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  1. Waheguru, Haven't posted here in awhile. Has anyone contacted Neo? There were some great bits of knowledge of SA. Meditation Techniques... Experiences! "Am I Allowed to Share?" Would anyone happened to have a copy of the Q&A with Sant Baba Darshan Singh Ji Dhakki Sahib Wale? Singh123456777, Chatanga, Dally! Hope you're doing well Jio! It's been awhile!
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  2. I never got round to joining the SA forum, but used to sometimes browse it and I also enjoyed reading the meditation/Simran sections, and experiences also. I didn't get to read the deeper topics though, but it was laid out well, easy to read.
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  3. Just so people know where he stands on the current Indian establishment. Here's an old interview (2014) by Trump about India. Very interesting.
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  4. I do admit it was a better site where people got on well with each other. Frankly I am tired of reading Akalifauj's posts. These days all we get to read is bad swearing words which they use for each other. A site which can be a source of mystic beautifullt divine info is shamelessly being tainted with fights between two members. Specifically for this reason I stopped logging in for some time. First it was confined to the bhagti colomn. Now every discussion is plagued with their filth. Why should I log in to read bad words being exchanged between members and Akzlifauj. Watching the news gives me enough entertainment. I think such posts should be reported as offensive to the admin. If people cannot post anything better go fight it on the field with a kirpan. Perhaps we should change name of this site to become Akalifauj and his miscommunication style. This is a beautiful site which does not deserve the injustice being done to itt. Mostly when I see posts by Akalifauj I try not to read them. Sikhawareness was an alternative site where atleast postings were decent and members were full of love for each other.
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