the bipolar leaders in their atheist secular european goverments.
  7. I often wondered why do Christian fundamentalists want to convert Sikhs when our numbers are not even that big compared to other world religions. I used to think it was only the Muslims that wanted to convert our people, yet there is growing evidence there is a serious push by Christian leadership to do the same. We don't have anything against Christians or their faith we do not actively try to convert them they chose to come into sikhi by their own research and initiative. There are no support networks for new converts to Sikhism even thats how crap our current missionary status is. yet for s
  8. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh. I recently came across a former Christian who coverted to the Sikh faith, she told me how her decision was inspired by the fact that Christianity is an exclusive faith. I want to know how Sikhism theologically differs from Christianity, that is it's view of God, and man's goal on earth.
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