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  1. Try the Shastar Vidiya classes at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara in Wolves - Fridays 6pm till 9pm
  2. Rajput, your ego is getting to you, quit while you can! If you really need someone to say something to your face, no problem, i'll be more than happy to take you up on your offer. maybe i can get to see some of this rajput vidiya you sing on about?
  3. Fateh ji, From what i know there are 52 Commandments of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, There is a Book called 'The 52 comm...' You can get this from DTF in Birmingham, or maybe search for it online? Hope this helps. Fateh ji
  4. Caveman ji, this is indeed correct, only those who have ustaadgee ware these. In reality even if we as people had these types of shastar, we wouldnt really know how to use them, give proper satkar to them and so on. I've noticed most people have these things to show off, or missuse etc..
  5. Fateh Brother, and who might these 'Nangs' be?
  6. Both Singhstation and Chardi Kala know who i am and what i sell! they have both been spoken to in regards to selling items that were originally designed by myself. Bringing the above two people into this topic was not a good idea! i've not read the whole topic and have no reason to. for the record both the above mentioned have stolen designs from me, back stabed me in the past, but i know what this world is about hence to this point in time i've not said anything about this to anyone... guess now its public! If anyone has any issues with the shastar man, please e-mail them to sort the issues out.
  7. love it.... do some Caupai Sahib paart ppl!
  8. so what u gona do in war, talk with the dushth, give them a hug??? dont bring other things into this topic... ur issue is with the people at that Gurdwara so take it up with them on THAT issue and dont mix it with other things i.e. killing a helpless goat bla bla!
  9. Fateh ji, I do not sell these and will not sell these. They kind of disrespect Bani... but then this can lead onto tatoo's of Bani on ones hand and so forth... Best bet is to stay clear of them. Fateh ji
  10. Fateh ji, The surinder singh kolhi version does not have Chitropakhyan... alot is cut out. It comes as a set of three but its not the full Dasam Granth. I Heard there was a Saroop to be launched at Hazoor Sahib on the 300 Saal event.. it was supposed to have been done by Taksal with no errors in it but i didnt hear anything while i was there.. hope this helps. Fateh ji
  11. OMG, i just dont know what to say... this Singh was soooo cool and now he's gone...
  12. Fateh ji, Point taken, and a valid one too. I'm all for Ekta, but my point being those that do not believe Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Maharaj, how can we accept them into the panth? Same goes for ppl who dont believe in Raagmala, or parts of Dasam Granth Ji? Before ppl start thinking i'm having a digg, i'm just making vichaar on a thought i have and perhaps 'A' answer could be found within the cyber sangat? Forgive me for any mistakes.. Fateh ji!
  13. Fateh Ji, nice program, shame it was told by a Naamdhari, who has aknowledged Ram Singh as a Guru which is gives reason to believe Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not Guru when infact they are... He goes on to big up the NaamDhari's and comes up with fake history of Guru Gobind Singh Ji making 'Sant Khalsa'.... listen to the last 15minz of the prog. very upsetting, but nothing can be done about it now. Bhul Chuk Maaf Fateh ji.
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