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    • Funny thing is it's true, yet as I've mentioned on previous occasions, it's trying to guide someone onto that path when they aren't ready to make that leap of faith. The Christian tries to bridge that gap by being personable, relatable, and sympathetic (whether it's genuine care or a ploy for the purposes of recruitment is debatable), understanding that for the vast majority of people with issues, the afflicted just want to unburden themselves and be heard before even thinking about making that next step to actively responding to the problems plaguing them. There's no to very little of this approach in our community, because we generally lack those traits in our demeanour as a people (although the younger generations are better in this respect), and this attitude seems to be even more significant in religious circles, which is madness because of all the areas where compassion and understanding should be in evidence, the spiritually floundering or just the generally forlorn and disenfranchised should be made to feel they're being listened to, not dismissed with a course of treatment that's abstract at best.
    • I think showing vulnerability can be problematic because it is seen as a weakness.  Showing vulnerability is a largely a female trait because women emote more as it is part of their make up. It does not work the same for men because we tend to prioritise being rational and our nature is to solve problems.  But if you need help there are people that can help you.
    • I totally agree with above quote.   There is nothing wrong with the program listed. It is normal to see Amrit sanchar programs in various jathabandis. Using same argument method, tomorrow Someone will be saying.. it is not ok for taksal jathabandi to stamp on santhiyaa programs.    Rather than finding mistakes in any jathbandees, we need to work together for panth’s benefits despite of having few differences. 
    • Dharam seems like more of a verb to me. Like truth in action.  It's one thing to believe exercise makes you fit it's another thing to actually train and get the benefit. 
    • well I wouldn't know. Nor am I amritdhari nor am I married. But I would expect that love and lust are two different things even when it comes to physical human relationship. Right? Or maybe both persons in relationship have to be at a high level to differentiate between lust and love and act accordingly.?  and if we are on this topic,  is it not lust to use a natural mechanism, that is meant for procreation, to get the pleasure, and at the end simply pull out (sorry for being explicit). Is there a difference between making love and fu**ing? 
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