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  1. Caste system and its hatred is a result of racism that happened as fair skinned people met the Black people of Indian subcontinent known as Untouchables or Dalits during various invasions. The fair skinned Aryans occupied the upper spots and made Blacks as Shuras(slaves) and 5th ones known as the outcasts or untouchables. Watch this video
  2. Dear mandeepraina, You can read Gandhi's own words of contempt against Guru Gobind Singh in Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi published by the Indian Government here at http://www.gandhiserve.org/cwmg/VOL031.PDF Go to page 142 Here he has to say On Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, along with George Washington, Garibaldi and Lenin “By test of the theory of non-violence, I do not hesitate to say that it is highly likely that had I lived as their contemporary and in the respective countries, I would have called every one of them a misguided patriot, even though a successful and brave wa
  3. Please read the following article The Malaise of Jat Consciousness Jattpuna within Sikhs http://worldsikhnews.com/13%20August%20200...nsciousness.htm The Jat’s democratic or fraternal spirit has been confined mainly to his own community. He has never brooked any non-Jat in the village as the owner of land. This shows a congenital lack of democratic spirit. His self-esteem, a distinct feature of his character, is offset by his yearnings gained through Manu’s influence. He revels in denigrating and humiliating low caste people. His behaviour, in general, makes him no different from the arr
  4. This video starts with the practice of Untouchability amongst Hindus and then shows the practice of Apartheid in the Sikh Gurudwaras. How Sikhs have different places to stand in the same Gurudwaras depending upon their caste and the violence against the Sikhs. It also shows how Sikhs are living in the state of denial when they say there is no apartheid in Gurudwaras. This whole series is an eye opener and spine chilling for Sikhs. Please watch Part 6 and 7. Whole Series: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...mp;search_type= Part 6 Part 7
  5. KTS Tulsi http://in.rediff.com/news/2004/dec/01inter.htm No Need Of Sikh Marriage Act: Tulsi http://www.sikhsangat.org/news/publish/asi...si_120907.shtml
  6. The reason why many eulogize Bhagat Singh is because they want Sikhs to identify themselves with being like Bhagat Singh i.e. to say being an Indian first than Sikh. Didn't Bhagat Singh cut his hair for his "desh"?How was this action as per Sikhi, he was a Desh Bhagat. He was an Atheist,Arya samajist and a Marxist. Is that Sikhi? Rest of what you want to assume lies on wobbly imagination without any basis of facts. He may have been a shaheed but not for Sikhs. It is almost like saying just because Buta Singh died for his Muslim love, Sikhs should consider him a great Shaheed of Love.
  7. I don't think Bhagat Singh can be a Shaheed. His actions were not influenced by Sikhi but by Marxism.
  8. This issue is being singled out due to anti-Muslim feeling of some Sikhs. I don't see them having there placards when Sikhs girls marry Hindu guys. I along with many have seen Sikh families willing marrying there girls in Hindu households. I think some people are over reacting to this situation in UK. Of course preying nature of these Muslim men is an issue but lets also understand that we should not sideline this issue as a single entity. It is a part of wider phenomenon of illiteracy about Sikhi amongst Sikhs that is hurting them from all sides.
  9. The post has very strong points indeed. What we can clearly see is- there was no active participation of Gurus in celebrating Diwali. Gurus celebrated whole life not a DAY. I don't see any spiritual significance of lighting up Darbar Sahib and Homes along with all the festivities including Mathaiya and other stuff. It can't be a Sikh concept. It more looks like a "Rangeen Tamasha" other than the point of Gurbani that asks for Soch and Vichaar
  10. Why do we give so much attention to such folks after all there motive in the end is to make us feel desperate. Just let them show their own desperation
  11. I am unable to install Gurmukhi fonts on win Vista. Can someone help?
  12. http://www.khalistan-affairs.org/home/pres...june7,2007.aspx Divide and rule’ subversive anti-Sikh activities of Indian diplomatic missions condemned June 07, 2007 Washington DC, Friday, June 07 2007: In a Press Statement issued here today, Dr. Amarjit Singh, Director of the Washington-based Khalistan Affairs Center, condemned the subversive activities of Indian diplomatic missions abroad in general and the Indian Consulate General in Vancouver (BC) in particular, for spreading dezinformatsiya which maligns the peaceful, law-abiding diaspora Sikh communities and the independent Punjabi pri
  13. Durgiana Mandir must be preserved as an important piece of history of copycating. PS The temple was built in 1920s not in 16th century.
  14. This would be a brilliant excuse by Apologists for softness on cruelty.
  15. "Mother" Teresa's work was based essentially to convert people to the faith of Catholicism.
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