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  1. To say that it is okay for a female to remove facial hair, is CLEARLY contrary to Gurmat. It is not acceptable for a man, so the same applies to a woman. I am not trying to get out of a debate. It is black and white. I said that removing Kesh is a Bujjar Kurehit and that all Sikhs should keep their hair- what is wrong with that? And not once did I condemn someone as a Gurmukh / Manmukh.
  2. The 4 Kurehits are quite clear: no meat, no relations with anyone other than your spouse, no meat and no removing kesh. These are not "man made artificial rules,". An amrithdari women that removes facial hair has commited a Bujjar Kurehit. It can't be justified because all other women in the world do the same thing. Rehit does not change because we live in a modern world, it stays the same. Its not about femininity, the same rules apply to man and woman. It is not acceptable for a man to remove facial hair, similarly its not acceptable for women to remove hair, whether it is on their face or
  3. So then you think its acceptable for Sikh women to remove facial hair and commit a Kurehit?
  4. If you have an urge to become Amrithdari, then you shouldn't be doing anything physical with your wife to be.
  5. What is the point of this thread?
  6. Tie it however it feels comfortable, but make sure you can easily pull the lar at the top to the side to leave your dastar open at the top. Practice tying it in advance, it depends also on what type of dastar you tie. Also important to remember to make it easy to open up the top laar of your keski too.
  7. Panj pyareh of AKJ UK can speak in English if you prefer. there's an amrit sanchar tomorow at Derby Gurdwara that starts at 1:30 PM.
  8. Is there an akhand paat for Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana this weekend in Southall? If so, which Gurdwara?
  9. lol @ khalistanigunman being peoples favourite. i cant take him seriously, his name might be part of that reason. He once threatened to hunt me down and kill me because I supported India in the cricket :lol2: LOLOLOLOLOL
  10. Taking Amrit is something you experience. You can use a million words or videos to show whats happening, but nothing will come close to describing the feeling of taking Amrit and receiving Naam from Guru Sahib. As Kaljugi said, lets keep some things off YouTube. Moreover, if you are in an amrit sanchar, you are either there because you are doing seva or you are taking amrit/ pesh. Either way, the least of your concerns should be about filming it.
  11. i was in a similar position a few months ago, my dad didnt want me to take amrit either. just keep asking him for his permission, and keep telling him how much you want to take it. tell him there is an amrit sanchar coming up in february and you really want to take it and u feel ready for it. i would advise not to take it against your dads will, for now anyway. keep asking about february amrit sanchar (there are a couple) and see what he says. it took me about 6 months to get my dad to say yes lol
  12. agree with everything you said apart from the highlighted one.
  13. this is disgusting, what an act of cowardice. No doubt nothing will happen to the fools either, such is the justice in India...
  14. Does anybody know if there will there be a rainsbhai there this february? I have heard that it is on the 18th but this might just be a rumour. There is nothing on the akj.org website like previous years.
  15. Veerji where does this maryada come from? Is it from a rehatnama? i might need to get a few more longer keskis if this is a requirement lol
  16. is the programme that was meant to be shown on friday going to be shown then? if not on TV, it would be a great idea to put it on youtube! even more people would see it that way
  17. You made a previous post and then edited it. I might aswell reply to that too... removing ur kirpan for flying is not wrong as you are not doing it because of lack of rehit or laziness. I fly on aeroplanes to get from one place to another, not to use it as an excuse to take off my kirpan. As long as you do an ardas asking for forgiveness then there is nothing wrong with it. the "rule" is a rehat. go to the 18th or 19th min of the video and watch that.this argument is going around in circles, this shall be my last post here.
  18. in mornings, we do not eat without first doing nitnem, similarly we should not eat without our panj kakars on. If you feel so strongly about it, and dont see the point then by all means eat whenever you want. its discussed further here: http://gurmatbibek.com/forum/read.php?3,9188,9390 http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/42673-indiakirpanairport/
  19. you shouldnt be using your kirpan to sort out situations anyway, it will only lead to controversy and the removal of our right to wear it legally.
  20. precisely.... cant u survive a few hours without food? awwwww
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