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  1. To the Original Poster Did you leave your husband or did he leave you? Do you have kids? If you have kids then you must make contact with him and communicate with each other without the influence of others. You must compromise and be accountable for your own mistakes - your husband must also display accountability and compromise. Im sure with some initiative from you both you can make things work, you need to put your family aside and he must put his family aside and concentrate on your marriage and children alone. That is the only unit you need to keep happy. All the be
  2. To Guest Tharkan Boy Singh have some self respect, dont run around her if she is already becoming distant from you. She is well aware of Sikhi and the fact that there is NO caste in Sikhi - if she cant stand by those beliefs then why are you bothering? You dont need to convince her of anything - leave her alone and find someone else. If she cant stand up for whats right now she never will. Maintain your self respect - your not lower than anyone and nor do you need to convince / persuade anyone. All the best
  3. GUEST SINGH Hi I had to reply to this, I dont know if I can help you but I wanted to share my own experience. I am now 37 but this particular event happened around 20 / 21 years old.I was at university at the time but living at home, i was always a heavy sleeper and my Mum would usually come to my room to wake me up. This one day I was asleep in my bed - but I was'nt. My body was asleep in my bed like usual but my spirit was in the lotus position - like when we sit in the Gurudwara. I was fully aware that I was in the position outside of my body, it was like once being out of
  4. Hello everyone.... This is a very sensitive subject, and I agree with some statements on here that its our girls that need to stop being such an easy target and its a problem not with just the <banned word filter activated> but also gore and kale... Why is it now that it seems to be ok for one of our Sikh kuria to get married to a gora? It is becoming more accepted - why? What are we going to do about it? What can we do? Alienating the females will not work, they must be the core of any strategy to help our women stay and only be with Sikh men. The Jews have been
  5. To _HelplessKaur_ I know after reading what I have to say that alot if not most people on here will shoot me down but I will say it anyway. Your young, this stuff happens. You and your God already know whats happened, learn from it and move on. If you and this other guy are serious then maybe you should think about having a serious reltionship - i..e inform your parents about your wish to get engaged / married. I personally think you need to think about what you want, this is all natural and part of life - Amrithdhari or non-Amrithdhari, we're all human at the end of the day so dont bea
  6. Hello everyone I went to watch the Ardaas Punjabi movie this weekend and was impressed with the production and the storyline of the entire movie. I believe it to be a benchmark in the Punjabi film industry in which Gippy Grewal has done an excellent job. Gurpreet Ghuggi and others of the the movie cast were also very good in their roles. In regards to caste and “Jattism” – I do not believe this promoted caste supremacy. In Gippy’s interview he states clearly that in songs and movies to date the Jatts have been shown to be something which they are not – i.e. rich, rule over others, are bet
  7. "8) No more discrimination, injustice and lies to Sikhs" What about the discrimination Sikhs to do each other? When will that ever end? I do not think it will in my lifetime. Until Pride in caste and making out one is superior than the other due to caste is eradicated I do NOT think / believe that there will be as much support for Khalistan from non-Jatts as comparison to that of from the Jatt community. Do NOT take this as meaning others have an inferiority complex, not at all! These Punjabi songs and movies bragging about Jatt this and Jatt that have done SO MUCH DAMAGE that the non-Ja
  8. This is my opinion so please do not hurl abuse at me for my personal views. Why has Bhai Hawara been named as the Jathedar of Akal Thakt? What experience does he have running such an institution or of international issues? Im sure Bhai Hawara Ji is a very able man and steadfast but I do not think that appointing him as Jathedar will be positive. I personally would have hoped for the ex-Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh to be re-instated - he has the qualities we require and has past experience to fall on plus he is fully against the Badals and totally for an independant Akal Thakt. Anyway, what
  9. ex Jathedar Ranjit Singh? He was the man that killed the darshan das baba and seems to be very panthic / Akal Thakat centric...
  10. Harmeet / Original poster I have contacts in Toronto who can and will help you - please get in touch with me by sending me a direct message here and I will be happy to help a fellow Sikh daughter / sister. Manny
  11. Harmeet Oh My God, have you really been through that? How old are you now? Is this really real? If so please get out of that house and report what has happened to you to the authorities and to the local Sikh Sangat and media right away! Is there anyone that can help you? Exactly where do you live? If you tell me then maybe I can see what I can do to help. I have a young daughter, only 3 years old - your story terrifies me. Please please either reply to this or get in touch with the authorities and report what you have been through - its is WRONG not to report this. I will monitor thi
  12. Hi Sanny My advice to you regardless of which country you are from is to marry this guy as long as he is of good Sikh character - caste is irrelevant. If the Jat family you come from is so full of ego you should ask them to actually investigate the humble beginnings of the Jat caste - Jat only became land owners when joining Sikhism under Banda Singh Bahadur - otherwise were peasants! Marry your boyfriend and dont look back, be happy... This caste rubbish has to end!
  13. To the Kaur that wrote the article I felt so sad reading what you have been through. You should not have had your innocence ever taken in that manner by anyone let alone your father. We really are living in a Kalyug. Was there no one to help? Im so sorry for what you have been through. It makes it even more critical that we as people ensure that we pick up on abuse in our families and not just let evil acts such as this occur hoping it will stop. This is such a shame... I pray for you to have a happy life free from these scars. PM me any time.. Mann
  14. Hi I went to Miami and Florida back in 2010 with my wife, I went everywhere with my Dastaar and had no issues. If you walk with the confidence Guru Ji expects then you will be fine.
  15. ASinghKhalsa I really understand how this video was produced - Was it produced whilst the attack was happening or After it happened. If AFTER the attack then what does this mean? That Santji escaped from the Harmandir Sahib? If so what does that signify? Please share and respond....
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