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Found 10 results

  1. I forgot to post this during covid. This is alarming as they are trying to portay amritdharis in such a disgusting way, on a hindi drama! The act isn't being done by an amritdhari, but still a sardar type person and the amritdharis are part of the gang that is watching! I feel like there was some anti-sikh sentiment and is dangerous as it came to air in 2020, during the big farmer kisaan andolan rallies in Delhi! The scene is not graphic and only a few seconds, so kind of NSFW. this is on season 1 episode 3! For context watch from 13:50-18:00 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/detail/B08BYZB14R/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r
  2. Guest


    Does anyone use IPTV? Used it before but then went "legit" but thinking of getting again for all the international channels, but doesn't feel right as its not entirely legal.
  3. Hindu-Muslim civil war has started folks... at least on TV. Hilarious TV shop, Bania Hindu woman argues with Musla about halal meat and terrorism, starts fourth battle of Panipat! The bleeped out word is TERRORISM, in that HALAL MEAT PROMOTES TERRORISM. The reaction of the Musla shows how unhinged these people are.
  4. Strange one this , didn't know where to put it. I'm watching a TV programme on ptc TV started at 8pm finishing st 9pm. However I'm trying to find the name and all guide just list it as 'ptc box office ' anyone know the real name of it lol
  5. Guest

    Channel 4 film research

    I am currently researching a film for Film 4 centred around the life of the Sikh population in Smethwick in 1964. I am looking to interview local people who lived through that time, so they would be in their late 70's or 80's. If anyone out there could offer any help with this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dean O'Loughlin 07703 319 516.
  6. Just come across it, so not watched it yet https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09zcvct/my-turban-and-me : Documentary exploring Sikh identity in modern Britain. Actor and comedian Sanjeev Kohli goes on a heartwarming personal journey to explore the importance of wearing the Sikh turban in Britain and investigate why it is becoming more popular. Sanjeev, most famous for his role as Navid in the BBC1 comedy Still Game, comes from a proud Sikh heritage, but is the only male member of his family not to wear the turban and sees this journey as a reconnection with the Sikh community. He starts off by looking into his own family history, how his turban-wearing brothers were bullied at school, and questions whether he was right to make the decision at the age of 14 not to wear one. As a father of teenagers, Sanjeev tries find out whether attitudes towards the turban have changed over generations by meeting passionate young Sikhs in all walks of life. Over the course of his journey he discovers that, while many first-generation Punjabi immigrants wanted to try to fit in, their children and grandchildren are trying to stand out, and there is a resurgence of British Sikhs - both men and women - wearing the turban and reclaiming their identity. He also attempts to find out what lies behind this new-found enthusiasm to publicly embrace their religious identity
  7. Too many immigrants programme tonight on bbc1 at 9pm
  8. There is a female comedian named Bharti Singh who is currently working in comedy circus in sony television. She usualy dressed up like a sikh children in a very bad way which demoralize the childrens of sikhs and and become a laughing stock for people. She is the only comedian who make fun of sikhhism so please stop her from doing such activities. Attach is the link which prove it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_jymTrXe-w
  9. The guy who makes these videos on Youtube needs to do lessons in English on the: Sikh Channel, Sangat TV and also other channels, who agrees?
  10. wanted to link this to main topic but it has been closed - heres the video
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