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Found 10 results

  1. In our tradition, we consider men and women as equals. There were female warriors who fought in battles. Our women are not a passive bunch. However, does this make our women lose aspects of their femininity and make them more masculine?
  2. With the jat Sikhs making the majority in Punjab and having the most power . IE in terms of politics and also religiously. IE all major people controling and running the Gurdwaras being from this demographic. Should other castes be give some kind of quota for top jobs so we can have more equality and diversity in the Punjabi society and social strata. Or are they to power hungry and unable to share? I think that is the only way of achieving a strong United Punjab instead of one where there is to much in fighting and resentments.
  3. Guest

    Equality during Anand Karaj

    Sat sri akal, everyone! I'm just having some trouble wrapping my head around Sikh society. As a woman, I am proud to be Sikh because it advocates for equality among the genders. However, my faith has been suffering due to societal thinking, especially here in Canada. My fiancé and I are getting married next year and we are having a lot of trouble finding a raagi jattha. Why? Because both of us (and our families) want us to walk beside each other instead of the traditional bride behind groom way for the lavaan. People are simply unwilling to do it and those that can, are crazy expensive. Our traditions have been heavily borrowed from Hinduism but without all the fuss. We have even changed the way we think about Sikh marriage, as the bride and groom get married together to God. So then why do I have to walk behind him? To make things worse, I have heard some really sexist things from some of the raagis who explained why I must walk behind him. I am so disappointed in our people. I guess I wanted some more opinions on this. Am I missing some pertinent information? But if anyone has more information about this or raagis who are more open minded, I'd love to hear about it! Thank you!
  4. What are the views on it? Is it right? Or is the wage gap not real?
  5. Many times at anand karaj ceremonies we see men, primarily granthis, officiating the union. Women’s involvement is rare and many people have never personally witnessed it. At Kaur Life, we wanted to showcase the families and couples who have asked the women in their lives to be a part of their anand karaj ceremony. It is a unique way of honoring the women in a couple’s life and celebrating close relationships. Furthermore, involving women in the anand karaj ceremony publicly showcases the equality between men and women inherent within Sikhi. To those who shared the following photos, thank you for giving us a peak into your anand karaj. We recognize that weddings are intimate, sacred moments and we all feel blessed to be able to see a step on your Sikhi journey. https://kaurlife.org/2017/09/05/womenweddings/?platform=hootsuite
  6. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Can anyone explain logically why caste still exists in our Panth? Especially among those who tell everyone caste doesn't exist to the outside, but when it comes for actually putting it into practice they forget everything about the right side. There are Hindus today who value their personal caste less than some Sikhs which is just depressing if you asked anyone. Also how can we logically combat this idea in some old-aged Pakhandis minds. Especially among Pakhandidharis, (those who took Amrit yet still keep Non-Sikh practices), which makes people question the need for Amrit. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  7. Since we believe all humans are equal why should we stand for a judge and put him on some pedestal like he is superior to us? I even see goray bowing before this mortal wearing a robe... to me it's ridiculous. Sikh should bow or stand for no one except Waheguru. Only reason I think Sikh's should comply is under duress because of the threat of violence and kidnapping if you don't comply.
  8. http://www.kaurlife.org/tag/baljit-bally-kaur-lehal/ Couple challenge anand karaj maryada. Take lavan side by side. Question equality in sikhi. W T F?
  9. we are all aware of the trends in present day society there is one great demon of brahminical origin that is far away form sikh principles but still has crept in sikh societies we commonly are confronted with words like - jatts,ramgharias,bhappas,khatris etc etc... and ego-clashes among them how and from where this castiesm has crept in our society ?? the society which was based on:- "manas ki jaat sabhae eko pehchaanbo" what problems and dillusions it causes in minds of sikhs??? and how should we eradicate it and tackle it in our daily life???
  10. Gay marriage is legalized in California. How should Sikhs feel about this? I am confused. I feel happy for them that they are getting equal rights.After all, we as Sikhs have to see everyone equally. On the other hand, what if a gay couple wants to do Anand Karaj? It is not allowed in Sikhi.. Share your views P.S.. I don't want to offend anyone. If this post does not belong this forum, please advise so. Thank you
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