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Griffith Council Considering $250,000 Loan To Assist With Roadworks At Sikh Temple

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Griffith Council considering $250,000 loan to assist with roadworks at Sikh temple

The Griffith Council is proposing to provide members of the city's Sikh society with a $250,000 loan for roadworks outside its new temple.

The $3m facility near Hanwood was approved by council in 2009 and is expected to open later this year.

The temple was vandalised twice last year, with local police expressing their concern about the racially motivated attack.

Griffith Mayor, John Dal Broi, says before the temple can open the Kidman Way and Rae Road intersection must be upgraded and the Gurdwara Singh Saba Society has asked for assistance.

"Council resolved we lend the money," he said.

"The resolution was we lend for 10 years at a three per cent interest rate, and that loan be secured by way of individuals within the Indian community.

The community won't be disadvantaged, as we will be charging interest and loan will be secured, otherwise it just doesn't happen.

Griffith Mayor, John Dal Broi

Council staff recommended the loan not be granted, but Councillor Dal Broi says the temple will be an asset

"This could lead to further requests from various organisations, but the comment was made repeatedly that we have a large Indian community in Griffith now," he said.

"They have a footprint in our area.

"The community won't be disadvantaged, as we will be charging interest and loan will be secured, otherwise it just doesn't happen."

Meanwhile, investigations are underway into whether the temple can be temporarily opened to coincide with the city's Sikh Games in June.

"We are investigating whether or not we can allow it for a day or two, whilst those celebrations are on," Councillor Dal Broi said.

"So they can have their official opening, then not be able to utilise it, until such time as all the conditions are complied with."

Comments about the proposal can be submitted to council.

Source - http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-03-13/gx-sikh-temple/5317278?&section=news

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