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    @Not2Cool2Argue No kind of tyranny is justified even if it means restoring balance. A Sikh protects the innocent, we do not advocate tyranny and oppression, and we do not fight evil with evil. It's not a joke when people make false accusations against anyone. Reputation is a big deal to us Sikhs and it can destroy families, not just one individual. In regards to Israel, Zionist Jews are tyrants through and through. No previous victim-hood which they believe happened in their mind will not protect them and they will be crushed. Just by lightly mentioning tyranny and oppression in your post, just shows Maya has gone to your head and you need to wake up. Sikhi is far beyond any worldly matters and has equally given men and women the chance to be one with Vaheguru- the highest of the high. There is nothing far greater than that status and achievement. If any Singh speaks disrespectfully towards females simply because of their gender, then they do not believe in Vaheguru.
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    You are a fool. Civilisations fall, resulting in the deaths of millions, with men like you at the helm. If you are so eager for oppression and destruction, may your loved ones and their descendants be the first to be crushed under the weight of tyranny. Everyone loves a revolution when it's others far removed from their own who are undergoing the brunt of the change.

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