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    • Thank this is eye opening, I remember a mahapurkhs bachan explaining that if we want to love God and get closer to him look at and be with nature. The beauty of nature will force you to praise the creator and think of his qualities. When I'm with nature, I feel surrendered and hopeful that he's listening to my prayer, I like to sing the shabad 'Jo mange takur apne te soee soee deve.' It reminds me that waheguru ji promises to fulfil our minds desires - this is a fact and unquestionable so I must be lacking from my side. But sometimes I just want something to happen where I feel I've had an answer from him, I see his grace unfolding and my problems resolving.  I know I may sound needy and religion isn't just about resolving our problems but when all other efforts have failed ,who else can we turn to but God? Bal hoa bandan bhare kichu na hot opaye, kaho nanak ab oath har gajj jyo hoth sahaee Bal hoa bandan chute sab kich hoth opaye nanak sab kuch tumare haath me tum hi hoth sahaee
    • Yeah, I have noticed that for example a katha will pop up on YouTube which gives me hope or I'll find a saakhi etc but because these 'encouragements' don't take a physical form I.e. I keep faith but don't see any of my problems resolving...my monkey mind starts thinking it's a coincidence and starts questioning if it's actually God talking to me. 
    • People setting elephants on fire in India. ☹  
    • I work with many goreh.  One of them is a former arts student, another one has a lot of interest in paintings and talk in great depth. He went to Bilbao and visited the Guggenheim gallery.  I never paid any interest in art. Then our Puzzled was talking in depth about Sikh Art. The level of intricacy he went into with the brush strokes, the style of art, the influences etc.  I was totally ignorant.  We are a sophisticated people and I am going to make an effort next time there is a Sikh Art Exhibition. 
    • In India they stick leopards into cages and then set them on fire. Sikhi says waheguru is hurt when his creation is hurt. 
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