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  1. This book also clears the kakaar debate as it mentions kesh as the kakaar. I have heard this book is available in Punjab and was discovered by some Prof. Gurmukh Singh( I could be wrong). I feel this book is a jewel for the panth. It can bring unity in the panth.
  2. Sri Gur katha granth is written in such a way and in such a language that it must a very old text and is written by someone who was a strong abhiyaasi of Sri Dasam Granth. The wriings are alll Tatt-gurmat. There are no black spots(as we have with other historical books written in 18th century). This granth is certainly written by a Tatt-Khalsa Nihang(of very very very high avastha) of the early 18th century. Bhai Jaita jee was called 'Guru ka Beta' and it is beyond our comprehension to understand what this actually means. But it certainly means that Bhai Jaita was a topmost brahamgyani and a very dear brahamgyani of Satguru.
  3. Can you really be so harsh for them having ego? :gg: It is a very strong vice that runs through alot of us...however, what you said is true! Agreed, we all suffer from ego, but that does not mean we shud start using Guru Ghar to satisfy our ego. Maybe the gang u belong to, u are brought up with this kind of attitute. Listen to a bit of kirtan, have a bit of fun, look around for possible matrimonials.
  4. To your last paragraph: does this mean that we shouldn't care about our history, do no efforts to preserve it and let others DESTROY our golden history? Bhul Chuk Maaf, WJKK WJKF Historical texts shud be used to get motivation(to keep rehit and japp naam). Historical texts have lots of mistakes in them(due to delibrate or careless mistakes of historians). Ideally the panth shud select 5 high avasta singhs, collect all historical text books and pull out the correct history from the literature. The present day "scholars" are just confusing the sikh youth. Sri Gur Katha Granth written by Bhai Jaita Jee shud be delcared the most authentic historical text. After Sri Gur Katha Granth, writings of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee and Bhai Veer Singh Jee shud be the second most authentic gurmat literature.
  5. Just to add a few more thoughts, I feel there is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that Satguru gave amrit to Mian Mir and Pir Budhu Shah as well. Satguru when in body can give amrit via amrit drishti or physical touch as well.... If a muslim follows the good aspects of Islam and surenders himself to Dashmesh Pita and gifts his 5 sons, cant Dashmesh Pita(who is the King of kings) give him amrit via drishti ??????????????????????????????????????? These days sikhs spend a large amount of time of their lives reading historical books and believe everything written. But we need to remember that the khel of Satguru IS BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION.
  6. There is only 1 Satguru jee and Satguru jee can give amrit in nirankaar form as well. When Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee were in jail, there was a very bhagat soul with him who was desperate to be blessed with amrit. Bhai Sahib told him to do ardaas. He did ardaas and Satguru gave him amrit and he started to do gurmantar abhiyaas non-stop. Regarding the bhagats, all of them got amrit from Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaaj jee. Some of them would have got charan pahul amrit and some of them would have got nirankaar amrit. In order to meet Waheguru, one has to get the "yes" from Satguru and Satguru says yes by giving amrit. There is/was/only 1 Satguru.
  7. I think its time to draw the line. Any organization who oppose Sri Dasam Granth , they are the enemies of the panth. Now the question how to become a gyani ? Get amrit chakk, keep rehit, take santhiyaa, choose good sangat of strong ANAKHI singhs, keep strong pehraa of sarbloh bibek, and TRUST ME , u will become a ZABARDAST gyaani.
  8. Some time back, I had the PRIVELAGE to listen to kirtan from a group of young singhs(all under 14). They were all rehitvaan singhs with good amritvelas. That kirtan was the best I have heard for a long time. I feel this can be used to eradicate the kirtan mess we have in the panth. These days people use kirtan for money, immigration, matrimonial or just for their ego popularity. I feel if we can train some under 14 young singhs in kirtan, we can get strong spiritually uplifting kirtan and at the same time we can show door to the greedy hankaari "kirtanniyaas".
  9. This is just EXCELLENT. I very strongly feels the kaur sisters need to set up a separate organization or jatha and have such events. In camps involving both genders, many boys try to act kattar or over spiritual and many use the camps for matrimonials(which is JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE IN GURMAT). These type of kaur gurmat camps will give complete freedeom to kaurs. It will be GREAT to have a Gurdwara Sahib managed by kaurs and I am sure it will have less of politics and fights that we have in almost every Gurdwara these days. Women have a softer heart and when a women becomes a rehitvaan kaur, she becomes God.
  10. The Khalsa ecovillage will be centred around Gurdwara. There will be constant path from Guru Granth Sahib Jee and Dasam Granth Jee in Gurdwara Sahib. All people in ecovillage will have to come to Gurdwara for Gurmat Naam abhiyaas at amritvela. Tyar bar tyar singhs will be given the seva of preparing sarbloh langar. During the day, the singhs will do kheti collectively. The ecovillage will also have a school where gurmat education will be primary and side by side worldly education will be given. Then there will be some singh tailors who will stich banas and other simple clothing like kurta pajamas, simple suits, kachehras, gatras. Then there will be a small factory where kakaars and sarbloh shastars will be made. THere will also be a small hospital where desi/simple medicines will be given. Many of these medicine will be prepared in sarbloh or wooden drums with continuous naam abhiyaas and gurbani abhiyaas. Any amritdhari who commits bajjar kurehit will be beaten and thrown out of the village(for atleast 5 years). Any person who practices casteism or racism will be THROWN OUT forever. This ecovillage will be like sachkhand on earth and an IDEAL way to do parchaar to the western world. Just seeing the lifestyle of ecovillage, goraas will start becoming sikhs. Sikhs wont have to do any parchar or explain much to goraas.
  11. Dear Veer, Belgium is a very good place to set up a Khalsa ecovillage. It has very good climate and decent sikh population. Germany and Austria are also good for setting ecovillages. Check this out: http://www.rama.1901.org/ev/enneille.html http://users.swing.be/ecovillage/projet_a_jehay.html
  12. With the economic crisis ruining the lives of millions, I feel its time for sikhs to show unity and sense of creativity and not follow the rat race that this world is following. Its time to set up ecovillages. For more information on ecovillages please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecovillage The nihang chaunnis in India are also a type of small ecovillages and sikhs in the west can use this model to set up ecovillages. Having a single large farm is no good in the era of economic crisis. Its time for sikhs to do kheti COLLECTIVELY and live life like one connected family. This could be the role model of Khalsa Raj. Here is the list of ecovillages set up by MANMUKHS and the gurmukhs(sikhs) need to learn something here. United States Berea College Ecovillage – Kentucky Cobb Hill – Vermont Dancing Rabbit – Missouri Dreamtime Village – Wisconsin Earthaven Ecovillage – North Carolina EcoVillage at Ithaca – New York Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm – Tennessee EcoVillage of Loudoun County – Virginia Enright Ridge Urban Eco-Village – Cincinnati, Ohio Los Angeles Eco-Village – California Maitreya Ecovillage – Eugene, Oregon Manitou Arbor – Michigan Orange Twin Conservation Community – Georgia PAZ Ecovillage – Texas Plan B Ecovillage – Missouri Solaris Valhalla Farm – Cabool, Missouri Twin Oaks Community – Virginia Vegan Ecovillage – Hawaii White Hawk Ecovillage – New York Canada Earthwalk Sustainable Living Centre – Colborne, Ontario EcoReality – British Columbia Kakwa Ecovillage Cooperative – British Columbia Lightwork Ecovillage – Gambier Island, British Columbia Mont Radar – Quebec O.U.R. Ecovillage – British Columbia Prairie's Edge Eco-Village – Manitoba The Nonmune – Vancouver, British Columbia Yarrow Ecovillage – British Columbia Yoga Ecovillage – Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Asia and Oceania Aldinga Arts EcoVillage – Australia Auroville – India Cape Paterson Eco Village – Australia Currumbin Ecovillage – Australia Crystal Waters Village – Australia Homeland Community – Australia Kookaburra Park Eco-Village – Australia Somerville Ecovillage – Australia Working Villages International – Congo
  13. Sunnybond singh, U seem to possess lots o knowledge about bollywood. Gulzar is not a sampooran sikh, but a mona. He made a good film Maachis. Sikhs need to boycott bollywood. Watch hollywood movies like predator, terminator.
  14. Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee Bhindrawale were TATT KHALSA. I completely agree with what Baba Jee wrote about Bhagats.
  15. I have heard in Pakistan, one can get a sikh marriage certificate. So its a great thing. Get married. Go to the darshan of Sri Nankana Sahib(and other itihaasak gurdwaras) and get the certificate as well.... India is on the verge of a catastrophic destruction. The corruptt Indian democracy/government/ political system/ society is going to reap what it has sown in the last 60 years. So no need to worry. Bhai Harinder singh could u expand more on whats going to happen to india and which in time period. Bhai Sahib I love reading ur posts. Dear Veer, I strongly believe in GURMAT karam philosophy(which is nyari and diferent from karam philosophy of other man-made religions). According to my understanding of Karam philosophy, there is HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGEH HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE BURDEN OF NEGATIVE KARMAS on India as a country. Something REALLY terrible is going to happen here. Energy crisis, hindu-muslim mass killling, natural catastrophes like earthquakes, drought, over-population etc seem to be the possible ways by which the burden of karmas will get settled. Its not very far but is going to happen in the near future I feel.
  16. I feel Maya is not from Kal. Maya only fears Waheguru or Waheguru jee's roop like Sat-naam(which we get from Punj singhs),sarbloh shastars (bhagauti or khanda). Even Vishnu, Brahma are defeated by Maya and are then caught and BEATEN by Kaal.(read sri kaal je ke ustatt in Sri Dasam Granth). Krishan is also beaten by Kaal. Maya is VERY VERY POWERFUL. ONLY Waheguru, Satguru can save us from Maya.
  17. I have heard in Pakistan, one can get a sikh marriage certificate. So its a great thing. Get married. Go to the darshan of Sri Nankana Sahib(and other itihaasak gurdwaras) and get the certificate as well.... India is on the verge of a catastrophic destruction. The corruptt Indian democracy/government/ political system/ society is going to reap what it has sown in the last 60 years. So no need to worry. yeah pakistan issues that certificate but how about the marriage shud that has to take place in pakistan too?? thx I dont think so. Because that will be a type of beadbi. Sikh marriage is called ANAND KARAJ. It happens in the parkash of Satguru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaaj. Parkash of Maharaaj is same everywhere. Recently I heard some sikhs from Austrialia, Canada getting marriage certificates from Pakistan. So it shud not be a problem. I met some muslims from Nankana Sahib Area and they have LOTS of respect for Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaaj. Older muslims in Nankana Sahib Area show huge respect to sikhs.
  18. I have heard in Pakistan, one can get a sikh marriage certificate. So its a great thing. Get married. Go to the darshan of Sri Nankana Sahib(and other itihaasak gurdwaras) and get the certificate as well.... India is on the verge of a catastrophic destruction. The corruptt Indian democracy/government/ political system/ society is going to reap what it has sown in the last 60 years. So no need to worry.
  19. Dasamduar is at the highest point of the body(middle part of head). When the dasam duar opens, the mortal EXPERIENCES the meaning of the tukk (jo pinde, soee brahamdee ie. whatever is in the universe, same stuff is inside the body). Once dasam duar opens, the mortal looses interest in seeing the world THROUGH EYES. The world through eyes appear to be SMALL AND STATIONARY and the body becomes the world(universe). Dasam duaar becomes the door to Sachkhand. When the dasam duar opens, worldly transportation(cars, cycles, aeroplanes) SEEMS LIKE A JOKE, seems like people have gone mad, its like a keerreee moving from 1 tree to a nearby tree in an infinite forest.
  20. This is a VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC. American dollar is going to collapse(infact the currency is going to collapse). Every country is going to face the heat of economic crisis. A person can run but CANNOT HIDE from the economic crisis. India (including Punjab) is going to go through A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY TOUGH TIME. My advice is that sikhs need to buy AGRICULTURAL LAND in west and START TO LIVE A UNIFIED COMMUNITY LIFE. I have a strong feeling that Satguru jee is going to take seva from lots of western sikhs in the near future in establishing Khalsa Raj in Punjab. Punjab at present is completely corrupt and HYPCRITIC society. Though there are individuals with Guru kirpa but as a whole the society is completely corrupt, selfish, jealoush, chugglis, slander, not worth living for a dignifed gursikh to be honest.
  21. India is definately scared of the Khalistan TRUTH Online. Before keeping kesh, I used to visit panthic forums and websites for about an year and a half. When I used to see the pictures of shaheed singhs of 80's, it used to fuel my inside and I started to hate myself(for cutting my hair). EVERY SIKH YOUTH shud listen to speeches of Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and read the life stories of Baba Manochal Jee, Bhai Sahib Anokh Singh Babbar, General Labh Singh, Bhai Dilavar Singh Jee etc......
  22. I just heard the news that the STINKY underwear of pranab mukherjee(defence minister of bharat mata) has gone missing. According to Intelligence reports, Taliban(with help from ISI) has stolen this DEADLY underwear. The reason Taliban stole this underwear was due to the human killing dirty smelly nature of the underwear. This underwear could be used in kidnapping or making people unconscious. PM Manmohan Singh is asking Islamabad to send ISI chief to New Delhi with the underwear.
  23. I think the best way for sikhs to celebrate Valentines day is to celebrate it as a day to show love for animals. I am planning to prepare some nice food for my pyara doggy on 14th. I also hope to have a horse one day whom I will call Jaan-Bhai. The jyot of Akaal Purakh is in animals as well. Until a human finds Satguru, animals are better than humans. Infact according to Kabir, the doggy of a gursikh is better than the mother of a sakat human.
  24. I feel sports especially cricket is amazing and the behaviour of sporting public tell a lot about the country in general. Few days back I was watching the 96 quarterfinal between india and pakistan. Javed Miandad Ji is one of the best batsman of the last 50 years and the most clever(in positive sense) cricketer ever. He was 38, out of practice and form but played a wonderful innings of a captain (GENERAL). He got ran out and when he was leaving the ground for the last time, he was booed. It canot more ghattitya than this. Pakistan dint loose that match. Amir Sohail won the match for India. I feel the only way this kalank on INdian cricket can be removed is if the present chief of BCCI visits Pakistan and ask for forgiveness from this great pakistani cricketer.
  25. agreed faujaan bhai panjvaa takhat was not there this is all SGPC politics,to get 3 takhat and majority vote to them because 2 takht where outside punjab...baki in my mind jithe we MAHARJ SAHIB SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI NE that is a takhat.... Creating a new Takht for selfish power/money/maya is a crime GREATER than the corrupt masands. Dargah vich maafi nahin millneeee te lambaaa gerraaaaaaaaaa pai giyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
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