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    • I never asked my Nana or Nani if they had a Anand Karaj or some other ceremony, its too late now. They got married around 1950/51 , what Nani told us was how from her peke pind to my Nanas house she came sat on a bullock cart¬†ūüėĄ¬† ¬†That's how they came those days lol. The Bharat stayed at my Nanis parents house for 3 weeks! that's crazy!¬† ¬†My Nana said while the bharat was still there, the girls from my Nanis pind would joke around and steel his shoes and embarrass him front of¬†everyone by saying silly things LOL¬† ¬†he said boys in those days were really down to earth and didn't get offended or angry quickly like today.¬† I don't like going to weddings, haven't been for years, last time i went the bride and groom kissed each other front of everyone which was awkward because i was sitting next to me sister.¬† My parents are always like you have to go to weddings otherwise people are going to start saying why doesn't the son ever come, which i don't care lol¬† ¬† ¬† I'm not going to some crappy wedding.¬† The last one my family went to, my mum came back saying how as the bride was walking in she had little children walking in front of her with flower baskets littering petals onto the floor! the Granthi then did a announcement and said that this is not Gurmat and can the parents of the children pick the litter/petals!¬† my mum said all the females got angry when the Granthi Singh said that and started muttering stuff. Once the kids mothers picked the litter then the Granthi continued with the ceremony¬†¬† The wedding my family went to before that one by mum was saying how the females were really inappropriately dressed and their heads weren't covered properly, chunnis were just hanging off their buns/hair, their heads were uncovered,¬†and the Granthi Singh actually stopped just to tell the women to cover their heads and come dressed appropriately when at the¬†Gurdwara.¬† And then my parents wonder why i don't go to weddings.¬†
    • That's how it should be. People are actually taking loans from banks to do their weddings now.
    • Who is this?¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†
    • literally they got up from sangat and were married at amritvela after asa di vaar¬† , so¬† much kirpa .. langar then back to their homes . No fanfare even the clothes were normal suits nothing snazzy funny thing is those show off types are giving money hand over fist to the same musley who want them gone from the earth. Sikhi teaches that the boys family shouldn't improverise the girl's family , get married in the smallest group possible .But these idiots think that one day is so important that they should be poor for the rest of their lives , no doubt they will be divorced over money problems. we had simple ceremony and then langar after , bidaai from Gurdwara
    • I'd imagine things were done really simple back then, even the reception parties were probably simple. I'v seen some family wedding movies from the 80s and in the reception parties they were eating in those plastic plates and cups lol¬† These days they having reception parties in 5* hotels, cruises, wearing diamonds etc¬† Its mad how out of hand things have gotten!¬† a lot of these couples also step back and push their parents to the front when it comes to the bills!¬† stupid ungrateful idiots!!¬†¬† My cousin sister got engaged a few years back (they broke up, never got married)¬† and the engagement party was like in a community center and the food was prepared by those Punjabi ladies that make samosas at home, lol¬† ¬† ¬†but my cousin and the guy she was engaged to were happy!¬† they didn't care!¬† ¬† and its gd they kept it simple¬†because they broke up later anyway.¬†
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