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Bhagat Yog - Rehats & Nems (Niyam)

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Bhagat Jog:

  1. Mann neewaan rakhna / nimrata ch rakhna– “hum nahin change bura nahin koi”
  2. Satsang vich nem naal jao – katha keertan sarvan karo
  3. Ekagar chit /Ekanti mann – sareyan ch ik waheguru dekho – pyare manda kisnu kayihe, sabh ghat raam vasda
  4. Man da aasan banauna–Waheguru nu hajar nahar jaan ke mann nu bahar jaan ton bachao
  5. Simran / Pranayam - Swaas ander khichna matlab / guru de bachan mann mann vich dhaari jane ne bachan bahar ni jaan dene / suneya samjheya hirde vich dhaar ke saambh ke rakh laina /abheyaas karke ena bachna nu pakao / bachan sunke uste veechar karo – mann vich thehrao / sunke baachon galan na karan lag jawo

Swaas bahar kadna matlab – ninda, kaam, krodh, bura sochna, eerkha, mann chon bahar kadnia shuru karo,

  1. Dhyaan – gurbani de artha ch dhyaan launa – a) gurbani diyan laga matraan te dhyaan rakhna, b) shabad de arth vich dhyaan rakhna c) shabad de bhaav val dhyaan lagauna – ena 3 jugtiaan nall mann bahar nahin bhajega.
  2. Dharna – Je mann sankalp kare, bahar bare soche , ta usnu rok ke jithon bhuleya othon pher parhna shuru karo, pehra deo baar baar jithon bhaje othon laawo – is taran karan naal maan da morh chota hunda jawega te mann tikan lag jawega
  3. Smadhi - je 2-4 ghariaan mann tik jawe usnu smadhi kehnde ne – is time nu vadhaunde jao

1. Rehats

1. Ahinsa – man, juban, sharer, aatmak, budhi

2. Sat da jeewan – andron bahron iko jeha

3. Chori – man (paap karke chupaune te changa banana), tan (sharer karke chori karni)

4. Brahamcharaj – shareer di taakat di rakheya karni

5. Dheeraj -

6. Khima

7. Daya – jithe daya othe dharma - Kise nu dukhi dekh ke haso na, apni pahunch anusar duje de dukh nu door karan da yatan karma

8. Komal Hirdha – sareyan nu shudh updesh dena, kade misguide na karma

9. Maryada khan di – alp ahaar sulp si nidra dya shima tan preet

10. Pavitarta – swash baster, sharer da ishnaan, bachan di pavitarta, mann do pavitarta, Budhi nu nirmal karma gurbani di veechar karke, aham bhaaw di pavitarta (mein koi vakhri cheez nahin, waheguru di ansh haan, “mein” sharer nahin)

2 Niyam /Nem

  1. Tap – rajo guni, sato guni, tamo guni - mehnat zada, fal ghat – no gyaan
  2. Santokh – bina kite kuch ni milda te kehan santokh karda eh dalidri hunda hai, mehnat karke jo mileya ote santushat rehna
  3. Asstak Budhi – Guru di parteet
  4. Daan – Rajo, Tamo, Guni
  5. Puja – mann karke pooja karni – guru nu parmesher manana
  6. Guru shabad/bani te bharosa/nehcha karma
  7. Path nu pyar / nehche naal sunana – shabad naal pyar karma / amal karna
  8. Nitnem nahin miss karna
  9. Santki birti
  10. Langar shakauna - Bhukhe nu parshada shakauana / indriya nu bas karma

3. Assan – Ekant thaan te bhajan karma / aasan launa

4. Pranayam – swaasan nu santulan / mann nu bahar daurhan ton bachauna te morh morh ke shabad vich launa

5. Pratihaar – mann nu baar baar guru val morhna

6. Dharna – mann ikagar karan layi guru de charna ch jorhna

7. Dhyaan – guru de sakaar roop/guru da dhyaan / shabad da dhyaan

8. Smadhi lagni – trikuti shutke mann de furne band ho jaane…………..

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    • Japan does an excellent job of that. The lowest paid people still make a living with benefits and retirement mostly and the well paid people are still well paid just more moderately so. It's called a genie coefficient I believe. Japan's is shaped like an hour glass with very few ultra rich or ultra poor and the united states is an hour glass ...or almost pawn shape...with almost everyone residing in the bottom, a vanishing or vanished middle and some few at the top. 
    • I agree, and these protests have mainly targeted government buildings. There are a multitude of factions involved, not all black by any means, and the human rights movement doesn't lose my support over a starbucks, which is a multinational corp not a cha wala, getting trashed or some multi generational plantation money owned store that's insured getting trashed, especially by a mixed segment of the entire population plus provacateurs.  Would I bother looting unless I truly needed survival supplies in an apocalypse? No I wouldn't, but it's really another excuse to not have to change the status quo to say looting happened during your protests so your issue isn't valid anymore.  Common deflections are  But they looted.. They commit a crime once... That was a long time ago... None of which changes the centuries old history and tradition of cultural oppresion, murder, rape, incarceration, bigotry, humiliation that continues strong to this day, perpetrated by a government, it's military and police force upon races of people. We are a constitutional country of law on paper and some of us expect that to be respected and some of us know it's a lie, but either way people have their limits.  You have racist cops, doing a hack job of even managing to murder someone on camera. They ought to be embarrassed for one. Cops throwing up white power and laughing. You think 400 years of that isn't going to get some stores wrecked in addition to government buildings? I know people with murdered family members in this country in my community. Police murders that resulted in settlements and gag orders because they did such a poor job of even covering it up. 
    • Maybe they thought they could clown you because they could get away with it? 😁 
    • Yes, what goes around comes around. but I don’t see how the businesses have really deserved the looting in this case.  if anyone to be looted it should be whoever is directly oppressing the looters 
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