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  1. Whatever gurbani says is truth, how can we dispute the words that came straight from the mouths of our guru's as portrayed to them by god? Ignore what anyone tells you and trust in gurbani, our gurus knew there would always be misguided people in the world and left us the truth to ensure their sikhs were protected against this misguidance and always know the truth. Everything is preordained, bad things happen to us because of karma from this and our previous lives and as lessons to be learnt. ਦੁਖੁ ਦਾਰੂ ਸੁਖੁ ਰੋਗੁ ਭਇਆ ਜਾ ਸੁਖੁ ਤਾਮਿ ਨ ਹੋਈ ॥ Ḏukẖ ḏārū sukẖ rog bẖa▫i▫ā jā sukẖ ṯām na ho▫ī. Su
  2. glad you realised it bro. you seem to be going in the right direction lately he grew up btw im just 13 years old too wat his age must have been wen he started this thread Thanks babbar_sher Bhaji. Yes gskapoor bro, I was 13 and something when I made this thread. Im 15 in 2 months... WJKK WJKF Jio :o I'm absolutely stunned! My little cousins are 13 and they aren't half, even a quarter as mature or knowledgeable as both of you, You're amazing kids and amazing sikhs! you're parents must be so proud of you, i'm proud of you and I don't even know you!
  3. Hiya I wore a skirt to school everyday and then to work and wear them out aswell so I'm used to wearing skirts and find them very comfortable. I find jeans to tight and think they tend to look tartier than skirts ive worn and boys seem to like girls in jeans for some strange reason (hence the song 'in those jeans' by ginuwine and others dedicated to girls in jeans by Bobby Valentino etc') The typs of skirts I've worn are called pencil skirts which are impossible to fly up with the wind and look really smart. My skirts have always been decent and if they were too short to wear n their own I w
  4. He said he has furious thoughts so I figured he's angry with someone. Not being able to sleep because of these furious thoughts means he can't shake this anger and it naturally leads to want of revenge or justice against whatever's keeping him awake and angry. It is the way and sequence in which the mind works, it recognises a problem and tries to find a solution- and that's the most obv solution- though not the most wise.
  5. Look please as a sister I am asking you not to do anything rash. If you're mind is everywhere you're obv not able to think clearly at the moment. Do paath, ardas and ask Guru Nanak to guide you. If you listen to your heart(or gut) and not your mind you'll know what to do. If it's murder, don't do it. If its beating someone up, don't do it. Look even if it's arguing with someone don't do it. Whatever you do now will come back on you- god doesn't like us getting involved in arguments. Whatevers happens, whoever's hurt you, let it go. When Guru Gobind Songh Ji's children were killed, Guru J
  6. wow thanks for the best wishes, havent loged in for a while so sry for late reply lol

    Take care

  7. This is all so amazing, butat the same time really sad knowing theres so much pain, war and death in the years to come.... and most people are so complacement right now.....
  8. Is it revenge or justice you want? Is that whats keeping you awake at night?
  9. No to worry jee. We get misquoted, mis-interpretted all the time. Its ok, let it go. As long as you are clear in your thoughts, intentions, there is nothing to worry. Apne aap nu gussa nahi aouN deNa. Listen to some shabad you like. Here is one I could suggest. BTW the below shabad has nothing to do with current topic. Just picked one shabad on random. http://www.youtube.c...rom=PL&index=31 Thankyou bhenji.
  10. I asked if it was an 'opninion' or 'kaam'......you answered now, not then. So now your telling me that you would look for 'kaam' in a husband?? Everything just adds on.....no point kidding yourself. This is the truth you say? so none of your other posts are true? If you can back up all your opinions, then who are you afraid of? Now thats a lie, you still trying to back your origanal comment with more lies. This is what you think. Interesting. Now you don't balme me........anyway, if there was anything I said which offended you or anyone, then by all means I am sorry. But I still st
  11. That's enough to settle my dispute. I'll give you a reason if you want one though.... You've got to be joking. You asked me if it was kaam and I told you no, I told you hes not what id look for in a husband, therefore I dont fancy him and it is not kaam!! Please if you want to defame someones character please find someone else to pick on. My best friends are handsome, doesn't mean i fancy or want to marry them, I would never even let myself fancy someone who is unavailable or that I wasn't looking to marry- its called self control, wayward minds lead to unhonourable conclusions. It's h
  12. look hes handsome and charming theres no doubt, but not 100% what i'd look for in a husband as he aint sikh but he was also in a film that I think most of sangat would have seen seeing as it was about punjab and sikhs, hence the 'we all know why' comment, if id meant it in a pervy way I would have added a wink instead. :lol: I thought it would get misconstrued which is why took it off. I also think hes the best actor, he beats shah rukh kahn and hrithick roshan by a mile, hes really talented but the thread topic didnt say to give reasons why. I'll never understand why people are so soon to
  13. Look, people discuss thinks like football, college etc on here, I've just watched a hindi film and enjoyed sharing my opinion! :happy:
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