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  1. WJKK WJKF does the sangat know of any place in or around GTA were they each santhiya, prefferably by some taksals vidharteees ( plz dont make and issue of this) also where they can teach arths to
  2. Would these taksal teachers be able to teach one on one? would one have to learn gurmukhi before finding a teacher? any in bham/ wolves area?
  3. sounds like a great idea and stuff like this should be set up is there anywhere?
  4. Girls usualy tie patka with their joora at the back of their heads
  5. would these aikido classes have problems with kakkars? or any other martial art u learn ?
  6. Does anybody know much about aikdio and whether its a good martial art to take up ? or maybe suggest some?
  7. No big deal virgin or not... guess it depends on whether you can cope with such things personally i wouldnt ask anyone about their past or who they were in the past. Rather prefer to know who they are now!
  8. Ones real life is often the life one does not lead
  9. In some areas they do have camps for kids which gives them basic knowledge on Sikhi as kids but as they grow we loose contact with them. Most people as kids go to gurdwareh and camps while kids but soon as high school comes they grow out of going to camps etc.. as they are seen just for kids. We need regular meetings at our Gurdwara for teenagers were they can come and learn but also just "chill" Subjects can range from Sikh ethics, to problems the community is facing. The best time for such meeting or gurmat classes would proberbly weekends when everybody is free to attend. Maybe a Sikh yout
  10. That is just crazy to turn a blind eye to a integral part of sikh history. Try talking to the pardhaan? Its Gurdwareh like this that push people away from spritual wisdom
  11. There needs to be a teaching of moral precepts for the advancement of mind, body, speech and action not just with sikhs but humanity on a whole. I just listened to Harbhajan Singh Yogis talk about leadership we need to take points from them. Its quite evident our leaders do not care about us and just use us as toy soldiers for a false cause.
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