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  1. WJKK WJKF My grandparents are coming from India in a few months and they are amritdhari. My grandfather has had a leg injury and cannot walk as much as he used to. I assume when I have to sleep on the floor in my basement so they can use my bed, they will be Reading gurbani on it. I have an issue with this though. I have had nocturnal emissions on my bed, and when I was younger, I wet the bed. The smells of the urine are completely gone as it has been over a decade since this occurrence, but it is still there. I also have a layer of plastic in between my bed and my bedsheets so in case I get a nocturnal emission, it won’t get onto the bed. Will it be beadbi if my grandparents read Gurbani from a Pothi on my bed?
  2. Guest

    Grief, doubt and paath

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Fateh, My question is in relation to feeling scare of doing paath. I used to do paath regularly and do ardaas for my mother's health but she passed away. then I did not do paath for many years. I gathered my courage and started praying when my brother fell sick and he also passed away. Now I am very scared of doing paath. I want to do it but feel scared that something might go wrong. Is babaji angry with me? If not, then why did this happen and how can I deal with it?
  3. Hey guys I would like to know if we are allowed to do paath standing up. i.e sukhmani sahib, sehaj paath etc. My legs get very tired after sitting for an hour and I can bearly make it to 1 hour 30 min. Ik practise will allow me to sit down for more than 4 hours but, that is physicaly damaging. So are we allowed to do paath while standing?
  4. Anyone know the history behind the compilation of Rehraas Sahib. Was just wondering because to my knowledge it wasn't written by Guru Sahib explicitly as it was a compilation of many different banis. Also if someone should shed some light on the history behind why there are different versions, I know the British shortened Chaupai Sahib... Bhul Chuk Maaf ji ?
  5. Hello i am having a lot of problems at home and in life in general and i try my best to do paath. my uncle who is very connected to waheguru said dont do paath im telliong waheguru not to listen to your paath because my mum instigated him about me. Now i am really scared will waheguru really not listen to my paath or ardaas?
  6. Hello were we all sikhs in past life? What i mean is that there is a lot of stuff here on this fourm, and alot of it inspires people do to paath and simran, i have personally been inspired as well. So there must have been a reason? In the western world, its hard finding a proper giani from whom we can learn about sikhi. So did guru ji make us find sikhi another way?? And learn about it?? Also if someone does paath this life (starts at a young age like 15), does this mean that they have done something good in there past life/did paath in there previous life, which has made them do paath in this life??
  7. Guest

    Home Quarantine Playlist

    While we r stuck at our homes and trying to perfect the art of social distancing.....and everyone is going around sharing song or movie or web series playllist ................ heres a kirtan playlist for all us Sikhs. Feel free to add ur own favorite renderations of kirtan/katha/bani/paath by posting them on this thread.....here are some of my favourites: Here Aarti - Aarta from syf camp 2017. aarti - aarta is one of my favourite bani/paath thisis a very beautiful video .....also there is a thal with jot and agarbatti but i myself dont endorse that kind of aarti with jot , dhup,agarbatti,etc but this video is beautiful regardless This one is Asa Di Vaar by Bhai Rajan Singh ji and it is such a soulful and beautiful renderation of Asa Di Vaar.i just love it. this is bhai gurpreet singh ji shimlawaales read along gurbani video....he has a really soothing voice.he has even done other paaths heres the whole playlist of gurbani and paath read along by bhai gurpreet singh ji.....this is a must listen to playlist cos his voice is just amaazing. dukh bhanjni sahib by the same guy (this is in the playlist but i also posted individually) this is asa di vaar by chardikala jatha.the chardikala jatha also do pretty good kirtan. this is Asa di Vaar katha by Bhai Harman Singh ji Basics of Sikhi this is a great series of kathas .this again is a must watch. Another beautiful Chardikala Jatha kirtan video. this is a raag kirtan playlist from Soorma Singhs ( @TheSoormaSingh) channel he just made the playlist and it has some great selections of raag kirtan (disclaimer :he hasnt sung the kirtaan in the playlist) Thats all for this post ,anyways post ur selections of bani/paaths/kathas for the bashing of boredom during home quarantine on this thread.It will be much appreciated. And yes i do sometimes create meaningful thread .... Surprised,eh? Thanks. Fateh
  8. I thought if we have love for our guru like a child would with a father then having to shower again wouldn’t have to be a requirement especially if you’ve cleaned yourself and changed clothes and everything? Isn’t just one ishnaan necessary to sit and do paath next to your guru?
  9. SSA to all. Recently ive been wanting to do paath and include it in my daily routine but im not sure where to start? I am a university student and im very depressed, i also cant read or write in the punjabi language which is making it even more difficult for me to do paath. As of right now, i just play the live kirtan from youtube to help relax myself during the day and before bed. I understand that it is important not only to recite paath but to fully understand it too. Can you please help me, where should i start? how often should i do paath? what should i listen to, try reciting and remembering?
  10. Guest

    What more can I do?

    Wjkk Wjkf All. Currently I am doing 5 Japji Sahib Paath everyday for 40 days. I have asked something from Guru Ji and am hoping for that at the end of the 40 days. Is there any other paath or shabad I could do also? I do not have the time to do Sukhmani Sahib everyday as it takes me almost 2 hours to do. If I need to repeat another 40 days at the end of this cycle, is there any other paath or shabad that is good to do when you are asking Guru Sahib for something? Thank you in advance.
  11. Is ok to organize a paath for her most likely sukhmani , just want the the sangat to give her some naam.
  12. Is there anywhere I can download a compilation of hukumnama or paath similar to how hukumnama is read - Ive tried searching but couldnt find anything. I enjoy how the hukumnama is read as I can fully take in what is being said. Alot of other paath is read fast and I struggle to fully understand it as my gurmukhi isnt too good. If anyone knows of any other paath read in a similar way and at a similar speed please could you recommend? Ideally looking for something which I can download. Thanks
  13. Is there a reason why full anand sahib is not said during rehraas? And why is it that before ardaas, at the gurudawara, they do short anand sahib not full?. Ive always wondered why...
  14. Guest


    I just had a dream a few days ago. So basically i was in the middle of chaupi sahib, i stopped at aad ant ekai avtaara, then i said waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ki fateh. But then i realised that i was only half way. So I just decieded contuine, i dont know what happened after but all i remember is that i was on my bed it holding my gutka(i could see the words but it was a little bluary) and that there was light everywhere i looked, like it was completely white. I wish i could have looked around but the only thing i saw was the gutka. Does this dream mean, that when i do paath i am skipping some lines without even realising it?
  15. Guest

    Want to do Paath

    Wjkk wjkf, sangat ji, I am in the middle of taking santheya of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji but I did not take santheya of sri dasam granth ji except for like jaap Sahib, svaiye, etc. I would like to do a Sehaj Paath Sahib of sri dasam. I feel like reading dasmesh pita’s granth. I am doubting if it is ok to do a sehaj paath sahib without santheya. Thank you,
  16. i'm doing paath everyday without missing. nut my mum always fights with me and shes making me so upset eeryday. i know for a fact she hates me and she is always giving me badua. im havng a hard time outside aswell because she is causing too much stress to me. in gurbani they say respect your parents but i have loved her so much but she does not love me or care for me she hates me and always givng me badua. im worried that the paath i do is being accepted by waheguru or not because my mum treats me bad so i stopped talking to her and dont listen because she talks very rudley with me. what paath is good fr protection?
  17. Sometimes when I finish paath i feel like i should keep doing and never stop, like when you eat chocolate or something tasty, and you dont want to stop eating it but you have to stop as you are full. Its like that and it becomes very hard to stop, because of time limits I have to stop. What is this feeling?
  18. Hey guys so ive been noticing this for a few weeks, everytime i get less sleep, i do paath much faster and can concentrate a little better. When i mean faster it usually takes me 1 hour 30 min to do Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tav Prasad Svyeia and Chaupi Sahib. I also do ardas at the end. But when i get less sleep i can do everything in 1 hour. Does this happen to you guys as well?
  19. Hey guys can you tell me if there is a maryada for shabad hazare patshai 10, ik there isn't one for shabad hazare (Guru Arjan Dev ji ones), i am curious as I want to start doing them both
  20. Guest


    Hey guys. So I know this is gonna turn into arguement but, could someone tell me which rehras sahib(i.e taksal, short one etc) do saints. And for chaupi sahib as well?
  21. Hey guys. So I have been doing paath for around 6 months everyday but I always feel like something is missing. At first I did Japji Sahib and then Chaupi Sahib. I thought this feeling would go away if I did Tav Prasad Savyea. So I did this. After 2 months, I felt the feeling again. So I though of doing Jaap Sahib (as I always wanted to do that but it was too hard ). I did this for a few days the feeling when away (for like 3 days) but that feeling is back again. Why is this feeling there? Also everytime I think about bani I feel like that, do you guys know the feeling of being soo happy and then you remember that feeling and then when you get that feeling, you want to get that feeling back? , yea its sort of like that but when I do bani I dont feel anything, but when I remember it I feel like I missed out on the happyniess? Why is this happening? Also you guys have any tips for Jaap Sahib. (How to say it faster, it takes me almost 2 hours to do Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tav Prasad Saveya, and Chaupi Sahib ...... Jaap Sahib takes 1 hour 10 min ....
  22. Guest

    paath problems

    WGJkKWGJKF. This may seem trivial but it's actually a lot deeper that it seems. I have a friend who I'm very close with literally family and they were treated quite badly (indirectly) by this other person. Now me and this other person don't talk as much now - we used to talk before but I just started changing my sangat when Maharaj blessed me into Sikhi so I dont talk to them as much anymore. Out of the blue, they asked me to attend a Sukhmani Sahib paath for their birthday. I don't know whether I should go. Part of me says yes because I really enjoy Sukhmani Sahib and I've never been to a paath and appreciated it or understood it since Maharaj blessed me into Sikhi and just being with Maharaj and how beautiful Sukhmani Sahib is really is making me want to go. However, they weren't nice to my friend and even now aren't very nice to them so I don't know whether going their with negative energy would be a good thing. Saadhsangat will have an answer - Guru Ji resides in saadhsangat so whatever you guys say I will do. WGJKKWGJKF.
  23. VJKK VJKF I am noticing how much my mind wanders whilst doing paath and naam abhiyas but no matter how many times I recollect it, it always wanders off again. I am starting to get a bit irritated with myself as I cannot focus and no matter how hard I try I simply cannot keep it focussed on the paath. Can someone please help as I really want to be able to focus on Naam and it is really difficult for me. VJKK VJKF
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