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  1. BCU SIKH SOCIETY WOULD LIKE TO INVITE SANGAT TO: ''SODA AND SAMSOA EVENT'' on Wednesday, October 22 at 2:00pm. ICE-BREAKER AND FREE SAMSOA'S" Start Time: Wednesday, October 22 at 2:00pm--4:00pm Where: Kenrick Lecture theatre Birmingham City University Birmingham City University, Perry Barr Birmingham, B42 2SU, see u all there!!!
  2. *gupt-kaur*


    for gol datsar----- the way i do it-- over ur keski--- * get the end bit of the material and put it over ur whole keski -------------------------->>> this is ur dastar material by a birds eye view >>> ur head<<<< -------------------------->>>> this way over ur head. *then with ur right hand fold the overlapping larr inside behind ur chin. *then go from there.... sorry if that makes no sense.
  3. WWW.# ITS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK click meeeee <<< if that doesnt work... just visit www.# thank ju
  4. ah man. this is awful. whats worse is that these ppl could be ANYWHERE everyone please do ardas!!! and to all bibya-- DONT TAKE ANYTHING FROM ANYONE. NOT EVEN CHOCOLATE...OR EVEN A DRINK! vjkk vjkf
  5. happy birthday!!omg how quick did the yr go hey! this time last yr u were stressin being 22, and now ur 23! loll im not rubbin it in :P

    hope u had a gr8 day!

  6. the actual date was 1st sep sangata are stilll celebrating it vahegurooo loughbrough was wiked.
  7. vahegurooooooo OMG, best event ever!! JUST LIKE HAYES!! soooo much sangat!! THANKS ALOOOOT TO EVERYONE WHO WENT, AND TO THE ORGANISERS.....wow what a day :BOW:
  8. gauVI 9 ] gourree 9 || Gauree 9: join Cwif jau jg mih AwieE ] jon shhaadd jo jag mehi aaeiou || He leaves the womb, and comes into the world; lwgq pvn Ksmu ibsrwieE ]1] laagath pavan khasam bisaraaeiou ||1|| as soon as the air touches him, he forgets his Lord and Master. ||1|| jIArw hir ky gunw gwau ]1] rhwau ] jeearaa har kae gunaa gaao ||1|| rehaao || O my soul, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||1||Pause|| grB join mih aurD qpu krqw ] garabh jon mehi ouradhh thap karathaa || You were upside-down, living in the womb; you generated the intense meditative heat of 'tapas'. qau jTr Agin mih rhqw ]2] tho jat(h)ar agan mehi rehathaa ||2|| Then, you escaped the fire of the belly. ||2|| lK caurwsIh join BRim AwieE ] lakh chouraaseeh jon bhram aaeiou || After wandering through 8.4 million incarnations, you came. Ab ky Cutky Taur n TwieE ]3] ab kae shhuttakae t(h)our n t(h)aaeiou ||3|| If you stumble and fall now, you shall find no home or place of rest. ||3|| khu kbIr Bju swirgpwnI ] kahu kabeer bhaj saarigapaanee || Says Kabeer, meditate, vibrate upon the Lord, the Sustainer of the earth. Awvq dIsY jwq n jwnI ]4]1]11]62] aavath dheesai jaath n jaanee ||4||1||11||62|| He is not seen to be coming or going; He is the Knower of all. ||4||1||11||62||
  9. pauVI ] pourree || Pauree: mnu locY hir imlx kau ikau drsnu pweIAw ] man lochai har milan ko kio dharasan paaeeaa || My mind longs to meet the Lord; how can I obtain the Blessed Vision of His Darshan? mY lK ivVqy swihbw jy ibMd buolweIAw ] mai lakh virrathae saahibaa jae bi(n)dh buolaaeeaa || I obtain hundreds of thousands, if my Lord and Master speaks to me, even for an instant. mY cwry kuMfw BwlIAw quDu jyvfu n sweIAw ] mai chaarae ku(n)ddaa bhaaleeaa thudhh jaevadd n saaeeaa || I have searched in four directions; there is no other as great as You, Lord. mY dishu mwrgu sMqho ikau pRBU imlweIAw ] mai dhasihu maarag sa(n)theho kio prabhoo milaaeeaa || Show me the Path, O Saints. How can I meet God? mnu Ariphu haumY qjhu iequ pMiQ julweIAw ] man arapihu houmai thajahu eith pa(n)thh julaaeeaa || I dedicate my mind to Him, and renounce my ego. This is the Path which I shall take. inq syivhu swihbu Awpxw sqsMig imlweIAw ] nith saevihu saahib aapanaa sathasa(n)g milaaeeaa || Joining the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, I serve my Lord and Master continually. sBy Awsw pUrIAw gur mhil bulweIAw ] sabhae aasaa pooreeaa gur mehal bulaaeeaa || All my hopes are fulfilled; the Guru has ushered me into the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. quDu jyvfu horu n suJeI myry imqR guosweIAw ]12] thudhh jaevadd hor n sujhee maerae mithr guosaaeeaa ||12|| I cannot conceive of any other as great as You, O my Friend, O Lord of the World. ||12|| :pray: :cry: :BOW: :vaheguru: :whs:
  10. :LOLz: :LOLz: for ur info, i didnt make the site lol.
  11. CAN SOMEONE pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cut an mp3 audio for me?? i have a kirtan audio but theres 2 shabads one 1 and i needed just the one! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anyone? thanks alot
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