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    • Thank you, I have heard this in giani jis katha too. I was really inspired at a point but I think I was trying to do too much without any focus.  But looking at your message has really made me realise that I may do paath but do naam abhiyas at all hence my mind hasn't yet developed that skill of keeping focus and taking control of my mind. I'm still a slave to my mind because I tell myself I'm going to keep faith in guru sahib but as soon as my mind has a negative thought, I drift off with negativity and limit myself to human knowledge. I'm just in this unfortunate situation and I really want to be able to feel waheguru ji is on my side, so when I try my best to keep faith in him I just want to be able to know he's holding my hand tightly too. 
    • Waow ur totally right. Look at the hukamnama katha today.  
    • other than producing good comedy movies, punjabi cinema has produced many non comedy excellent movies like ardaas part 1 &2 daana paani sardaar Mohammad qismat rupinder Gandhi part 1 & 2 sikander part 1& 2    
    • Punjabi films have increased in popularity in recent years and it could be correlated in that Bollywood films do not seem to be as popular.  So much so that the HP Khatris that run Bollywood and predominantly act in Bollywood have 'discovered ' their Punjabi roots.  It may not be a bad thing because what you are seeing is soft power. It seems that Punjabi may have some cultural influence on others.
    • A couple months back I was at a grocery store in Delhi. The guy at the counter seemed to be a bhaiiya but was trying to speak Punjabi with me since I'm visibly a Sikh. He wasn't too bad at it but you could clearly guess that Punjabi was not his mother tongue. I was responding to him in Punjabi as well. Meanwhile, some auntie in her 40s who was clearly not Sikh (could be Hindu) was overhearing and interrupted him and said why are you speaking Punjabi when you can't. The guy was in his own zone and didn't care for the lady lol. I could feel the hidden contempt in her voice towards the Punjabi language. I'm pretty sure the guy had just watched some Punjabi movie or had been listening to Punjabi songs.
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