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  1. i heard they had a deal with the airline not sure. but when Baba Thakur Singh Ji was going on the airplane the Singhs with them told Baba Ji to put their small Kirpan in the techi and Baba Ji laughed and said what'll happen if I don't and they walked through the scanner thing and it didn't go off. Also heard the same thing about the Sant at Hazoor Sahib that does Gagar De Seva. I don't know if we are allowed but if a Sikh had Rehat Maryada completely going I bet they would be able to get through without the scanner going off Waheguru Waheguru
  2. Lol...... If you ever go to Punjab, theres a Gurdwara called Salwana Sahib (hope I spelled it rite) I don't Know which Dal they are from but its a Nihang Gurdwara and theirs is pretty good, they don't give the degh with canabis in it to everyone but sometimes do, so if you don't want to consume canabis ask before you have it
  3. When I was small my parents would tell me that if some one kills a cat Guru Ji has said that we have to Make a cat out of gold, or we to will die, I have heard this from other people to, why a cat ? and is this true ? what is the whole story about ?
  4. You guys know how When Sants come to U.S. and other countries, they can wear their Kirpans like Sant Ranjit Singh Ji and his jatheh were able to come with their kirpans, teers (long spears) from india, is there a way where Amritdharis can take flights without having their Kirpans removed, With recent events security has become MORE tighter
  5. Please everybody post your own contact information on Taksals. Thanks. True that. Most people think just all you have to do to become a Taksali is put on a "Taksali kirpan", cuss out some missionaries, tell people not eat meat, and voila! LOL. That's exactly What my friend thought and I told him that wasn't everything but didn't know exactly myself lol.... He said all you got to do is take amrit from Taksali Singhs, cuss out anti Khalistanis, Shout slogans like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Zindabad.............. But Thanks Alot, The numbers were very helpful, I wrote them down for future.... If anybody wants to contact a Damdami Taksal Gurdwara In California Contact Gurdwara Gurmat Prakash, Manteca, Calfornia Number: 95337-9614 (209)--- Address: 4640 East Woodward Road Guru Nanak Parkash of Tracy, CA Number: (209) 836-097 Address: 16101 West Grant Line Road Gurdwara Guru Nanak Prakash (Fresno), CA Number: (559) 834-9444 Address: 4250 E. Lincoln Avenue
  6. Thank You Veer I Was Looking At The Posts From The Other Page And Saw No One had answererd... Thanks A lot
  7. LOL! Anti-Dasam Bani Kulwant Singh Dhesi passing himself off as a AKJ rep! Next up: Babbu Mann claiming to be Nihang member Miss Pooja saying she's a Taksal member Ashutosh saying he's a member of S. Dhadrianwale jatha Just because you take amrit in a Taksal ceremony does not make you a "Taksali Singh". Like I said above, people need to be aware of these pseudo-akjs, pseudo-sants, and others. not to be funny or anything, bro how does one become a Taksal member ? I want to take amrit from Damdama Sahib and want to join Taksal, How do I become part of the Jatha ?
  8. Its suppose to be coming out soon, it was shown in Manteca, California and Fremont California, 2 months ago or so, and they said it will be out soon, but it hasn't come out yet for sale
  9. I was reading about Kalki Avtar on sikhiwiki.com and it said its a story about the past and Kalki will not come and have heard this from one other site that Kalki will not come.... does anybody know more about the kalki coming ?
  10. the people commeting are fu*** they are agreeing with the people doing it being Jatts, who cares if their jatts but the user is anti-jatt and just blames jatt sikhs... and the people really think its Harmandir Sahib wow dumb people
  11. Yea mayn I been thinking about this to... even though calling Hazoor Sahib Harmandir Sahib is wrong... taking a goats head which has been cut off in Sri Hazoor Sahib is also wrong, Hazoor sahib has been violated
  12. The history of Punjab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHH7gUBEKQ8&feature=PlayList&p=5BCE7B0B9DB2FE5E&index=136
  13. there is no need to say that.You do not have to stretch to that.Do you know what is meant by Jog and jugti?If not read and understand. That is the difference between a sikh and otehr religions. A sikh is not a pujari only. he is a saint soldier or sant sipahi.That is why sikhs have SGGS and dasam granth. very well written post and to the point. ok just tell me one thing - "aagya bhai Akal ki Tabhi chalayo Panth, Sab Sikhan ko hukum hai Guru Manyo Granth. Guru Granth ji manyo pargat Guran ki deh. jo, prabh ko milna chahe khoj shabad men le" that is wrong??? Regarding the evidence, can u tell me where it says that there WERE (are? or were?) 2 guru? which 2 guru's please? and where does it say it? "The Guru accompanied by Khalsa went to the place where Adi Granth had been installed. He opened the holy book, placed five paise and a coconut before it, bowed before it, then went round the sacred scripture five times, bowed every time, and declared it as the Guru for all times to come. Upto this time the holy book was called Pothi Sahib. Gobind Singh named it Granth consisting of two words, Gur and Ant meaning eternal Guru. He asserted: " In future whoever wishes to seek englightenment, guidance and solace, let him read the holy granth. This is your Guru for ever and ever till eternity. " The Guru said that he was entrusting the Khalsa to the care of AkalPurukh (God)" and all dat is wrong aswell??? In the Gurus day The Gurus treated The Adi Granth As A Living Guru Also, Guru Arjun Dev Ji used to sleep on floor and put the Adi Granth on a bed
  14. Good Post Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Ne Kiya Si-- Mera Sikh Sant Vi Hona Chai Da Hai, Sipahi Vi Hona Chai Da Hai...Great Post
  15. thanks a lot... I had never heard this story about Guru Ji.
  16. Dhandrian Wale Has To Give A Statement On This, I bet the cops did some type of beadbi there, just like they used to when Damdami Taksal Gurdwaras used to get raided with the help of phoola
  17. Yea i think it is ok, It was the first phaat i learned and I used to recite it every night because when i wake up i remember it better
  18. information on Sarbloh Granth is very limited on internet, can someone give me some information on it. Did Baba Deep Singh Ji keep it next to the Dasam Granth also ? and is there a full translation of it online ?
  19. Oh Paji Thnks A Lot Mayn.. I Was Hearing Katha In The Gurdwara Today And Just Fell In Love With This... Thanks A Lot ! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  20. I feel You Bro, My Moms Side Of Family Is Radhaswami And Sometimes I Find Myself In Small Arguments with my mom on how I think Radhaswami followers are being led by people who made everything up them selves..... If your father is kesdhari ask him why he thinks you are weird. Tell them if me (you) meditating on God is weird and doing naam simran is weird than you are. Talk 2 them about what you are thinking, don't try to always find your self telling others on how things should be. two years ago when I found myself being even more attracted to Sikhi I was doing same thing, but chill bro and help out with things like Humkire said
  21. I Need help finding lines from the Guru Granth Sahib where I think it is Bhagat Gurdas Ji asking the earth what it feels the weight of and the earth tells him. If anybody knows the pages or lines can you please help me out .... Thanks--Guru Fateh
  22. since satyug has passed, is this is talking about the past because it sounds like the future, I thought kalyug was the last age ?
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