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  1. vjkkvjkf It is true this has manmat scenes in this movie, http://www.singhiskinng.com/presskit.htm they have a rite 2 protest.
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7549301.stm Rapper Snoop Dogg is appearing in this film, wot a joke this film shud be stopped, it making the gursikh image look bad
  3. and teaching 48 puuran gursikhs the correct mukh arth and shudh ucharan of Sree Guru Granth Sahib jee at Astaan Damdama Sahib so will it be in laarvaar like Dhan Siree Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jee ucharand Gurbanee Note Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa neva let his students used paad-chedd maybe you can ask the ustaad to keep it laarvaar like Guru Sahib Did k_z please
  4. vjkkvjkf There will also b Sarbloh Langar available for the Sangat. vjkkvjkf
  5. ur mama ji ok :]

  6. Its Harnam Singh Dhumma MOD EDITED
  7. vjkkvjkf Anyone know anything about Bhai Rajinder Singh Jee Singapore Wala Jeevanee?? Can they please share This all i could find about this Gurmukhee Keertanee Singh http://ikirtan.com/Bhai_Rajinder_Singh_Jee...Di%20Kirtan.mp3 This kirtan was recorded just previous to Bhai Rajinder Singh Jee's passing away. He had foresighted his death a year before accurate to the day. He did this kirtan a day before he passed away in which he did his own ardas (listen to the kirtan very carefully). The following amritvela after nitnem his soul left the body. His younger brother did kirtan with him and they said that his wife and young son were present during his last kirtan. Bhai Sahib Jee passed away at the young age of 35.
  8. Akhand Paath & Amrit Sinchaar Smaagam Bhai Saahib himself used to do akhand paaths and before commencing he used to tell the paathees that they should do not only do paath but also sit in the akhand paath and listen as well. They would only leave to go the bathroom or bathe. No one wrote the rauls for the paathees. One paathee would be reading and another would automatically go and take over. Many times that the reading paathee who was crying could only be relieved with great difficulty. Whichever gurmukhs wanted the gift of amrit, had to listen to the entire akhand paath. After the akhand paath, there was Aasaa dee Vaar keertan and then the amrit sinchaar would begin. Only the five Singhs have the right to administer amrit. All five must give the handful of amrit, all five must put the amrit in the kes and all five must splash the amrit in the eyes. Bhai Saahib was very insistent that no one person could become a mahant and do everything himself. Punj Pyaaray-For How Long? One day I asked, “How long are the Punj Pyaaray the Punj Pyaaray?” Bhai Sahib replied “When the Punj Pyaaray are completely ready to prepare amrit and the ardaas to prepare amrit has occurred, from that point till when the amrit bata is ready and the ardaas after administering the amrit has taken place, they are Punj Pyaaray. After that point, they are a part of the regular sangat. An Akhaand Paath Seen in an Earlier Time Once Baoo Mul Singh jee took a leave from the army and arrived at Narangvaal to request Bhai Saahib to organize and book an Akhand Paath at his home village of Sarlee. Bhai Saahib agreed. Bhai Saahib jee returned to his village and later the entire Jatha gathered at Narangvaal and a day before the start of the Akhand Paath got on a train from Raipur. They arrived by train at the station. The scene had to been witnessed when keertan started at the station. After four hours, we got off the train and Baoo jee had arrived at the station bare foot. Baoo jee fell to the ground in ecstasy. The Jatha kept doing keertan and we all were seeing Baoo jee’s spiritual state. Bhai Saahib jee then embraced Baoo jee and the entire Jatha, doing keertan, began to walk towards Sarlee village. Baoo jee was in a very deep vairaagmaaee state and was reciting the shabad “DUVI ivc lufMdVI show nwnk qY sh nwly ]” For four or five miles, the keertan continued. When the Jatha arrived at Sarlee village, the entire village came out to hear the keertan. The Jatha, coloured by the intoxication of keertan arrived at Baoo jee’s home. Baoo jee was completely enraptured. He was saying to Sister Nihaal Kaur, “Today Akaal Purakh (in the form of the sangat) has come to your house. Serve them to the extreme. This opportunity will not come again”. Where the Akhand Paath was to be held, the Jatha began keertan there. Some had parshaadaa and others remained lost in spiritual colours. Everyone must have rested only about two hours and then after bathing, Aasaa dee vaar keertan began. The keertan ended at about 10AM and the akhand paath saahib commenced. All the paathees and listeners were in the presence of Guru Saahib. Baoo jee was sitting completely intoxicated. Whatever we asked from Sister Nihaal Kaur, we received. Sree Maan Bhai Saahib listened to the entire paath in one sitting. I was still new to all this and was amazed at seeing it all. I was thinking, “what are these people made of? They don’t get tired of doing keertan and they keep doing akhand paaths. They don’t even sleep and they rest so little.” On the third day, the akhand paath concluded. Keertan started. The keertan concluded at about 12pm. Langar was ready but not one was ready to eat. They were all coloured in divine colours and their eyes were mesmerized. No one spoke. Unknowing people like me were stunned. Everyone was lost in spirituality. I didn’t have that much love in me but seeing all the Ranglay Sajjan satisfied me.
  9. The Immediate Effect of an Akhand Paath and Amrit Smaagam I received amrit in 1911 at village Fulayvaal in Ludhiana, at the home of a Singh. This individual’s whole body was stiff due to some disease and he couldn’t move at all. He had grown weary of trying to get some medical cure and still he could find not relief. Due to the encouragement of a Singh in the Jatha, he expressed the desire that if his sickness would be cured, he would organize and akhand paath saahib and secondly, he along with his family would become amritdhaaree. Because of this, Bhai Saahib and the entire jathaa arrived and the akhaand paath saahib commenced. The whole story can be found in the book Ranglay Sajjan (Baba Ram Singh). The result of the Akhand Paath Saahib was that at the middle of the paath, this individual was lifted up by two Singhs and stood for the entire ardaas. By the end of the Akhand Paath Saahib, the entire family was ready to accept amrit. Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh jee himself was in the punj pyaaray. The Amrit Sinchaar took place and the entire family received amrit and I too received amrit at this time. Immediately after receiving amrit, the disease was gone and the Singh could walk about easily. My spiritual state was seen by the punj pyaaray and cannot be described in words. For the next fifteen days, I stayed in a state of ecstasy.
  10. Before the start of samagam, Giani Harbhajan Singh Chaminda and myself expressed our desire for partaking Amrit. Bhai Sahib said, "Well, take full bath and be present before the Akhand Path starts and listen to whole of the recitation." We did as instructed. After Bhog of Akhand Path, keertan of Asa di Vaar was over by about 10.00 a.m. Panj Piyaras assembled in a room in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib for initiating new Khalsas. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee, Bhai Attar Singh Jee, Bhai Surjan Singh Jee Gujarwal, Bhai Parbhakar Singh Jee Lalton and a Singh Jee from Phallewal served as Panj Piyaras, and Jathedar Ram Singh Jee was in attendance to Sri Guru Granth Sahib. First Giani Harbhajan Singh appeared before Panj Piyaras. He was asked whether he was married or not to which he replied that he was married. He was asked if his wife is also with him and ready to partake Amrit. To which he replied that he has come alone. At this he was told that both, he and his wife, should be present together. He alone cannot be administered Amrit. Bhai Harbhajan Singh came out very dejected and weeping, he went straight to a manger (Khurli) in the courtyard, threw himself in it and started wailing uncontrollably. I tried to console him and find out the reason for his grief but he could not utter a word. Then the Panj Piyaras called me; I went inside, bowed before the Guru and stood up with folded hands. Thus proceeded questions and answers about my marital status: "Are you married or not?" "I am married." "Then you can not be administered Amrit in the absence of your wife." "It means that if my wife does not agree to partake Amrit I will have to die without coming under the umbrage of Guru. I do not need a wife I need Amrit. Please find a way to administer Amrit to me." "You will have to pledge in the presence of Panj Piyaras and Guru that unless your wife partakes Amrit and she is married to you as per Gurmat traditions by performing Anand Karaj, you will not consider her as your wife." As I had married as per Hindu rites. I agreed to this condition. Bhai Sahib again said, "The pledge you are going to take before the Guru is difficult to keep. Give a second thought to it." I thought for a moment and replied, "I consider Panj Piyaras as living image of omnipresent Guru. When in the presence of Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the living image of the Guru, Panj Piyaras bless me then I will be able to face any difficult situation and all problems would be solved." "All right bow before the Guru, you will be administered Amrit." I was very much attached with Giani Harbhajan Singh. I requested on his behalf, "Harbhajan Singh is very upset. He is weeping and wailing and can not be consoled. Please consider him also under similar condition." My plea was accepted and he was called in again. We were provided with yellow under turban (keski) and blue black outer turban. Each one of us was also given a chakar to wear with the turban. We got ready after putting on these things. My turn to partake Amrit came first. After administering Amrit to me, Naam was drilled into me, I felt a cool stream flooding my body; and a white light spread throughout my body by hearing Naam only once. I was asked to bow before the Guru, which I did. After that I slipped into mystic abstraction and lost consciousness of my surroundings. I do not know who helped me aside to make place for administering Amrit to Giani Harbhajan Singh. He also had the similar experience as in my case. I was doing Simran with all my power. I was not aware of anything else than Naam. I do not how much time elapsed before we (Giani Harbhajan Singh and myself) became aware of our surroundings. After taking some food we moved towards the Dhab of Male-ana (a small lake) on the boundary of Gujarwal and Narangwal. At this place Bhai Sahib had spent many days and nights meditating and doing uninterrupted, undisturbed Naam Simran. All the way I kept on observing a circular disc of light in front of my face. On reaching the Dhab Bhai Sahib got busy in Naam Simran went into Samadhi (mystic abstraction). Giani Harbhajan Singh and myself went to sleep. After some time we both woke up and had shock of our life as we observed our feet were missing from our bodies. Bhai Sahib was still in Samadhi. We told Bhai Attar Singh about our predicament. He told us not to worry and said that our feet are in the heart of Bhai Sahib. He performed Ardaas and our feet were again attached to our bodies. Bhai Sahib broke his Samadhi and led us, in the same intoxicated state, to his house at Narangwal.
  11. vjkkvjkf Keep things like dogs, cats are not right for Gursikhs IF your going to feed them meat If we don't eat that filth why are giving to another life form??? We strive to stay away from alcohol drugs meat etc. therefore we shouldn't even store it our house as Sikhs. Gr mMdr GoVy KusI mnu An ris lwieAw ] ghur mundhur ghorrae khusee mun an ras laaeiaa The mind has become attached to the pleasures of houses, palaces, horses and other enjoyments.
  12. Can someone tell me how to download these in mp3 to my pc please
  13. vjkkvjkf Can people list down times and days of when nishan sahib seva is taking place in gurdwaras around The Midlands in England vjkkvjkf
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