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Found 7 results

  1. So over the years there has been a increase of interest in Islam esp from Conservatives those who reject liberalism woke far-left agendas. Many celebs those who reject West liberalism wokesim etc are converting to Islam Likes of Andrew Tate praising Islam has made more 'alphas' attracted to islam and now converting to masses So what happened to Sikhi?! Why have we fail to reach the masses ? Lack of parachar, lack or alphaness no homeland etc? Diluting Sikhi into far-left sjw religion free langars I remember before the farmers protest years ago on this site that there is something Islam does right which attracts alpha boxersand firm stern in anti-left agenda like lgbtq trans etc i could see what the atracction was.. When we are just known for free food and 'one hooomanity' something has gone wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQXBJyFy-RY
  2. These 2 faiths are spreading rapidly in the west. The Hare Krishna in the west. Many convert to Islam (especially black people). We as Sikhs need to do more to attract people in the west.
  3. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/nov/17/is-western-civilisation-in-terminal-decline
  4. I believe if you truly believe in Sikhi and truly believe it is the best spiritual religious path in the world then you should be actively promoting it and actively giving parchar to young sikhs and non-sikhs alike through social networks, talks/lectures, online youtube videos, leaflets, websites, blogs. Now lets look at the state of the kaum right now. Hardly any Sikh gives parchar because they dont look into gurbani, sikh history and traditions, which leads to confusion of the kaum and diversion on to other paths and lifestyles to entertain their minds. Sikh2inspire BasicsofSikhi SikhUnit These 3 groups above are trying to revive Sikhi within the western born Sikh youths. There should be at least a 12 of these type of groups operating online and offline to help people learn and progress. Then we will see our numbers grow to where they should be and a able to make a real difference in politics and in society against social ills that bring misery to peoples lives.
  5. An article posted/discussed in an American military forum filled with retired American military service personel.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Global War on Terror and West's relation to Islam in context of Islam's standing as an ideological force in 21st century... Well, Islam is probably the strongest ideological force humankind has ever seen. Islam is not like any other religion. Islam is a VERY , VERY strong and complete ideological framework that has religious , political , social , economic , spiritual , military ,and legalistic aspects to it. History of mankind has NEVER seen such a solid and consistent ideology. Whereever Islam went , it ingrained itself in the soil of that land (the only exception is Spain where Muslims ruled 800 years but then driven back. Balkans were just under Turkish rule but never had any significant Muslim presence or cultural influence). Graham E. Fuller in his book , "A world without Islam" , writes that Islam has got great vitality and it is culturally, economically and socially very strong. People used to "mentally-m*sterbate" that Islam thrives in poorer countries etc but in the last century , this myth has been practically debunked now. Countries like Turkey , Malaysia , Indonesia , Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Kuwait etc etc are very rich and prosperous (and Western in case of Turkey) but yet , Islam not only survive but it THRIVES in these lands. Unlike Christianity , which is a dead religion now in the West, Islam is a very influential religion. Wherever it exists , its followers practice it. Even the Muslim communities in the Western world take Islam seriously and practice and live by their faith. Islam "self-grow" itself by Islamic finance. Islamic banking is now over a trillion dollar industry and growing. Islamic halal industry is worth $2.5 trillion and growing. Islam practically holds a HUGE chunk of geographic area (~ 30,000,000 sq. kilometers) and has significant presence in Western China , India , Russia , Europe etc .Islam is literally present in EVERY SINGLE NATION ON EARTH!. Now Islam is moving to the "New World" for the first time. Islam also has one of the largest, most comprehensive law-code in the history of mankind. ~ 1.8-2.2 billion people all around the world get influenced by Islamic Shari'ah (directly or indirectly) in one way or the other. Islam presents itself as a "total" ideology covering all aspects of life, it gives it's followers a sense of a shared culture and brotherhood, and a sense of emptiness to those who begin to doubt it.Islam legislates almost EVERYTHING of a human being. It controls them completely. From food to sex ...from marriage to divorce..from personal cleanness to manners of using toilet etc. Islam plays role in everything and this make its followers to start recognizing with Islam. Islam just ingrains itself in the mind of follower and even if a follower leave Islam , he/she won't come out of it for ever! (I know many such people who still wear Hijabs , don't eat pork or drink etc just because they WERE Muslims. Now it has become a part of them). Also , Islam has a VERY strong culture. Muslim girls would not date a "non-Muslim" guy and their first preference will always be to look for a "Muslim" boy (experience from high school/college lol). Even if Muslim girls have sex , kissing , dating etc with "non-Muslim" guys , they will very rarely marry them. They always marry within their community and produce their offsprings under the strong Islamic umbrella. (Why is he talking about this? ) All these facts make Islam , I think , THE STRONGEST religion/ideology on the planet. It just doesn't go down. French ripped their ****s off to convert Algerians but after hundred years of colonialism , 99.3% of Algerians were still Muslims. . All this show that , as Karen Armstrong put it , Islam just went stronger , stronger , stronger and stronger from the day Muhammad started it. Also , about 60% -70% of Muslims worldwide are people who are "young" and hence they'll be getting into their "productive age" and will be reproducing in coming years. Which means ...surprise...Islam will grow even larger! Above that , Islam is a self-perpetuating ideology that starts growing when it goes to a new place. Islam conquered many nations , and instead of despising it , those nations started spreading Islam even further!!!! Today, Islam is only expanding ...politically (Arab Spring) , culturally , economically , religiously , legally, militarily etc etc and it looks unstoppable ...just like it has been over the centuries!!!! Now many people (both in the West and Muslim world) see the ongoing Global War on Terror as a conflict between "West vs Islam". I think that in order to win this war, West must dispel this message. Radical Islam (Terrorist Muslims in other words) make up just about 0.00093% of total Islam. So, we must make that distinction first. Many Muslims are conservative, anti-West , and what not--but they are "good people" in a sense that they would NEVER kill any Westerner or would harm any Western interests. The "radicals" who actively fight Westerners etc are less than 1% of total Muslim population.So the message from our leaders must be clear. We are not here to take on Islam. We are here to take on radicals that harm Muslims more than anybody else. United States must actively work to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is the biggest 'issue' between West and Muslim world. We can not neglect this. We must not neglect this. Islam is a global phenomenon--Even if 3% of Islam gets radical or become 'out of control' , this world would slip into utter chaos and global economy would fell like a pack of cards. How you do think we can win war on terror? Remember, it can't be won by using conventional force alone. Radical Islam employs advance Asymmetric Warfare Mode. Force alone will actually accelerate our defeat in this war. If 0.00093% radical Islam can cause THIS much trouble, I can't imagine what it would be if, God forbid, even 3% of Islam becomes "actively radical against West" ...This would lead a major global war. This war might end in American military victory but will harm our interests. Muslims have nothing to lose here, but we have everything to lose. So how should we deal with the situation? I think we must support moderate forces in Islamic World. We must heavily support science and technology in the Muslim world. Education, economic build-up , and political stability are other factors too. We must also dispel this perception that we interfere in Islamic Countries and we oppress the Muslims. We must promote democracy in the Muslim world, even if it brings Muslim Brotherhood in the power (Which aren't radical terrorists as some fox news pundits might want us to believe). Over-all, United States is here to stay..Islamic World is here to stay...We must learn to live together with mutual respect and co-operation. ---------------------------------------------- This article makes sense over-all, keeping in mind that it is coming from "Americans"..Atleast this dude does a bit better job than Faux News 'experts' of "Islam"... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: http://www.defence.pk/forums/world-affairs/235538-2013-west-islam-global-war-terror.html#ixzz2X7eJ8r63 ================================================================================================================== I got this article from the above source. This piece was originally posted in an American military forum from where someone posted it in above forum. All the color schemes, highlighting are same (with one change) as it was in the source where I copied it from. I thought that it would be interesting to get the opinion of members here on this piece. Do you agree with the article? Disagree? Agree with some points while disagree with others? What you found interesting? Give your open opinion of the article..specially I would like members like Mehtab ji and Johny101 veer to comment here..... So what do you think? Does his description of Islam close to what you think? How is he wrong/right? ...
  6. How would life change for you? for the better or worser? Seeing the increasing drive by muslims to convert non-muslim to islam by deception and sweet talk and not letting the freedom of muslims to leave islam. While other religions sit on the side lines apart from Christianity in pushing forward their agenda... what would happen to life as you know it under a muslim majority regime?
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