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    • That may be one reason for it. But there are others as well, including plain fashion/styling (if people are into that look......) 
    • Sorry veer ji, please forgive me. I did not intend to sound as if I was calling myself superior or special in any way. My husband is special for me because he's a gift from waheguru ji to me hence I feel he's worth praying for. When we did our laavan, in my perspective I thought we were making a commitment to help each other on the path of sikhi and that if any of us were going astray (manmukh way) we would be there to support/guide each other back. The reason why I highlighted the word 'bride' in the hukamnamas was because I did an ardas to guru sahib that if he will save my marriage please show me the word 'bride'. I guess it may sound childish but that is possibly because I'm feeling broken. I know being amritdhari doesn't make us extraordinary, I actually feel ashamed that we're an amritdhari couple and we're doing this beadbi - in actual fact we're quite disgraceful as when people hear about our situation and the first thing they say is 'lehh what's the point being amritdhari etc etc'. We've let guru sahib down.  Yes you're right I'm very weak, I should have faith in waheguru ji and understand that whatever he does is for our good and that the pain im receiving is due to my past bad karam. But what I do firmly believe is that until the divorce is not fully complete (God forbid that there is a divorce) I will continue to pray for forgiveness for mine and my husband's previous bad karams in hope that our father has mercy on us. But yes u are right alongside this I should also do benti that I increase faith in waheguru and that everything he will do is for our best. Once again I'm sorry I didn't mean to do any sort of beadbi.
    • I've said it on another thread on these forums, Twitter, specifically "Brown Twitter" is something you should avoid at all costs unless you want to destroy your remaining brain cells. That post about the "Lesbian Sikh" is pretty mild compared to some of the stuff I've seen, there's no limit to the amount of stuff people will post just for some re-tweets, i really do feel sorry for that generation.
    • i think its too late for that. just how culture has weakened, dharam, or whatever little dharam there was in the first place has weakened as well. Sikhi is just a tradition for the vast majority and traditions change. Culture gave traditional morals and values, dress modestly, don't sleep around, don't argue will elders etc thats what our parents taught us growing up right, but now that has vanished. Tradition cultural values were hand in hand with Sikhi. Both have collapsed.  I mean there a females on social media talking about doing squats on top of their partners erect pen1s, with 100s of likes, how are are you supposed to promote dharam to this kind and what type of dharam will they pass down to their kids?  I quick look on Instagram and you will see the majority of Punjabis drinking, in sexual position and wearing next to nothing. Vast majority of Punjabis have 0 interest in Sikhi, i mean why would they? they never were Sikhs in the first place. Just an example, one of my friends back in the days was a punjabi female who didnt know a word of punjabi and she was an atheist while her brother had a baby before marrige with a white girl and gave the kid a english name and moved in with his gf. What "dharam" will they pass onto their kids?  This is happening in many Punjabi families, and will continue happening. It really is too late for the vast majority of cultural Sikhs. The state they are in is deplorable  Traditional values and Sikhi came hand in hand with Sikhs in the UK. How is one supposed to understand Sikhi if they have no moral structure or tradition values? In my last work place a Punjabi female was talking about b00b jobs, this talk is the norm for a lot of young Punjabis. Look what happened to Christianity in this country after post war liberal attitudes.  It is the uncle/auntie generation keeping this lot tied ti some kind of Sikh practice, one they are gone that that will be it!   
    • A practice slalom run involving kitchen duties, doing laundry, and not talking. That'll get her into the spirit of things. Good luck.
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