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Found 293 results

  1. Christiangirl52


    Hi I am a new user. Excuse me that i am not sure i have got the tags or forum correct! I am very interested in your religion. I myself am a Christian. I believe open dialogue is healthy and indeed necessary between cultures. I would like to ask questions and am looking for what is written in your Holy Book. As i believe in all that is in my Bible and the teachings of Christ. A big subject is forgiveness. When accomplished it brings great peace. But is very hard to do! We all have pride and ego. Jesus teaches us Christians that if we ask forgiveness from our Heavenly Father, we ourselves must forgive all those who hurt us. This is fair but tough. He teaches us to love our enemies. To me that is extremely hard. But to love only those who love us is surely easy? He teaches that if someone slaps us, offer them the other cheek also. That we must not offer our prayers to God if we have enmity with anyone. So our Jesus preached love and peace. He said revenge is not the way. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. These are hard lessons. But a christian who cannot forgive cannot be forgiven by God. The closed heart is not able to receive love. My first hand experience is that my Dad was cruel and violent. He ruined my childhood and beat us all regularly especially my dear mother. When we grew up we all left. He remained alone until he got dementia and is now in a nursing home. I hated him so much. All the family does. I suffered great depression due to how my father treated us. But a few years ago i became a Christian and decided to forgive him. So i went to see him. When i saw the old sick man that he is now, i cried so much and forgave everything. I was able to love him at last through letting go of the hate. Now i visit regularly and i love my dad and he tells me he loves me. He is close to death and by the love of Jesus Christ i am at peace. All the years of pain have gone. So, where does the Sikh religion stand on forgiveness? I know you are a proud strong people. But there is a lot of war and fighting in your history. What did your Gurus teach and what do you personally believe? I want only truth and reasoned discussion please. I am genuinely interested in comparing christianity wirh Sikhi. Thankyou.
  2. Dsinghdp

    Sikhi Parchaar in UK

    The following did a lot of Parchaar for Sikhi in UK in the 1960s and 70s. Our numbers were very low then compared to now. 1) Sant Isher Singh Rara Sahib 2) Sant Puran Singh Kericho 3) Giani Amolak Singh AKJ 4) Sant Mihan Singh Nanaksar Many were inspired to take Amrit and Samagams were held.
  3. On 30 April 1877 Britisher tried to put Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) on auction that got cancelled with the blessings of Guru Ramdas ji. Surprisingly this incident never been brought up by Sikhs since it was an act of Christians. Read full article. http://dailysikhupdates.com/british-built-gothic-tower-across-sri-darbar-sahib-1874/
  4. Just realised, 5 comes up a lot on Sikhi, just wondering, if this has been discussed before? 5 elements to make up the body 5 senses 5 pyare 5 theives 5 good qualities 5 banis 5 ks
  5. Guest

    how to stay on this path

    I am amritdhari but recently have not kept rehat for a while due to problems in my personal life, i have not done anyhting bad like do beadbi of my kes or eat meat or any of the 4 kurehits. But i have not been doing my nitnem/amritvela/kakkar rehat- i.e. often I will go days without wearing my kara or kirpan etc and i used to listen to a lot of katha kirtan but now i just watch western tv and movies it's gotten quite bad i feel like i've forgotten my sikhi how can i stop myself from doing all this in the future and what can i do to discipline myself into staying with rehit? do i need to go pesh to panj pyareh? but im scared if i go pesh i will fall off this path again and have to keep going back.. i really love sikhi idk why sometimes one thing leads to another and suddenly i haven't done my nitnem in weeks
  6. Gurfateh, Sat Sangat Ji I was wondering if any of you guys send a list of all purataan granths/rehats/texts/etc to the daas. Bhul Chuk Maaf
  7. From certain people I was told now your marriage is over through the passing of my wife, that your ties to the family are now broken and I should not communicate, go over to the house etc. So my question is this what happens or is this a punjabi way of thought or is this taught to us through Guru Grant Sahib Ji?
  8. I think its really interesting to speak about this topic. I saw many actors such as Sonam Bajwa who post pictures of themself in really short dresses or shorts. Also they consider themself as sikhs. Are they less sikh or no sikh when they post such photos? Or play in movies? Also many other actors like Ammy Virk who wears a pagg but also shaves. I am really thorned. Some say that your heart should be good, mistakes happen. Some say that this is not allowed in sikh. What should we believe? And whats wrong and right? Whos wrong and right?
  9. Guest


    I'm an amritdhari girl and I have a very light mustache but I do have one. One of my cousins randomly pointed it out and It really made me feel ugly and like a man.
  10. savalakhsingh

    new year resolutions SIKHI

    What is everyone's new years resolutions? To do with sikhi or not, let me know! Mine is: * Read a dharmic book every day * Of course - maintain amritvela * Listen to katha every day even if 2 mins
  11. Guest

    My current state of mind

    I’ve been struggling with depression for years, and it’s currently really getting harder and harder as each day passes by. i reached out to a doctor who said I should be on meds but I’m only 21 and I don’t want that for me. it all started out when I was in high school and had started experiencing self esteem issues back then cause of the way I looked. I’m a kesadhari and I wish to take Amrit. My fam isnt amritdhari and my dad drinks he’s kesadhari though. Life has been an absolute struggle so far. Whether it was socializing with others, or completing my studies, or getting a job. I am getting extremely weary of this now. I have been contemplating suicide. I need answers! I recently developed severe dry eyes cause most of my work is with my computer cause I basically studied computer science and I’m really passionate about it and this medical condition now poses another challenge. I wouldn’t share much. But I have been carrying a massive weight on my shoulders which not only affects me but my parents as well if I fail. Its only getting tougher and tougher I don’t know who to reach out to. It’s a very painful phase in my life and as each day passes by I’m losing hope if it’s ever gonna get better. Idk how long can this go on. Heres what I intend to do now, I wish to go on a meditation journey and I’ll try to meditate as much as my body will allow me. I wish to receive Darshan from guru saheb from whom I need answers and help. This is my last resort. If our path is the true path, I need to meet with guru saheb and ask him all these questions that I have. Is there anyone in the Sangat has had that experience. Has anyone had Darshan of guru saheb. Please help me out here. IM NOT CRAZY! waheguru ji ka Khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh
  12. As you may be aware I created a Sikh website http://www.whychoosesikhism.com But am looking to change the domain. It would great if you could vote in the pole which you think would be the best suited for the site.
  13. Why are Deras seeing so much success in Punjab? My family particularly has been going to a small dera for generations and having recently gone back to Punjab, I've seen so much anti-gurmat things at these kind of places. I especially noticed that the Radha Soami dera leader has immense influence in the Doaba region. I see his photo in every other house/shop. Is there rise in power correlated to Sikhi getting weaker? Are there any ways to combat Deras in a non-Taliban approach? Lol. Is there a way to make the people understand and critically think why their supporting these Deras rather than going towards Sikhi? I've personally tried to point out the anti-gurmat ways of the sant my family worships and they think I've been brainwashed and pretty much stop me from saying anything negative against "Babaji" saying that he's done alot for the family.
  14. mahandulai

    Sikhism and Science

    Where is the line? All I hear is, nothing can logically explain sikhism then I say to those, 'ok do not get your child vaccinated, and do not use a car if you don't believe in science.'
  15. How has Sikhi changed you? how has it made you a better person? how have you positively changed as a person? what other changes came into your life with Sikhi? share your experiences ... for me one of the main things was that it gave me a purpose, now i look back and realize that i had no purpose, most of the things i was doing had no meaning or reason behind it but to simply fit in and and be like everyone else. I had no guide but did stuff because that's what everyone else was doing. I was just wondering around lost and doing things without any meaning. it gives me a structure and stability. It has done other things too like made me more compassionate and considerate of others. I feel like i am now starting to know who i am, but it is hard to explain it in words. Still a very long way to go though ... its hard to write the changes you experience, much of it is something that you feel feel free to share your own experience
  16. Sometimes when I look at the current state of affairs of sikh dharam , it seems we're sitting on the edge of a cliff or rather spiralling down since the fall of Sikh empire. On my recent trip to punjab, I felt like the state is in abject poverty , and ofcourse hindus do mock sikhs now as "drug peddlers" , "udta punjab" , "you ppl lack industries and employment" and what not. Some signs of deadly decadence of Sikhi : 1) so many of our men are not committed to turban / kes. Honestly being a haircut sikh was never so easier. 2) utter jaahilta among sikh masses. Most don't even know name of 10 gurus , 5 nitnem baanis name , and perhaps know nothing more than mool mantar. Imagine if most sikhs had nitnem baani kanth and did regular paath . Even a lengthy baani as Sukhmani sahib renders itself to memorization if recited daily . 3) Punjab is decreasing in sikh demography . If you just recently been to punjab , you will find it hard pressed to see turbaned men , or rather 1 turban man for every 10 others . Most of people I see are bhaiyye from up/bihar .Punjab was 61% sikh 20 yrs back and now its just little above 50%. Christian missionaries conversion is highest rate ever. 4) Hindi sign boards more common than Punjabi sign boards. Try doing this in some other state , but its ok in punjab because sikhs are spineless af . 5) Sikhs political back is broken and we have badals and captains destroying punjab further. The whole qaum rests on mercy of akal purakh and if you see from an atheist point of view sikhs are doomed . All signs point to that way. what do you think ?
  17. I wanted to know i heard about that person who killed many many humans, but god forgave him. I dont know his name now. So my question is what if a human makes a huge mistake and hurts somebody or cheats on their husband/wife. Or if somebody lies. Does our Waheguru forgive such humans if they see their mistake and do paath then everyday and didnt wanted to harm anyone in first place? And how can somebody know that Waheguru has forgiven? Will they still go to nark (hell) ? And also what if the person is ready then to do amrit shakan (sorry if i spelled wrong), and prays everday, also does sewa and goes to gurdwara?
  18. I am a sikh girl and i was married already 2 times. I couldnt stay with my first husband because he abused me and hit me. He was very violent. As you folks know, when someone was already married once, its hard to find a good husband the second time. So i got another time a husband who abused me and also drank much alcohol. I couldnt stay in that family, it was very hard, i got hit every day. Also both didnt loved me. So i am divorced and that too also 2 times already. What do you think? Should i have stayed with him even if they were abusive? Because in sikhi you can marry only once right? Or was it the right thing i did?
  19. I got married about 9 months ago, I had the perfect wedding anyone could dream of. I had left the country to move to where my husband lived, in India. Six months after the marriage I found opium and marijuana in our bathroom. It was at this time I realised my husband was into drugs. Upon questioning, he didn’t confess to it, however later he confessed but said he needed some time and space. I spoke to his parents to keep him away from his friends company who were also involved in drugs but they didn’t listen. Unsure of what to do next, especially when my in laws are very wealthy, and in India money can buy anything even police, my family thought it was safe if I returned to the Uk and we came up with a solution of what to do next. I safely came back to Uk and since I have tried to contact my in laws. My husband has not once contacted me over three months. I have tried every possible way (his friends, his family, his workmates and himself) to get through to him, some won’t answer their phone as my father in law has given strict instructions not to and my husband doesn’t answer his phone or respond to messages. Initially when I came to the UK my father in law asked me for ideas how we could improve his sons drug addiction and I offered everything I knew I could do to help him ( as I am a medical professional), after that no one ever rang from his family. We contacted our relatives who are also convinced my husband isn’t into drugs (after all no one wants to stand against rich people- I guess). I feel very sad and heartbroken because I really wanted to help fix my husbands addiction , I have been to the Gurudwara for over 3months, asking God to show me a sign to save this marriage but I keep hitting a brick wall. Two weeks ago, my husband informed one of our relatives that he never wanted me back. I am deeply saddened to see that he ended the marriage so easily. I keep asking God why he didn’t give me a chance to help my husband, because after all we all are imperfect and we make mistakes, because it is our duty to help one another. After so many days of grieving, battling and doing ardas, I have given up. I am still not sure if I am doing the right thing but the wise have said that if after so much prayer God won’t answer maybe it’s because it is for our best that we walk away, how true that is only the future will tell me. For everyone out there, on intoxicants please don’t involve yourself in them. Drugs break up relationships and destroy families.
  20. savalakhsingh

    Dharmic Books to read

    VJKKVJKF i love to read books about sikhi, especially autobiographies and history. I have read these books already: In English: Se Kinehiya Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Autobiography of Bhai Rama Singh (In search of the true guru) Warrior Saints (volume 1) Chalda Vaheer Jatha life of Bhai Rajinder Singh ji Kurbani 1978 Zafarnama Hymns from Bhai Gurdass Compositions Ascending Spirits Bhai VIjay Singh Cosmic Symphony In punjabi: Jail chitthiya Puratan Itihaasik Jeevania Puratan So Sakhi (100 sakhi) Satwant Kaur some more i can't remember right now but if you have any suggestions like these books please let me know.. I would like to read more punjabi books as my punjabi is not that great at the moment and would like to improve. I can read and write okay but my vocabulary is limited so I have a hard time following along punjabi books especially jail chitthiya, i could not understand any of it. I have read Bhai Rama Singh jis autobiography in Punjabi too and that was pretty straight forward. Thank you VJKKVJKF
  21. Efforts made for Hindu-Sikh unity by Thakur Dalip Singh ji succeeded https://www.facebook.com/GuruNanakNaamLeva/videos/2063852307025769/

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