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  1. Just one smash of the Lohaar is equal to a hundred small hits of a Sunaar. (Lohaar=Atheists and Sunaar=Muslims). 100 years of atheist history is many times more bloody than 1400 years of brutal Islamic history. No one can match the brutality of the atheists, not even the Muslims. Where did you get this from? This is based on your opinion not fact. So Islam is not a religion?
  2. Then we can make the same argument about religious leaders, Muhammed, who killed countless to achieve his goal. The great crusades, war in the name of God. The great invasion of Muslim empire across the east Here is the list of “religious wars”: Albigensian Crusade Almohad Conquest of Muslim Spain Anglo-Scottish War (1559–1560) Arab Conquest of Carthage Aragonese-Castilian War Aragonese-French War (1209–1213) First Bearnese Revolt Second Bearnese Revolt Third Bearnese Revolt First Bishop’s War Second Bishop’s War Raids of the Black Hundreds Bohemian Civil War (1465–1471) Bohemian Palatine War War in Bosnia Brabant Revolution Byzantine-Muslim War (633–642) Byzantine-Muslim War (645–656) Byzantine-Muslim War (688–679) Byzantine-Muslim War (698–718) Byzantine-Muslim War (739) Byzantine-Muslim War (741-752) Byzantine-Muslim War (778-783) Byzantine-Muslim War (797- 798) Byzantine-Muslim War (803-809) Byzantine-Muslim War (830-841) Byzantine-Muslim War (851–863) Byzantine-Muslim War (871–885) Byzantine-Muslim War (960–976) Byzantine-Muslim War (995–999) Camisards’ Rebellion Castilian Conquest of Toledo Charlemagne’s Invasion of Northern Spain Charlemagne’s War against the Saxons Count’s War, Covenanters’ Rebellion (1666) Covenanters’ Rebellion (1679) Covenanters’ Rebellion (1685) Crimean War First Crusade Second Crusade Third Crusade Fourth Crusade [Footnote reads “Just being generous here. See Chapter XII”] Fifth Crusade Sixth Crusade Seventh Crusade Eighth Crusade Ninth Crusade Crusader-Turkish Wars (1100–1146) Crusader-Turkish Wars (1272–1291) Danish-Estonian War German Civil War (1077–1106) Ghost Dance Uprising Siege of Granada First Iconoclastic War Second Iconoclastic War India-Pakistan Partition War Irish Tithe War Javanese invasion of Malacca Great Java War Kappel Wars Khurramite’s Revolt Lebanese Civil War Wars of the Lombard League Luccan-Florentine War Holy Wars of the Mad Mullah Maryland’s Religious War Mecca-Medina War Mexican Insurrections War of the Monks Mountain Meadows Massacre Revolt of Muqanna Crusade of Nicopolis Padri War Paulician War Persian Civil War (1500–1503) Portuguese-Moroccan War (1458–1471) Portuguese-Moroccan War (1578) Portuguese-Omani Wars in East Africa Rajput Rebellion against Aurangzeb Revolt in Ravenna First War of Religion Second War of Religion Third War of Religion Fourth War of Religion Fifth War of Religion Fifth War of Religion Sixth War of Religion Eighth War of Religion Ninth War of Religion Roman-Persian War (421–422) Roman- Persian War (441) Russo Turkish War (1877–1878) First Sacred War Second Sacred War Third Sacred War Saladin’s Holy War Schmalkaldic War Scottish Uprising against Mary of Guise Serbo- Turkish War Shimabara Revolt War of the Sonderbund Spanish Christian-Muslim War (912–928) Spanish Christian-Muslim War (977–997) Spanish Christian-Muslim War (1001–1031) Spanish Christian-Muslim War (1172–1212) Spanish Christian-Muslim War (1230–1248) Spanish Christian- Muslim War (1481–1492) Spanish Conquests in North Africa Swedish War Thirty Years War Transylvania-Hapsburg War Tukulor-French War Turko-Persian Wars United States War on Terror Vellore Mutiny Vjayanagar Wars First Villmergen War Second Villmergen War Visigothic-Frankish War. Stalin was not an atheist, he was a communist who strongly supported Russian orthodox church. When Lenin took power, first thing he did was to abolish power from the Russian orthodox church and Stalin was the one to reverse the decision. Just blaming these issues on just their believes as atheists is not valid. Yes, these people were atheists, I'm not denying that but it takes more to kill then just being an atheist.
  3. Superkaur, you have made a valid point but can you answer the following: Can you please give an example of an atheist extremists? And Which Western governments have they influenced? I didn’t know they had an upper hand in this matter.
  4. No, exactly what I have said. It was the answer I was expecting. In other words, you were just trolling to get a reaction. This is your opinion.
  5. Thank you for your reply, The answer I was expecting.
  6. Ok, Conversion, how would a person convert to become a Sikh? Scenario: A Sikh gets married to a non Sikh. This Sikh has a Haircut, consumes meat and alcohol, very rarely visits the Gurdawara. Only getting married in the Gurdwara because mummy dear wants it. Would you define this person as a Sikh? So, this Sikh, wants to marry a non Sikh and they both marry in the Gurdwara. But, still, how would you define the non-Sikh has converted to the SIkh faith ? Will the non-Sikh be required to go through a ritual of some sort ( Currently the Sikh Dharam does not have a ritual in place). By calling yourself Kaur or Singh, does not make you a Sikh unless you have taken Amrit. If the conversion is easy as changing the name to include Kaur or SIngh, then for that day these individuals follow process. Everything is perfect, conversion is complete non-Sikh is a Sikh. So this Sikh and the non-Sikh (converted to a Sikh) are married. They carry on with their life as they did before, what you may consider as non Sikh like. Would you still define the newly converted Sikh to be a Sikh?
  7. Jonny-boy, writing claims as such: - The Akal Takht Jathedhar in 1919 gave a Siropa to General Dyer after the Amritsar Massacre and made him a honoury Sikh even though Dyer said he smoked and could not be a Sikh - At Nankana Sahib the Mahant carried out rapes of visitng pilgrims. He massacred non violent Sikhs when they tried to remove him. You need to back your claim with some credible source. Its the first thing you are taught when writing reports at school, also called referencing. Now, DNA and Finger prints tests may not be the correct form of evidence, regrading these claims. Hope you have learnt something today. Always a pleasure to help.
  8. We can look at your point in another way and a question arises. Are Sikhs actually being cheated by the Indian leaders of the past and present? Mehtab SIngh, 67 years !!! Has it not hit home with the Sikhs that the issues may be internal.
  9. Mehtab Singh, There is no need for Pakistani army to carry out any attacks, the terrorist organisation within Pakistan are the government. As we have heard, Pakistani government have signed peace treaty with the Taliban or they are in negotiation in doing so . Now, if I'm not wrong aren't Taliban a terrorist organisation? Taliban like ISIS are an Islamic fundamentalist organisation, they want and will have the same role in Pakistan as Saudi Arabia, religious police. To keep the peace and to maintain power, the Pakistani government will allow the Taliban to have this role. As for India, we know the country is crumbling in its own issues. Instead of dealing with these issues the Indian Government of the past have brushed them under the carpet. But how much rubbish can you brush under the carpet till the pile is visible. This is the current state of India. India has a newly elected prime minister (Modi). Should we not give this man a chance to tackle this pile?
  10. Do you have any evidence backing your post?
  11. Very good questions. How do Islamic and Christian TV channels fund themselves? They do it through advertising not begging for donations from their viewers and community. That's not entirely correct, Islamic channels get majority of their funding from Saudi Arabia as it's the centre of Islam. Christianity, depending if its Catholics or Anglican, they will receive majority of their funding from Rome or Church of England Sikh channels should shut down asap if they cant fund themselves through advertising and other good business models. Well that’s completely up to you, they are free to air channels and are set up by charitable organisations. If you wish not to support them then you don’t have to watch them. I agree with you on this and I have stopped watching all Sikh related channels. Anyone who donates to any Sikh TV channel that doesnt listen to the sangats wishes and needs is a fool wasting their money. I agree, personally, I think SGPC should fund these channels.
  12. West London Singh. Do you understand what Muhammad’s Islam did to the Jews (History)? Do you understand, Hamas is not fighting for freedom of their land. Do you also know, people that represent Hamas are the same people who collaborated with Hitler in World war 2. Hamas want to destroy all Jews on earth. After Jews are gone then they will start on people like you and I. Hamas are not a political body, which wants freedom. They are using their own people as human shields. When the rockets are fired from Gaza, why are the rockets always fired from schools and Hospitals? I condemn the innocent killing but you answer me this, if you were having rockets fired on your house night and day would you just sit back and take it?
  13. Standing up for what? Western Muslims travelling to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS. Did she ever condemn these people? No, she briefly touched on the subject and blamed this on cultural misunderstandings. Warsi had the power to tackle the issue regarding extremist Islam by tackling the Imam’s and Muslim scholars who held talks on extremist ideology. Warsi's role was “Minister for Faith and communities”, this meant she represented all communities from different faiths, not just Muslim people. By her quitting this role, it just proves she was their to represent the Muslim community and she quit because she did not get her own way.
  14. Warsi's role as a Minister for Faith and communities, what did this role actually involve. Every time I witnessed her speaking, mostly question time on BBC. Should would only speak up for Muslim communities. Her knowledge of other communities was very limited, just the normal text book stuff.
  15. Everything is under Hukum. It's Gods will. Killing of innocents people, it's all the work of God.
  16. http://www.channel4.com/news/hamas-israel-started-this-conflict-in-1948-video Jon Snow talks to Hamas' foreign affairs spokesman Osama Hamdan and asks him why his fighters do not stop their rocket attacks on Israel in order to prevent further civilian deaths in Gaza.
  17. Its funny how quickly the attention has turned away from Iraq, Syria and Libya. There is still fighting going on in these countries, we are talking about 1000's and 1000's of innocent people getting murdered every day. It shows how the media can control the world and their outlook on what’s going on. Perfect for all the Muslims out there, think about it. Lets not show Muslims killing Muslims (Shia V Sunni), Lets turn our attention to the common enemy of the Muslims, the Jews. Who do you think is controling this, selective broadcasting.
  18. Who is stupid enough to buy these CD's? Don't blame the messengers, blame the people who fund them and should be the responsibility of the parents to discourage the youngsters from listening to this music.
  19. What has this got to do with Sikh religion, they are Punjabi Bahangra Singers not Punjabi Sikh Singers. Just because the guy is wearing a turban doesn't make you a Sikh.
  20. 1) Oil pipe line from caspian sea through to afghanistan to sea ports for easy transportation unto ships It was a Gas line. 2) Heroin and other drugs made from Afghanistan is a very lucatrice trade, remember the british went to war with china over opium during the days of the british empire. They wanted the chinese users hooked and taxed on the drug they were pedaling to their intoxicated victims. The british traders grew very rich from abusing many nations. And to this day they along with NATO nations are not about to give up this covertly controlled trade. You talking about history, Opium can be grown anywhere, you don’t need to invade a country for this reason. 3) Thorium a radioactive element that afghanistan is rich in. It is cleaner than uranium and it can make afghanistan rich or anyone who controls afghanistan. And guess who else is rich in thorium? INDIA! which has the largest resources of it..... and so will the west want to invade / break up India in the near future or will they use their swiss bank account brought proxy puppet politicians to ship out the riches to the west? Afghanistan was becoming a hub for all militant Islamic activities, so learning from history, the two world wars. The western governments had to do something and invasion of Afghanistan was a must before it become too strong. Invasion of India is very unlikely, there nothing to gain. It’s very expensive and west has huge amount of investment in India, which will not be a viable option. Personally, India will implode, the country cannot be governed. The Indian citizen themselves want leave the country. Don’t worry friend; you don’t need to worry about invasion of any one in the near future.
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