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  1. Where do you think these guys are heading as a race, people, etc? What do you think about whites and their growing hostility for each other based on issues to do with race, sexual identity, political leanings, etc? Are they being played, or is it something a little less conspiratorial? Who are the good guys and the bad guys in this standoff? Or is it a bit of both? Are those who strive to defend their traditions and their past in the right, or is it those who want to push through what they see as progress? Personally I've decided to detach my emotions from this debate, but I'm still going to maintain a clinical interest in the country of my birth. It's tough not to get hyper, lol, but our own Sikh future deserves our full efforts. both factions are missing the big picture of what's happening.
  2. I found this on youtube and wonder what are the thoughts on this guy from canada m.youtube.com/c/katapatv
  3. Found this today and i was wondering what to people think of it instagram.com/parambanana/?hl=en
  4. Sat Sri Akal Sangat ji, I would like to discuss about something that was kind of bothering me from long time.. When I was young, I used to spend time with my Naani ji, she was always into watering and keeping food for birds.. She used to live in a pind so they had buffaloes, cows at home. She was always making sure all those animals were comfortable.. in Winter she used to put a nice bonfire around them and all.. I started liking it and doing with her.. My naani ji passed away but passed away but I still visit that pind to feel her presence.. Anyway.. coming to the present.. I love birds... I keep food for them, watch them chirping, eating and it make me smile.. Last year, me and my husband ( who is also in love with animals) got a dog and we love that addition to our family.. Now, my question is ...is it okay to love animals and birds?? My mother in law doesn't really like it that I get excited for dogs and birds.. other family members also agree with her. I love watching birds, playing with dog and loving them... I kind of argue with them... animals can't even talk and tell us their pain/hunger.. If not a lot, atleast I can do this little for them.. Then I ask her why she doesn't like it.. She said if we will have love for these animals and birds, we are going lower than this human form... I didn't really understand.. Then she explained in details to me '' we are here as humans to love God who is the higher form and if you spend so much of your time with animals and creatures then you won't have enough time for God... and that will put you down...you will go lower...coz animals are lower than humans'' But my really concern is.. is that true about loving animals? Now every time I play with my dog, she comments'' oh you had good time with your friend'' and other funny things she would say to make me feel wrong.. I get lost and wonder if she is right or it is okay to have some love for birds/animals because I always believed that are also part of Waheguru.. Please Sangat ji...give me your feedback.. WAHEGURU
  5. Guest


    Hello, I am writing regarding Seniors Sikhs who are getting married at the age of 60+.It is about my father who is talking with someone from a long time.MY mother passed away few years back and my father started talking to some lady within few weeks after my mom's death.I was so close to my mom so it was a big challenge for me to accept him talking and dating someone at this age.He is 60+ and is seeing this person from last few years and I was just hoping he will stop this all. Some of our relatives know this lady and they didn't have very good reviews about her. I mean I understand that my father feels lonely and needs some companionship but he doesn't need to marry someone. I explained him all this and he told me that the lady is asking him to marry her or just end this relation now. She is kind of into fame and show off and my father is not that smart to see it. That woman was sending pics to my dad and calling every day and that time her husband was alive. Unfortunately her husband passed away after a year or something. Her children know about her relation and they are okay with it. My father is not seeing the reality. I don't live with my father and do not really expect anything from him like financial support or his money but I am just worried that he might end up with nothing. I asked him nicely that maybe we can find someone he can talk to as a friend but he was so mad and did some emotional drama that he is sad and I don't care about his happiness.He wants her and that is it. I felt like I was dealing with some teenager not a senior. I am not that narrow minded person but it is still so hard to accept this all. I have tried my best to show him the right version of life but he sees nothing other than her life with that new partner. I am exhausted now. Sometimes I tell myself to let it be but then again many things start bothering me. My father was not that polite with my mother and she had hard time. She requested him many times to have a better lifestyle , quit alcohol, spend time with us but he was never interested. Now I really feel he never respected her before and even after her death. I know I am so attached to this life and relations... It is all Maya.. Sangat ji I need your feedback on this. Please let me know what Should I do in this case. Please let me know if I should fight further with this or surrender to Waheguru's will. Is this really Waheguru's Hukam? It will be hard for me to talk to him if he goes ahead and marry her. How should I react to this entire scenario?
  6. interesting channel interviewing drug addicts, alcoholics, gang members, pimps, prostitutes, homeless people etc i really feel sorry for these people, most of them ended up the way they did because they were neglected as children and had abusive parents. channel states that the aim of the videos is to see why people behave the way they do and why this kind of behavior exists in society.
  7. Should the gurdwara play a role in addressing issues that every community faces like domestic violence and drugs substance abuse an sexual abuse? I was wondering since each community has people who come from broken homes then there must be sikhs who come from broken homes as well How can we help people who are scared to ask for help or struggle with english or need a support system?
  8. If so how? ..... How do you personally react around people who dress a bit lazy (e.g. sweat pants, patka) compared to someone dressed a bit more professionally (e.g. suit, tie, damalla)?
  9. Sat Siri Akaal, I have an awkward question. Why I have no female Gursikh friends? I mean, everytime I am in Gurdwara etc. I see many Gursikh females and non Gursikh females, but I have no real female gursikh friends... I mean, I am not after Kaam or something, I just want for example, in an discusssion an gursikh feminine opinion. I have lot of white female friends . But no Gursikh , I dont´understand why , I mean i am very openminded and love to talk about everything esspcially about Sikhi , Guruji Sikh history etc... So I thought going to a Sister in Gurdwara and try to start a conversation, but wouldnt that be awkward? And again, I am no pervey or something . I am trying to be good gursikh and dont fall in kaam - it is just you know there is something missing - in my discussions with friends.
  10. WJKK WJKF Sangat ji, I don´t want to sound like a pansy, so please try to undersand me... I am 17 year old keshdhari boy liviing outside UK, canada( outside Sikh populated country)... I am the only Sikh boy at my school and locally.. In my live I only almost had Gore/ arabic/ turkey friends etc.. not really sikh firends.. and everything was fine until 3years ago .. I had many friends at my school and in my class and stuff.. we all were close and had lot of fun until e graduate and splitted up.. After that all got worse.. I often felt lonely.. and noone could really understand me.. I don´t know it was like the happiness in my life was gone.. So I come closer to Sikhi - and after some time this happiness come back.. I did many of researcha and stuff... And I almost agreed with everythin in Sikhi.. But sincec last -4 months this happiness is gone again.. I often feel lonely .. and like I have no real/true friends that understand me and that I can talk to.. I have some close friends but we rarely meet.. only 1- 2 x in a month.. and if we meet we just watch a movie or stuff... but don´t talk about deeper things like we did before.. It is like we drift apart.. I knew them for about 7-8 years know.. and since we split up after school.. we rarely met.. and so we drifted apart... It is like.. I want a person I can share my thoughts view and feelings with and have lots of fun...I am usually a crazy funny guy.. but in the last years my mood was very depressive... I never went out... only 2-3 in a months... I am just sitting in front of the computer.. and surfing web and all the stuff.. So I thought I can mae some friends in the Gurudwara.. maybe they feel like me .. Although we are a small community here... I think they must went´some other brothers must went through this as well... So I started having some conversation with other sikh boys.. The problem is that there aren´t many.. and if there are some they have already friends.. I mean they are all close to each other , like they are in a clique or something ( the sikh boys in gurudwara).. So I tried having some good time etc.. and I had some great laughs with them.. that go on for some time about 3-4 months... But no one really wanted to meet with me... I don´t understand why.. I am not douchebag or something.. It is just like I am the fifth wheel... And they don´t want to have some one more in their "group/clique" whatever.. So I am in kinda dilemma... I have no real friends... I can met at 7 pm and relaxx out, having a conversation about life and stuff.... or something.. My mone /gore friends... become moer domestic as well.. they don´t want to meet and stuff... They rather want to play Playstation/Xbox and stuff.. So I am only at home.. and I don´t want to go out alone... I don´t know what should I do.. this makes me really upset.. I know Waheugur is everywhere... and stuf... but do you understand what I mean? Please help... I am grateful for all responses... thanks....
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