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  1. bhainjee no offence intended, but what does pimpedd mean?? sounds a bit rude to me :wub:
  2. That Singh jee lives in UK, and does good Keertan Sevaa.
  3. lol, i hope england lose, i will enjoy watching that... they only won to switzerland coz switzerland had crap defense i bet...if thats the one where the score was 3-0 ive never supported them, and never will :cool: and i dont want france to win either because of this problem with ban etc. I don't know who i support! Any Khalsa team about?? :wub:
  4. No offense intended, but ur comment sounds dodgy lol haha Btw, the pics dont show up.
  5. Putting yellow stuff is completely a blind ritual and only started with Hindu's. Guru jee is not accepting of this, so it is important that we do try to put a stop to such nonsense and pointless activities.
  6. Vaheguru jee kaa Khalsa Vaheguru jee kee Fateh vaheguru jee, what does Amrit offer! Wow, what can i say...thats where your Sikhi life begins! You awake your Sikhi jeevan from that day, on taking Amrit. It is the day that one is truly born as a Sikh. Our first footsteps of Sikhi begin here. Taking Amrit, revitalises the Amrit within us. Each day we are to follow a certain conduct in order to keep this Amrit alive and our Sikhi jeevan flourishing. This conduct includes rising at Amrit Velaa. Guru jee aap furman kardai hun "gur siqgur kw jo isKu AKwey su Blky auiT hir nwmu iDAwvY ] gur sathigur kaa jo sikh akhaaeae s bhalakae out(h) har naam dhhiaavai || *One who calls himself a Sikh of the Guru, the True Guru, shall rise in the early morning hours and meditate on the Lord's Name." We can only begin our spiritual journey as a Sikh by taking Amrit first. This is part of what a Sikh must do. After all, if someone wants to be recognised by Guru jee, then we must do as Guru jee asks. Thats why it is through the Grace of the True Guru that we are able to achieve anything spiritually in Sikhi, SatGurParsaad. Taking Amrit definately means abiding by the code of conduct. And it also means considering many other things too. We have to remember that Sikhi is Unique. Otherwise what was the point of Guru jee coming on Earth, sacrificing their life, fighting on the battlefield for Sikhi and justice...why did Guru jee do that? If there were so many religions existing. Why did Guru jee need to come and create a new one? Aasee Saucheeyai. Guru jee understood, as they were spiritually one with Akal Purakh (God/ Vaheguru ji), that everyone prior to Guru jee's coming, is drowning, i.e. they are caught up in the cycle of Kalyug. Also, if we think that becoming a Sikh is just another religion. Then find another holy book that contains endless praises of Guru Sahib jee, and the steps to attaining SaachKhand. By leaving Guru Granth Sahib jee, it is not even measurable to any treasure. It is important that we study what Guru jee has written for us. Only then, are we allowed to make another judgement on Sikhi. In Sikhi, the only way you can begin a true GurSikhi lifestyle is by taking Amrit. This is what our last but everlasting Guru jee taught us. This GurSikhi lifestyle is not gender based. It has only one gender, one caste; Khalsa. The Pure Sikh. Therefore, being a Pure Sikh means we are to conduct ourselves in this manner.... Hence, we are to become bibeki. This means only eating from Amritdharee. If we are to keep our soul clean, it means we must eat from those who are also pure. This is something that Guru Sahib jee teaches us. We should all be aiming to also eat from Sarbloh. Once this is put in practise, everything else falls into place. All those IF's and BUT's that you were once concerned about, all dissappear once you take on the Khalsa conduct and responsibility. Remembering that Khalsa is Pure, we are also to only speak pure and listen to pure. This means; we cannot talk filthy, including swearing. We must not listen to filth, which includes all ManMukh music. In order to remain Khalsa/Pure, we are to listen and speak Gurbanee in order to raise the Chardee Kalaa of our soul/spirituality. We must also dress pure, and the most appropriate Khalsa uniform includes the Panj Kakaar, basically being in Bana is the complete uniform of a Sikh. Just because we are given the opportunity of a human life o n Earth, we started to think that we can control our own life by living as a ManMukh. So why did we continually remember God when being the ant. Are we too big for Vaheguru jee? Have we forgotten our sweet home? .....before you decide to go on holidays to Greece or Italy etc this summer, don't forget the ultimate destination.... ........destination SaachKhand!
  7. >> have'nt c'n ne jatha bashing, so i dunno why ppl are goin on about jatha bashing! U havent! Its all over this thread!
  8. pUrn joq jgY Gt mY qb Kwls qwih nKwls jwnY ] pooran joth jagai ghatt mai thab khaalas thaahi nakhaalas jaanai || Such a man, in whose heart shines the full Divinely Radiant Light is a true a pure Khalsa. jwigq joiq jpY ins bwsur eyk ibnw mn nYk n AwnY ] jaagith joth japai nis baasur eaek binaa man naik n aanai || He the Khalsa meditates on the Ever-radiant Light, day and night, and rejects all else but the one Lord from the mind. juD ijqy ienhI ky pRswid ienhI ky pRswid su dwn kry ] judhh jithae einehee kae prasaadh einehee kae prasaadh s dhaan karae || It is through the actions of the Khalsa that I have been victorious, and have been able to give charities to others. khu kbIr jn Bey Kwlsy pRym Bgiq ijh jwnI ]4]3] kahu kabeer jan bheae khaalasae praem bhagath jih jaanee ||4||3|| Says Kabeer, those humble people become pure - they become Khalsa - who know the Lord's loving devotional worship. ||4||3||
  9. If Guru Gobind Singh jee expects his gursikh to eat from sarbloh, there must be a great significance to it and should be carried out when possible in life and should be a part of our everyday routine. Besides, the main problem with vegetarians, e.g. Sikhs is that we lack iron, therefore by following Guru jees order, we overcome this problem.
  10. In regards to JSS post.. How can that it be true regarding Anayat Ali Shah, the Murshid (guru) of Bulle Shah! Sikhs are not supposed to take lead from Bulley Shah or Anayat Shah Raayeen. How can someone go to smaadhi listening to kanjari's music? That is manmat!
  11. Author: Kulbir Singh @ www.tapoban.org Date: 01-16-04 13:57 I think we are mixing up the jathas and the Khalsa Panth. Someone here wrote that their jatha is Khalsa Panth. I think this is a wrong statement to make. Khalsa Panth is a Panth, not a jatha. Jatha means an organization. Khalsa panth is not an organization. It is a Panth. Some people are making it sound like if you are member of a jatha, you are not a member of Khalsa Panth anymore. The slogans like All amrit is same or all jathas are same look good only in books. The ground realities of the 21st century are very different. There are many jathas e.g. the jatha of that Pakhandi Saadh in Jalandhar whose jatha does administers amrit to new seekers but does not let them take Gurmantra from there. He himself takes this privilege of giving out Naam Gurmantra. Are you going to say that such amrit as taken from such pakhandi saadh is going to be same as amrit from a Panthik organization like Akhand Kirtani Jatha? Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee has written very clearly that just like there were 22 fake gurus during the time of Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee, there are "dimbhee punj pyaara" (fake punj pyaaray) in this era. What else would you call the punj pyaaray who don't wear kakaars, don't give naam, don't tell any rehit, but just wear their disgusting white cholay (disgusting becasue they are full of dirt of sins of robbing innocent seekers of God)? The ground realities of this era are very severe. There is once again extreme and very dark darkness of ignorance out there. Very few places are left from where you can take amrit. The simple thing is that where punj pyaaray themselves don& #39;t keep rehit like Bibek, amritvela abhyaas and other rehit, they cannot be real punj pyaaray. I mean the most basic thing is the outer rehit. If a singh cannot keep the outer rehit what kind of a singh that singh is? The jathaas have been created by the saadhs (fake sants) who have severely diluted the rehit of Khalsa to get more followers. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee has written in his books that the unfortunate followers of such fake sants (who may have some ridhi sidhi) lose this world and the next world. So Khalsa jeeo, Akhand Kirtani Jatha today is one of the very very few organizations (jathas) that is keeping the original rehit of Khalsa alive. This is one of the very very few organizations left that still emphasis on Naam. Other sants will just tell you to do mool mantr or paath. Naam is not too prevalent anymore. Those who do have naam don't have the proper vidhi (methodology, technique) to do naam. The situation of this world where we live in is very grim. Guru Sahib bhalaa karan. Daas, Kulbir Singh
  12. OH MY LOL, i was thinking the same thing..hahah
  13. vaheguru jee kaa khalsa vaheguru jee kee fateh Dear Bhain/ Veer jee's... I was not going to reply again to this topic. But i have been thinking about the way the sangat has been replying. And i would like to say the following. - the reason why i sent those posts, is because veer S1ngh jee said that he is going to buy it too although he has seen the movie. So i was thinking about how he will be wasting money to do that. And that he will then be wasting time. Why watch the repeat if you have time to watch another educational one?! - i did not know the film was mentioned for educational purposes. - i am saddened to read replies by my brothers and sisters referring to not watching manmatt films as 'talibanistic'. Gaurai have insulted me by saying i am taliban on the streets because of the dastaar i wear. And now my own Sikh brothers and sisters are using the same insult. - i did 'not' say anyone is bad. I have never in my life called someone bad. If someone is carrying out good or bad actions, i have no place to judge them except Vaheguru jee. - If someone is sending a gurmat post, us veer and bhainjee's should be supportive of such a thing, and not quoting them as Taliban. - I will always do what i think is acceptable by Guru Sahib jee only. I do not mind if you want to call me the worse words or amuse at my actions. - If anyone is serious about their jeevan as per Sikhi, then you will understand that Sikhi is our life. - by the way, please do not take my post out of proportion by comparing to talking and walking etc. When a Sikh gives Guru jee his head, his/her actions should be the gurmat way. But just to argue for the sake of Gurmat/Sikhi, if we think that watching manmatt films is something that Guru Sahib jee would do, then let me know because then i too will consider this and take it on. Please answer this question with a yes or no. And consider your answer very carefully. It is VERY important that we read as much Gurbanee as we possibly can pyario jee, via SikhiToTheMAX ps. i will not be replying anymore to this thread.
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