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  1. Fateh! Listen to Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale's katha on Shaheed Singhs spread across a few parts of the katha found here (part 5, and the mp3 entitled "questions asked by singh in bc", : http://www.gurmarag....wareness/Audio/ The summary of the kathas can be found on the other Sikh site which can't be named on this forum for some weird reason. See this katha for more information: http://www.gurmarag.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/discussion%20with%20baba%20ji%202009/New%20audio%20lectures%20with%20sant%20jagjit%20singh%20from%202009.rar Regards, K.
  2. Fateh! Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale has said that those Shaheeds who have attained Brahmgyaan attain mukti with their shaheedi, and those who have not are born again into Sikh households. There are jungee Khalsa shaheeds who refuse mukti and choose to be born again and again to attain shaheedi for the Sikh Panth due to their love and compassion for the suffering of Sikhs. Regards, K.
  3. Fateh! I would recommend one of these sharpies instead of a stick: http://www.coldsteel-uk.com/store/Sharkie.html If you are stopped by the police, they can hardly take a pen off of you, but they may confiscate a stick they believe may be used as a weapon. K.
  4. Fateh! To add to what the previous poster has said, a Sikh will usually keep a gutka (which is a prayer book containing hymns from Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth Sahib) at home and recite hymns from them daily. The gutka does not require the kind of care that keeping bir of Guru Granth Sahib in the house, but one still needs to keep the gutka covered in a clean cloth when it is not being used, stored in a clean place (preferably a place set apart and higher elevation than other books), and one needs at minimum to wash one's hands, face, feet and mouth before reading from it. One can also keep Guru Granth Sahib at home in the form of pothia (Guru Granth Sahib spread over several volumes) if one cannot maintain full respect for Maharaj's bir. They should not be stored on top of each other in order, otherwise one must give full respect that is shown to Maharj's complete form. Many Sikhs have these in their homes, and have a special stand for the volume on which it is placed while one reads. This is partially out of respect, and partly for practical reasons as the volumes can be too heavy to keep hold in one's hands for extended periods of time. A true Sikh (a follower of Guru Granth Sahib) will follow no other Guru, however Guru Granth Sahib is for thw whole world, and it is still possible to maintain your personal faith and learn from Guru Granth Sahib at the same time because our Guru is concerned with the very heart of religion - prem bhakti, the path of love - and not necesarily its outward form. Everything else is as the previous Gursikh has said. By the way, there is no need to be shy. Sikhs might look intimidating sometimes, but we are generally nice folks and open to honest questions, nor are we likely to be offended easily. Regards, K
  5. Fateh! Technically, even if the car is in one of your parents' name, if it is clear that you are the main driver (i.e. you tell them that you are) or that you are paying for the insurance and/or the vehicle, then it is still fronted risk. However, if the car is in your mum's or dad's name, and they are put down as the main driver of more than one vehicle, one can still argue that one's parent still uses the other car more regularly than you do (e.g., your dad uses the main car for work and the second car on weekends, but you occasionally - perhaps once every other week or so - use the second car). I wouldn't really worry about it since everyone with a kid under the age of 21 probably does it. It was just to make the OP aware of the fact that some underwriters will ask questions to determine if it is a case of fronted risk (and the OP needs to be prepared for this eventuality). K.
  6. Fateh! It's up to the underwriters to probe to determine if it is a case of fronted risk, but not everyone who sells you a policy will know enough to ask if this is the case (and some will be solely interested in the sale). They should have asked you, but I wouldn't ring them and ask them because then they will probably cancel your policy. Some info on fronted risk from the Consumer Action Group (and the types of probing questions the underwriter will normally ask): http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/insurance-assurance-companies/146706-car-insurance-query-involved.html And don't worry, Singh, I didn't think it was an attack but I thank you for your courtesy. ;-) K.
  7. Fateh! Those of you recommending just more paat, meditation or simran to those facing initimidation, harrassment or physical violence may as just become Hindus again or Buddhists. Sikhs are not pacifists who sit on their hands whe they are being attacked. I suggest those of you facing such problems do as the previous poster has suggested and start hard physical training and martial arts. In addition, read more Dasam Bani, especially Chandi di // with your morning nitnem, to help you develop courage. If you meet violence head on and you have no fear of death or what comes after, your problems will vanish; if you meekly take the slaps that are doled out to you by scum, you will end up slaves. A Christian may tur his other cheek when he is slapped, but a Singh should chatka the fool who dares to lay hands on him (or at the very least beat him so badly that he will never look you in the eyes ever again). K.
  8. Fateh! Try: gocompare.com, elephant.co.uk, confused.com. Insurance can vary dpeneding upon your postcode as well (some parts of Birmingham, London, Manchester and Liverpool can be very expensive) so it's a good idea to enquire about prices with local brokers because they may offer a better rate than a regular insurer. You can insure yourself as a named driver, but this is illegal (it's a form of fraud called fronted risk) if it is your car and you will be the main driver of the car. However, many people do this and get away with it fine. Avoid bank insurance if you do not have any products with them (paid-for bank accounts, home insirance etc). Just get a small car for the first few years and you should be fine. K.
  9. Fateh! There is no translation, though Baba Santa Singh has a 2 volume steek in Punjabi of this Granth. You can find his katha on Sarbloh Granth here: http://nihangsingh.org/Baba%20Santa%20Singh.html Regards, K.
  10. Fordcapri: Fateh! Did you ever get a response from UAF about the Muslim fascism against Sikhs? Could you post up the email here? Regards, K.
  11. Fateh! No, it's a Hindu tradition that comes from jyotish (astrology) because Tuesday is the day of Mars who is considered an unlucky planet. I have Punjabi family who say you should not start any venture or do anything risky on Tuesday. Needless to say, it has nothing to do with Gurmat. K.
  12. Fateh! Report him to youtube, but other than that I would not worry about it too much. These people are cowards and slaves like their ancestors. If not for Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji's shaheedi so that these people could continue to wear their little janeu strings, and Guru Gobind Singh Ji's compassion and heroism, these Ravidassi scum would be missing part of their anatomy and banging their heads in the direction of Mecca 5 times a day. They are a joke. I can guarantee that not one of them will have the balls to say anything like this to your face because they still carry the cowardice of their ancestors in their blood. They are born to be slaves - of Muslims at one point in history, and now of Bahmans. K.
  13. Fateh! Close one of your eyes and look at the tip of your nose. Concentrate on this point and be aware of the inhalation and exhalation of breath until your mind settles. Then proceed to reciting your bani. You can do this after each bani if your mind wanders. This is a technique that Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale mentions in his autobiography. K.
  14. Fateh! They are not just extremely friendly with Islamofascist scum, but they actively support ant-semitic pro-Palestine groups and work in cohorts with racist, fascist scum like the Muslim Council of Britain. They are as racist as the people they supposedly oppose like the BNP by the fact that they portray only white people of being capable of racism and fascism. They actively discourage any debate on the anti-semitism of Muslims, the hatred that Muslims have for their non-Muslim countrymen, and the acts of Islamic terrorism committed on British soil by Muslims and supported by British Muslims. They are purebred dhimmis and violent ones at that. The majority of violent protestors arrested recently in Birmingham were members of this organisation, and their usual modus operandi involves threats, intimidation, and violence. No Sikh should have anything whatsoever to do with these people. K.
  15. Fateh! See here: http://sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Gurbani_:_Vedas,_Purans_&_Shastras No, Sikhs are not Hindus (whatever the hell a Hindu is): we do not wear threads; we do not worship stones; we do not believe in castes nor is the Brahmin regarded as being superior to any other person; while the devtas exist and may be respected by puratan sampardayas like the Udasis and the Nirmalay, Sikhs do not worship them as they are considered to be subject to maya. Dasam Granth is pretty clear, as veer Matheen ji has shown, that all of these devtay were overcome with haumai and began to consider themselves Akal Purakh when they were sent as messengers to spread Dharma (righteousness) and ecxhort worship of Waheguru. K.
  16. Fateh! Benti to all the sangat here to sign this petition for a Sikh regiment in the British Army that will allow rehatvaan Gursikhs to become soldiers and still maintain kesh, kakaar and all the princuiples of Sikhi. See here: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/SikhRegiment/ Regards, K.
  17. Easy solution. Just send me your sort code and account number. :-D K.
  18. Looks like the BNP is all grown-up. Sikhs are not on the BNP side, but Nick Griffin knows that saying it will increase the likelihood of Muslim attacks on Sikh (thus increasing sympathy from some misguided Sikhs for BNP policies) which in turn will cause Sikhs to fight back (and which no doubt Nick Griffin will later use as an example of Sikh fundamentalism). K.
  19. Fateh! I disagree. I believe the world at this time could do with more Sant Mahapurukhs. K.
  20. Fateh veer ji! I understand your anger, but it is both unhealthy and against the teachings of Sikhi to hate a whole race of people for the misdeeds of some of the members. In my experience, it is better to do battle against this fundamentalist ideology, whether it comes from Hindu sources or Muslim ones, rather than hate the people who represent it. Not all Hindus are RSS, but RSS is Hindu propaganda. Ideology can only be fought with words, and then only with a cool head; it's only enemies who try to harm you physically that are battled with bir ras and shastar. Regards, K.
  21. Fateh! Singh, read Bijla Singh's excellent articles on the differences between Hinduism and Sikhi as a start: http://searchsikhism.com/hinduism.html Read his article also on the mtivies of the RSS: http://searchsikhism.com/rss.html A discussion on the false allegation that Guru Gobind Singh Ji worshipped the Hindu Devi: http://searchsikhism.com/rss.html All of the points that these fanatic Hindus have made have been refuted by Kahn Singh Nabha, but these fanatics are not really interested in debate, they are just out to spread their ideology. Most of their arguments are along the lines of "but, it says Ram in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, so the Gurus worshipped Rama of Ramayana". They are either unwilling or incapable of distinguishing between Ram as a name of Akal Purakh in and the mythological character in the Hindu story. There is even one person on the site who claims that Harimandir Sahib is actually a Vishnu temple as Hari is a name of Vishnu and Mandir means Hindu temple. That is the level of stupidity you will have to battle. But kudos to you for being the first one of us there. I hope more will join the battle. ;-) Regards, K.
  22. Fateh! No, I believe that he is just a young Sikh. However, I have noticed an increased presence on the web of anti-Sikh and anti-Bhindrawale material posted by people using Sikh names and identities (see youtube in particular). I believe this is a concerted effort by RSS Hindus taking advantage of the recent events in Punjab ,and in particular by using Ravidasi Hindus upset that their leader was killed allegedly by Sikhs. You will see more of them on this forum and others. Regards, K.
  23. Well, what a surprise! When Sikhs got sick of living under Hindu domination and decided that they were no longer content to let the Hindu elite in Hindustan treat them as political nobodies, to let the Hindu elite tell them that religiously they did not exist except as a a sect of Hinduism, suddenly the common man (who was most likely to be Hindu) begins to feel uncomfortable that these uppity Sikhs no longer consent to being treated like slaves. My Hindu friend, you still have the cowardice of your Hindu race bred into you over the generations you were raped, pillaged and tortured by the Muslim invaders so much so that you have to disguise yourself as a "moderate" Sikh on this forum to continue your nindiya of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale. It is a pity that the light of the Sikh Gurus has not freed you mentally from this slavery as Dasmesh Pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji freed India and the Punjab from the Mughal oppressors. Don't worry though, you will be free to worship your stones when Khalistan comes. ;-) Ah yeah, and where is this speech of Bhindrawale in which he allegedly orders the murder of 32 Hindus you were going to share with us? Regards, K.
  24. Fateh! Don't you know that one should greet another Sikh with Guru's Fateh? ;-) You had a point? I don't think so. Other than doing nindiya of a mahapurush on your former thread, you have made no points. You have come on this website and accused everyone who does not believe the lies of the GOI and in your milquetoast version of Sikhi of being a fundamentalist and hurled a few personal insults when nobody here has been sufficiently impressed by your impotent personal beliefs and your complete absence of evidence for your assertions. Please continue to make take cheap digs at the soormay Sikhs by comparing them to Muslim terrorists. By doing so you show us your true face. And take a swig of this when you are next sitting in a circle and singing Kumbhaya with your RSS buddies: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/food_and_drink/article5707554.ece K.
  25. I really could not care less what you expect. The OP links to a discussion forum where Hindu RSS followers do beadbi of Sikhi and the Gurus themselves. Perhaps yous should read the forum before you offer an opinion. Sikhs aren't pacifict treehuggers who sid idly by while their Gurus are being disrespected. I don't love peace, I love my Guru. Regards, K.
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