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Akaal Purakh Di Fauj

Sri Mool Mantar Sahib Ji And The Spell Wielding Yogi

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One time the sangat at Bengal did a benti to Sant Baba Sundar Singh Ji Bhindranwale to come over there and do parchar of this beautiful marg of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. A Gurmat Smagam was held in Calcutta, West Bengal. A lot of sangat had gathered there to listen to the Gurmat Parchar of Mahapursh.

Amongst the sangat there was a tantric Yogi. He had seen the huge crowds which had gathered and jealousy entered his mind. He began to think to himself that I have all the tantric powers in my hands. If I was to utter a spell and place it on this Mahapursh then all these people/sangat will begin to follow me.

In this way as Santji was walking past the tantric Yogi, the yogi began to utter a spell and threw a copper wire at Santji. At the time the spell was uttered/thrown Santji was uttering Sri Mool Mantar Sahib Ji. As the pavan pavitar amrit bani of Maharaj was being uttered the spell bounced off Santji and fell upon the Yogi.

Those who were present began to hear the Yogi scream in pain as his body began to burn. Just then Santji moved towards the Yogi and with his hand touched the Yogi and blessed him. As soon as Santji did this all the Yogi's pain and suffering ended and he was brought to the plane of peace.

From that day everytime Santji used to go past that place the tantric yogi would stand up with his hands folded and head bowed towards Santji. One day some Singhs asked Santji why this Yogi who had never got up before or shown any respect to Santji had all of a sudden changed. Santji smiled and said this is the kirpa of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj.

The Singhs began to say Santji you are keeping something from us, please do kirpa. Santji then began to explain what had happened. He said that this Yogi had made thousands follow him through his spells and intended to do the same to Santji and the sikh sangat. But he didn't know that Santji was one who recited Sri Mool Mantar Sahib Ji 24 hours a day. If someone tries to place a spell on one who recites Sri Mool Mantar Sahib it is like trying to throw something up into the sky - it's only going to come back in one direction.

Akho Satnaam Sri Waheguru.

Dhan Dhan Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj.

Guru Sahib Kirpa Karo especially in this day and age where many people try to use spells to take away our brothers and sisters.

Loose translation from katha by Sant Avtar Singh Ji


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waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh...

i recite sukhmani sahib daily since 7-8 years (not fully engaged in path)...however, god has given me everything that a person like me from middle class can get in life-a good degree and a good job..but somehow....i am not satisfied with my life....i feel like aimless creature....sometimes i even want to end my life...sometimes i think that i will go mad..i don't want to live........ please help if a solution is there...

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In SGGS Ji it says that without the sadh sangat you will not be satisfied.


Intuitive understanding, wisdom, cleverness, glory, beauty, pleasure, wealth and honor, all comforts, bliss, happiness, and salvation, O Nanak, appear by chanting the Name of God (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1323).

Kabeer says, you remember God in meditation only when the need arises. You should remember Him all the time. You shall dwell in the city of immortals, and the Lord shall restore the happiness you lost (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1373).

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