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Found 41 results

  1. I know there are a lot of fake corrupt charities, ashrams and babeh in Punjab and it's hard to trust these people, but i think this young man is genuine and is doing seva from his heart. Does anyone know anything about him? He doesnt collect money but asks for building material to expand the buildings. It's really sad to hear the stories of these vulnerable people. People who hurt and tortured these vulnerable people are pure evil. Government has nothing in place for these people who really need help.
  2. Gur fateh ji looking for someone to help design the following website and hello to build it so more content can go on there and hopefully be easier to upload and access please do get in touch www.gurmatstudy.org
  3. Hey everybody. It’s nice to be here and to start looking into Sikhism. A true, short story follows of what has got this Gora interested in delving into Sikhism (hint: it’s Seva!): “How do you feel about that?” sounds like an innocuous question and you’d never guess that so few words could shake the foundations of a person’s world but that’s precisely what happened to me a little while back. The context was simple enough; my partner’s fifteen year-old niece, Kiran, had been excluded from school and had been placed in a referral unit owing to her anti-social behaviour and it was obvious that her cultural milieu wasn’t going to improve any time soon. We decided to bring her out from the British inner-city to live with us here in our beautiful sierra in southern Spain. The above question (“How do you feel about that?”) came instinctively from a friend upon being informed of the situation. In that very moment I saw that instead of viewing the opportunity to help a fellow human being as a positive occurrence, my friend’s perspective was all about how such a course of action would impact negatively upon her own life. She wasn’t the only person amongst my friends who had difficulty understanding how we could possibly contemplate interrupting our paradisiacal existence here in the foothills of the majestic Sierra de Grazalema by introducing a troubled teenager into our lives. I found it hard to believe that anybody could even ask that question. Surely when a family member, especially a fifteen-year-old child, is going off the rails it’s one’s responsibility as an adult to intervene and help in whatever way necessary; however, in these self-obsessed times that’s no longer the default response for a lot of people. It is obviously, and tragically, more important to concentrate purely on oneself and turn away from those in need. I began ruminating on whether this disinclination to seva is a timeless phenomenon and something merely exacerbated by the recent emergence of the social media, face-in-phone existence we all inhabit. Were we formerly more given to offering selfless service or has it always been a relatively rare offering? What was particularly interesting about this dialogue was that the person in question was far from the stereotype of a "heartless capitalist"(or however you'd like to cast an obvious bad guy). Her group of friends are very central in the local yoga world and she constantly speaks of meditation, Ayahuasca and other “spiritual” practices…but, crucially, she seems to have missed the most significant side of spiritual life: dedication to others less fortunate than oneself. The million-dollar question is how do we make seva as popular in the west as yoga and meditation? Is it possible to create a society (or perhaps enclaves of selfless compassion) where seva becomes central to more people’s lives? Or has the self-absorption of our narcissistic, neo-liberal ways destroyed any possibility of this occurring? Anyway, nice light question to get myself acquainted with y'all!
  4. WGJKK WGJKKFCan one of the siane Singhs on here shed some light on rehat of doing seva after peshi and completing tankha.If someone takes amrit as a child/teenager, commits a bujjar kurehit and completes peshi / tankha as an adult, what sevas are they restricted from doing?I heard they cannot do seva in punj during amrit sachar, does this stand for above scenario as well (taking amrit in young age and peshi as adult)? What about pahradar or granthi during amrit sachar?What about receiving Panja di degh after diwan? Seva in panj for nishan sahib seva or making a gurmatta?
  5. Vaheguroo je ka Khalsa Vaheguroo je ke fateh. Guroo pyareo, We are looking for like minded people to join us in spreading Sikhi. We are interested in writters, story tellers or just some people to research. Currently we are looking for someone to write 100 word story's for each Guru which we will then put into animations aimed at Children. We are also interested in all languages. If you are interested and would like to bring Sikhi to the masses please get in touch via PM. Vaheguroo je ka Khalsa Vaheguroo je ke fateh.
  6. Why can't women do seva in Harminder Sahib?
  7. Guest

    Sanskaar seva

    Hello I wanted to know how do we do agan bhet seva for gutka Sahibs and rumala sahib and can we do it at home thank you
  8. Keertan Programs http://www.isangat.org
  9. Please attend our event on Saturday and let your friends and family know. You can sign up on the day and the event is always free. ð
  10. Please attend our event on Saturday and let your friends and family know. You can sign up on the day and the event is always free. ð
  11. Contact us 408.800.SEVA (7382) sikhfamilycenter@gmail.com Sikh Family Center's HELP LINE provides culturally specific peer-counseling and non-emergency support for community members in Punjabi and English. The phone line is staffed by community volunteers committed to supporting community members facing or fearing any threats to health, safety, and/or security. Please note, the HELP LINE is NOT Not for Emergencies. Please call 911 for any emergency situation. Not a Hotline. We cannot answer the phone live. That means, you must leave a message on our voicemail. We try our best to return your call within 48 hours. 408.800.SEVA (7382) The HELP LINE IS A safe and confidential resource. A place where we listen to you carefully and respectfully. A place where we do not judge you, and there is no shame. A source of information-we often refer and connect callers to other relevant resources. Volunteers Volunteers answering messages on the line have training specific to various areas of practice, including but not limited to: Physical health Mental health Crisis counseling Safety planning and anti-violence work Harassment Bullying Examples Examples of concerns we have worked with in the past. No concern is too big or too small! I am starting college and have no idea about what course of study to follow. I wrote "pre-med" on my initial application, but don't like studying science and don't know what other options I might have? I am working for a family, taking care of their two little children. They don't pay me, but give me a room and food. They also don't return my passport. I am scared if I ask them for it, they may tell immigration to take me away. The teacher's assistant in my 4th period class always threatens to take off extra points from my exam if I don't give write him 250 lines of "I am a curry smelling monkey" daily. He says he has this power. My fiance and I got into a fight. That happens almost every week. But this time, he angrily shoved me really hard, and I am very scared. If I tell anyone, he will get into trouble. I've come home every evening for three months straight to find my wife sitting on the couch, looking depressed, claiming today is going to be her last day. She also looks drugged, and I suspect she is drinking alcohol. What should I do? My Mom and I were arguing because some boy from school keeps calling our home late at night. For the first time, I yelled at Mom for five whole minutes. I felt ashamed later and left. It's been two days and I haven't been back home now I don't know how to. http://www.sikhfamilycenter.org/sfc/408800SEVA.html
  12. Please attend and let others know The date is now on 14th February 2016 on Sunday
  13. Please attend the event and let others know
  14. Sikh marriage Seva event is now on 14th February 2016 on Sunday
  15. Please attend the event and let others know Ji.
  16. Please attend the event and let others know Ji.
  17. Please attend and the event is now on 14th February 2016 on Sunday
  20. PLEASE ATTEND AND LET OTHERS KNOW BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON ON THE PAGE BELOW https://www.facebook.com/Sikh-Marriage-Seva-472639092886820/
  21. PLEASE ATTEND AND LET OTHERS KNOW BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON ON THE PAGE BELOW https://www.facebook.com/Sikh-Marriage-Seva-472639092886820/
  22. Gurfateh Guru Piyaarayo! Does any one know where in the UK (or UK based website) where you can get non alcoholic perfume/scent/aftershave? It is for Guru Maharaaj Ji's Darbar for the Ramalay and Thabayah. Apart from Burberry Baby Touch, daas is finding it a struggle to source it. Thanks. Akaal!
  23. MUST READ Part I PART II of II Sept. 20, 2015: During his visit to Anandpur, the city was under attack by an alliance of Rajputs and Moghuls. Kalgidhar Pathshah Ji asked Bhai Ji to do water seva because he had been undertaking water seva for so long, for the Sikhs fighting in the battle. Bhai Ji happily agreed to comply with His Hukam. Bhai Ji, wearing white robes, was often seen with a mashak (a water pouch) in the battle field, serving water to wounded soldiers without any discrimination. It was amazing that due to Bhai Ji's spiritual state, he had easy access to frontiers of all warring factions. He would fearlessly continue his seva while arrows were flying and swords were being swung at each other, and where bloodshed, violence, and hatred was the order of the day. However, in that battle, Bhai Ji with his love and compassion, pour water into the mouths of the wounded, bless them with his hand on their head, and heal the fallen and wounded soldiers, who would then rise and resume battle. His acts of compassion inevitably stirred up doubts and criticism among some Sikhs who were unable to comprehend the ways of a Brahmgyani, like Bhai Ji. They judged him from his outwardly conduct and were outraged with his conduct. They complained about this to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj saying he was a traitor even though Maharaj Ji said he was a blessed Sikh. They said, he eats and lives with us, but gives water to the enemy and that he claims to be a Sikh despite his friendship with the enemy as he was helping the enemies heal so that they could get up and attack the Khalsa again. They also said that they tried to stop Bhai Kanhaiya Ji several times from giving water to others, but that he would not stop. Maharaj Ji called for Bhai Ji and told him that his fellow Sikhs were complaining about him and asked him to respond. Bhai Ji humbly stated that as mortal always sin, however, he never gave water to the enemy. Guru Ji enquired from Bhai Sahib about that, to which Bhai Ji replied "I see you alone, my master in every person, I cannot distinguish between the Turks , the Sikhs and You." The Sikhs got angry and told Guru Ji that Bhai Ji was lying. They said that yesterday, in a skirmish, they severely injured a Mughal commander Noori Shah, an associate of Wazir Khan, left him there thinking him to be dead. However, last night, he regained consciousness and loudly asked for water, which Bhai Ji immediately obliged. He also took Noori Shah to the Mughal camp and treated him for his wounds. Guru Ji smilingly asked him whether he gave water to the Mughals, which Bhai Ji denied. Then, He asked whether he gave water to the Pahari Hindus, which Bhai Ji denied. Again, He asked whether he gave water to the Sikhs, which Bhai Ji also denied. The omniscient Guru continued with His divine game, and asked whether he was even doing His assigned seva. Bhai Ji replied that, in the battlefield he is serving water, but he did not see Sikhs, Mughals or Hindus, but that he just saw his omnipresent Satguru Patshah. He said how can one who is smitten with your love, see someone else anywhere and then therefore not give water to those in whom you live. He said he was just giving water to his Satguru Patshah. Some of the Singhs got angry at this untenable explanation in their opinion, and went for their swords, asking Guru Ji's permission to punish Bhai Ji. But, Guru Ji told the Sikhs to look into Bhai Ji's eyes. When they gazed closely into his eyes, they saw Guru Ji's reflection. This was proof that Bhai Ji indeed saw Guru Ji's everywhere, and that he was telling the truth. Guru Ji explained what it meant to be a blessed Sikh, and dispelled doubts of Sikhs that Guru Ji was just defending his favorite Sikh. Sri Dashmesh Pita Ji, smilingly looked at his Sikhs and pointed to Bhai Kanhaiya Ji, saying that he understood the deeper message of the Gurus' teachings correctly and that they all should strive to learn to live like him. Guru Ji told them to let him carry on with his mission. He said that many more will follow in his footsteps and keep the tradition of Nishkam sewa alive. Maharaj Ji declared that Bhai Sahib was my real follower, i.e., a true Sikh, treading the Divine Path as a Gurmukh. Maharaj Ji said that Bhai Ji made his life a living example of Gurbani because Sikhi is meant to be a spiritually experiential way of living. Guru Ji then reminded the Sikhs of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji' Maharaj Ji's Shabad in which He said that He had totally forgotten His jealousy of others, since He had found the Saadh Sangat. He said that no one was his enemy or stranger, and that He got along with everyone. He accepted Waheguru's will as good, which was the sublime wisdom He had obtained from omnipresent Waheguru. Thus, the great Guru spoke to the narrow-minded Sikh soldiers to fight in the battlefield, only to uphold the divine cause rather than fight with ill will, anger, and hatred because such a fight would not lead them to the path of the divine. The 10th Nanak also told the Sikhs that Bhai Ji has adopted the rehat of five elements of human composition: pure and cleansing water which washes filth of others, indiscriminant fire that gives warmth to all, air and earth which treat everything equally, even if someone has dug into the earth or decorated it, and the sky which is so wide and inclusive as it covers the whole earth. Satguru Maharaj Ji took him in embrace and took balm from his pocket and gave it to him, and told him to put balm on the wounded also when serving water; and put his Own stamp of approval on Bhai Ji's seva. After the end of Battle, Guru Kalgidhar Patshah asked Bhai Ji to go back to his home town, Sodhara, and with His grace, continue his seva and simaran. One of the key teachings Bhai ji used to emphasize was that a Sikh must be compassionate by nature, and if he should see someone in any difficult situation, he should pray for his emancipation and divine grace. The first fallen Mughal soldier who was healed by Bhai Ji was so touched by Bhai Ji's seva that after the war ended, he came to Bhai Ji. Bhai Ji was in trance on the bank of a nearby river. After Bhai Ji opened his eyes, the former soldier paid respect and offered him an expensive jewel. Bhai Ji smiled said these stones are not useful for him and threw it into the river. This made the him upset, and he asked Bhai Ji to give it back to him. Bhai Ji looked at the river, which immediately split into two. From the middle arose a sand spot with so many jewels. Bhai Ji asked him to take his jewel back. Bhai Ji lived 70 years full of contentment, love and compassion. He preached unity of humankind and God. His Gnostic life epitomized all the values of Gurbani such as Naam Simaran, service, obedience and surrender to Guru's will, renunciation, bliss, and divine grace. His journey was long and arduous. He is credited with the founding of the seva panthi or adanshahi sampradya. One day, in his pleasure, he patted his main sevadaar, Seva Ram, and expressed his appreciation of his seva and simaran. Bhai Ji told him that since he passed all the tests, he should take charge of seva and spread naam as ordained by Guru Maharaj. Nearing his time to go to the eternal place of Waheguru, on one bright morning, he discussed death and after death rituals with the sangat. During the discussion, it was mentioned that there either is the option of cremation or burial followed by extensive rituals. Bhai Ji, also added that holy people always live in transcendent state, and shed their body as a snake casts off his skin. Crossing all limits of humility, Bhai Ji then said that as poor people we cannot afford funeral expenses, if one of us had to leave this world as divinely ordained, it would be better to submerge one's body in running water. He said that it would be good for aquatic creatures. The sangat did not catch the clue, and thought it was a general sermon. That same evening, he came in the sangat as usual and sat with the support of wall. Exegeses were told and minstrels were reciting Gurbani. Usually, at a set time, Bhai Ji would signal them to stop. However, Bhai ji did not signal them this time. Everyone was exhausted. A sevadar went up to him to check on him and found his body motionless, and discovered that he had left his mortal body and went to his beloved's place, Sachkhand. The distraught and shocked sangat now understood the mystery of Bhai Ji's parable about death and after rituals. As per Bhai Ji's wish, the sangat submerged his body in a running stream nearby. As the news spread, Bhai Ji's family received news about his departure. They saddened by his passing and lamented for being unable to conduct traditional funeral activities. They hired divers to find his mortal remains within 18 miles of the river, but could not locate anything. In the entirety of the cosmos, Bhai Ji saw the only One, and eliminated all intellectual barriers. He overcame mind's fickleness and did not see the duality. His life exemplified that in the game of Love there is no duality and judgment; there is no victory or defeat, no enemy or friend, no loss or benefit, no hatred or attachment, and therefore no discrimination. His life proved that so long as mind control one's existence, there are going to be artificial barriers within humanity, therefore no justice. The mind cannot see all as equals with the omnipresent Light because it invariably studies, contemplates, and reinforces duality. Only Guru's grace in the form of Brahamgyan can illuminate the mind and erase roots of darkness, then one can see omnipresent Waheguru Akaalpurakh in his creation, and Bhai Ji's exemplified the same. Only those who are immersed in Naam and enlightened with the Guru's Grace, like Bhai Ji, who are holy and pure, have the capacity to be just because they see the cosmos in their own form and vice-versa. Only they can see HIM in both sargun and nirgun form in all, and give limitless space and love to everyone in their heart, therefore clairvoyantly can engage in the eternal salvation of human beings. Bhai Sahib Bhai Kanhaiya Ji, paved the way for the salvation of many others. His name and conduct will remain in eternity.
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