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  1. I think the country side in many Latin American nations is quite conservative, unlike major urban centers.
  2. Regardless of politics, these men were still our grandfathers, great grandfathers, they fought and dies in hellish environments. Respect to the for that at least. Fighting conditions i doubt any of us will ever partake in, and definitely wouldn't voluntarily.
  3. Let the brother stick around and clear his name. Regardless of personal stances, you can tell he is very much pro-Sikhi. Putting us in the same boat.
  4. I agree with Akali Fauj often, but some of those from Nihang circles (I'm assuming his association here) have a big superiority problem. Despite Nihangs as a whole having been absent for decades now, lol.
  5. What is Indian food and Indian music?
  6. LOL. This is pathetic. You can tell this guy is a total bi**hboy.
  7. Go f**k yourself. You spent 1000 years in slavery to Islam. Got GIVEN freedom by the Christians. If you're hunting them why is their population increasing as per the census? You're not our friends, nor are the Muslims, or Christians.
  8. Of course there is a limit to sports, but nothing wrong with enjoying a good game here and there. Some folks legit start to think they're more superior for not watching game.
  9. I agree. I just dont understand how people think you'll get rid of committees and somehow chose the perfect Panj who will not be corrupt. Why can we chose the perfect Panj but totally f**k up come gurdwara election time?
  10. No not related to that. Just two groups of men who do not like each other.
  11. By "times" I mean in terms of material war assets. Not in a spiritual/mental way. I may be entirely wrong, but I believe if we were still a primarily cavalry force, our haal today would be worse than what it was. We would have been probably routed in the late 18th century or early 19th century, and been how the Natives are today. However, this post of yours bro I can agree with. We had a great chance to really do something in that era, but ultimately the faults of Maharaja Ranjit Singh prevailed over his talents.
  12. Lol, some of our people are like naive children. They either leave, live in fear, or somehow find a community where its tolerant. No other choices.
  13. Is this a joke? Russia, USA supporting us? Embassies opening?
  14. I can agree with much of that. You're right. But, I think the most untrustworthy turned out to be locals of Hindu and Sikh faiths. The blame should solely there, besides Maharaja Ranjit Singh completely f**cking up who would be his successor. Unless I am completely unaware of a trend of our mercenaries also betraying us to the British.
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