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Bhai Kultar Singh Delhi Wale (Hazoori Ragi Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib) Uk Tour Aug 2014 Southeast London, Kent -Woolwich, Erith, Barking, Ilford

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BHAI KULTAR SINGH DELHI WALE (Hazoori Ragi Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib) UK Tour Aug 2014 Various Gurudwara's

Woolwich, Erith, Barking, Ilford

Southeast London, Kent


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    • I think it's a little more complex than liberal Sikhs letting the side down, but I do sympathise with the general gist of the argument. Don't forget, all it takes is darshan of someone or another to turn someone like that into a believer, so it's not as if they're total losses. Some of it's down to karams, too. Like I said, this entire issue is attributable to physical and social phenomena as well as spiritual matters. Our duty is to get a grasp of matters in our direct control. 
    • I am sorry but it was your fault this time Ajeet.  Yes it might be your wives duty to cook food. But it is not to hear criticism.  Having a baby takes a toll on a womans body and she is tired for long time. It takes time to recover. Especially for vegetarian women. As we have to make heme, proteins,.and fats from iron and foods from plants which takes work. As plants do t have complete amino acids and nonusable iron which our body first has to convert.   Also she is probably also breastfeeding, which requires more from her. In my opinion she should be on bed rest for a year with walks. And being fed panjiri and other animal products like dairy and honey and lots of nuts and other healthy, fattening foods with lots of ghee.  What type of a boss do you like? someone who after your have done your work for the day, makes you stay after work to listen to a critique of everything? She did the work and asked to be treated nicely once and you just double the abuse. Get your mom and dad involved into a huge fight over a nonissue. Also i feel bad for your parents. Instead of the bahu, daughterin law creating fights Its you. If you had some sikhi gunn like dheeraj and santokh or just some commen sense and stayed silent, everyone would have eaten peacefully and left. But no, you got angry that someone refuses to hear ur criticism, and started a fight with your dad so ur mom had to get involved. And then ur wife got involved. You expect her to take the blame and abuse siently and not argur back when she is being yelled at. While you get angry that she denied your right to be nakhrelu.  I was always sympathetic to your cause and never understood why people were always against you. But this time, it was completely your fault. My dad is always telling my mom that when he is eating, please dont yell, complain or nag. It gets into.the roti and creates a bad atmoaphere and bad health. That she can complain and nag afterwards.  What type of environment are you creating for your kid? Full of yelling and you involve the grandparents too. And his mom will be upset for.hours now. And when she next goes to cook,.she will be so resentful. The least u should expect is banging of the pots and muttering, he is a big Shot who expects everything to be perfect and tasty. No matter the effort. Etc Also ig God forbid, u.lose ur job one day,.should ur wife stop feeding u and respecting you until u have a job again? As ur only function is to earn money as hers is to cook? Ur wife is ur family. They stick up for each other thru hardtimes and enjoy the good times. But u ruin the goodtimes with bickering and crying. When a real problem occurs, how will you react? You have already used up yelling and crying. Whats left? Wain pauna?  
    • when we were in school the most liberal punjabi in our yr was a punjabi girl from a a very liberal family, by liberal i mean she used to have glassy with her mum and half her family was married to muslims, she told me that half her family uncles/aunts cousins etc are married to muslims so her parents said she can marry whoever she wants to    thats how liberal they were. this same girl in the school toilets stuck a toilet brush up her private parts and filmed it and sent it to evry1 
    • ^^^ complete tone-deaf tactlessness 😂. Whatever you think of these so-called stars (I personally think they should be executed for their treachery when there's an uprising, lmao, I don't care), it's no wonder people say the races like the Chinese and Indians are "bug-men" which is a slang term to describe races that are very cold, lacking compassion and a sense of humanity. In their efforts to ape western productions, they totally miss the target, and end up making themselves look like bandhars.
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