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    • This is horrible. A pregnant elephant died because it ate a pineapple which had a firecracker in it. ☹ The locals stick firecrackers into pineapples and leave them near the forests to kill wild animals which might eat their crops.  This elephant either ate one of those pineapples or was given one to eat by the locals.  
    • When you close your eyes, what do you see? When you talk to "God" what do you feel? When you "want" a reply, what do you expect? When you say "He" / "She", how did you derive this perception? These are not trick questions, neither i believe there are any correct answers. We all have different perceptions and of course - expectations, but why do we have expectations?  Ask yourself as many questions as you want, you "may" be coming back to the same conclusion. Let me try and make a suggestion - if you have some spare time, take a walk on your own. Try and go somewhere peaceful and tranquil, nature esque, then see what thoughts come into your mind? Everybody / everything is created with Light. We need to discover this light and keep seeing this. With light, there is also darkness, you may see what i'm trying to get at here. My point being, why to we see "God" as a person? Why don't we see God in all forms? Everlasting and Omnipresent Waheguru    
    • Spot-on. The problem is these cultural aspects of a people need an organised and underlying civilisational structure, state, nation, etc., for them to be acknowledged as something worthy of respect or value. If not, it just come across as quaintly provincial traits of an unsophisticated tribe. 
    • Punjabi culture is a multi-faceted. We are multi-dimensional people not a one-dimensional people.  Bhangra is far too emphasised, it makes me cringe if I am watching the BBC and there something remotely  Asian on and then there is some bhangra track on in the background.  It makes us look one-dimensional.  However the reality is we have percussion instruments in our culture and we have rythm and footwork.  Dance and music is a form of human expression. It is something in our DNA.  But there is far more to us. One part of the culture is over-promoted.  There is poetry, there is art, there is other literature. There are other forms of music. We like other instruments other than dhol and tabla,we have stringed instrument, horned instruments, keyboard instruments. 
    • We have R&B, hiphop, afrobeats, bhangra playing out loud from all directions on my road on sunny days 😁
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