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  1. Jas singh "khalsa" Your name suggests enlightenment or immaturity And jsinghnz What an absolutely ridiculous question and what an absolutely ridiculous answer. The Akhaal Takht has said is that a "patit" sikh has no business managing a Guru Ghar. By what logic have you decided that to include media??? And how long before that same logic is considered reasonable enough to be applied to the sangat itself?? Get yourselves a mirror and.........have a word with yourself!!!!!!!!!
  2. Brothers and sisters....... All sikhs are EXACTLY the same!!!! When will this once great quom stop slapping itself and respect itself???? Charasi lakh jhoon........ Each and every individual on this planet all 6.3 billion of them has a one on one relationship Vahegroo. Some will recognise that and some wont in this lifetime..... 6.3 billion people at different stages of spiritual evolution......... Our hukam is to be kind to our fellow humans and see Vahegroo in each and every one of them. Please reevaluate your understanding of sikhi before you waste this particular jhoon. Maybe jhora seva for a couple of weeks might remind us that we know essentially NOTHING and comprehend even less.
  3. Ks55- Veerji will you say the same if they interview a muslim or catholic?? They may.......shock........horror.......say mohammed....and......peace be upon him........aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Open your mind my brother......no one got converted............or.........did they? Its upto you what you do with your money brother, but will you still be paying for the sky platform and the abp news that comes with it?? Or pay for tv license so sonia deol can dance with the hindus who stood by and watched sikhs being burnt alive or maybe nihal can call guru nanak a thief who stole bits and bobs from hinduism and islam?? Still dont understand why every one on this site acts like paranoid schizophrenics looking round every corner and under their beds for anti sikh monsters. Stop wetting your beds and practice what you preach.............er...........second thoughts..........don't.
  4. "Toofana" you say the show was derogatory to the sikh faith......... Do you have any examples?? Quotes?? Thought not....... That encounters is a new thing and started at 8.30pm...... Like i said i have been watching a few times and find the presenter quite reasonable and fairly knowledgeable regarding sikhi. And your source for all things anita kapoor is........sikh channel told you???? Lmao Like i said i spoke to the conservative party leader of ealing council.......why dont you try the same, rather than foam at the mouth about perceived derogations without the quotes to back it.
  5. It appears that this thread like absolutely EVERY THREAD on this forum has gone from discussing a particular issue to digressing and morphing into this aint sikhi and that is sikhi. I'm the truer sikh and your not a proper sikh. I watched this programme in its entirety and found nothing objectionable whatsoever. Obviously i would have an issue with naamdharis given a platform to air their views unchallenged on sangat tv, but that is far far from what happened here so it begs the question......... Why start attacking something you have'nt seen? Typical bandwagon singhs. How many of you wrote to the conservative leader of ealing council voicing concern about anita kapoor??? Not one of the sher's on this forum did. How do i know? Because i asked. The conservative party doesn't even know theres an issue. British sikhs are the ape ancestors of their north american intelligent cousins. Fight amongst yourselves over who's the truest sikh why dont you. Shaabaash. According to you imbeciles; Gora media is biased. Indian media is biased. And the sikh channels are a disgrace. So once again we find the world not understanding us........or maybe some of us need to look in the mirror?? Because sikhi in the uk is flourishing in the uk yes?? Er.......no! We are regarded as foaming at the mouth fanatics........reading the threads on here...........i wonder where they get that idea????
  6. I watch sangat quite alot and dont remember ANY narakdharis on there.......deeper rooted conspiracy??? Maybe you should prove the fact by saying which show and presenter had narakdhari on it.....hopefully its not the second pic you posted, as thats the naamdhari that was on this monday. Also the pic of aps maan is pretty old as i have seen it before ages ago........or are people not allowed to make mistakes in life. Judge only when you can be sure you're personally worthy. Which is never.
  7. Watched that whole programme and it was not giving naamdharis any qudos......infact they were asked why they dont just call they're "guru" sant or baba like many sant samaaj people. Also they were asked why they dont help sikh victims of 1984 genocide. That presenter is a new guy who seems to be asking good questions from a sikhi view point. He has asked good questions to sikhs for justice and seva84.......and premiered they're documentary on survivours of delhi massacre. He has interviewed castewatch uk aswel and put the caste issue in right terms of culture as opposed to sikhi. This encounters programme seems like a breathe of fresh air.
  8. Erm.......... I agree with everything you've said BUT exposed myself as what?? You are attacking anyone on the site over two threads that wants to act like true gursikh. Clearly there is concerted effort to attack the SIKHS and divide them, internationally, both US and UK. But rather than evolve into the intelligent being that our gurus wished us to become and offer a solution to this issue which has been going on intermittently for centuries you want to start shouting and frothing at the mouth. Ideal for those wanting to portray sikhs as simple and aggressive idiots.........this is THEIR need as sikhs are about to show the UN and the world the true picture of Indian genocide. Court cases in USA, Canada. EKTA IS BURYING OUR DIFFERENCES AND ACHIEVING A COMMON GOAL. Sukhdev Singh Babbar and Sant Ji managed it. Like i asked before and you ignored it......... DO YOU THINK YOU PASSED???
  9. DSG...............get yourself off the coffee and redbull mate lol. And read Shaastar's piece in the morning......you'll feel better then. If you were as panthic as you say you would realise that once badal mission to UK had failed that the dividers of the faith would appear. And our very recent procclaimations of EKTA would be tested. Do you think you passed?
  10. Is anyone awake. Check the non fast reply que. Please moderate and post the Sangat deserves to know what they don't know about knowing the things we ought to know....my best rumsfeld impression....if that don't do it then I give up!?
  11. Although kesri lehar do not ask for daswand, its proberbly worth asking why Parmjit Sohal (former staunch supporter of Jagjit Chauhan) felt it necessary to register a private ltd company as soon as 23rd april 2012. If theres no daswand then why have a company that costs money for filing accounts and risk fines for not filing said accounts?? I'm sure Mr Sohal has a very reasonable explanation for this......would love to hear it though. Ps Mr Moderator......cam'on now!! How many years has it been??? https://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/director/3784776/parmjit-sohal
  12. Everyone on here sounds just like fascists...... You all seem to be advocating non contact with ALL muslims as a solution!! Yes there are gangs grooming young girls.....white and Asian and some of those are Sikh girls.... They target those in these groups that are weaker in rigid adherence to stereotypes. So easier to mix with at an emotionally open level. But Sri Guru Nanak told his Sikhs to engage FULLY with society and play a full if not major role in it. Not to shun society and lose a full perspective of real life through experience of the senses as opposed to opinions formed by secondhand "knowledge". Parents need to raise their empty vassals of children in a filling way feeding them culture aswel as religion. If they don't then someone else will!! But that doesn't mean lock up your daughters.....it means raise them properly but let them free enough to enjoy LIFE and experience wahegurus wonders.
  13. I also was present having travelled there by my self from Coventry. I fully back up what was stated about the lem committee member not wanting to name our jodai shaheeds. The committee having done bhog sri akhand path went on to talk about things and then used the raagi's from the wedding of another Hall to use time knowing the local sangat would soon begin leaving, before any issues were raised. This was alluded to by kulwant Singh dhesi as an example of siasi-ism by the committee who has just said that siasi galla should not be undertaken from the stage of the gurughar. Dhesi then asked if not siasi Miri Piri in the gurdwara then where? To which an old man seated at the rear shouted " on tv ". so I went because I felt it was right. Also because I received a text during the week that this was going to be a test of our resolve. 3 texts I got. 3! Yet I sat at the rear of the Dewan hall, struggling to recognise anyone my age or younger (35) from the wider lem area, ie Coventry, b'ham or leicester, why? Are they text wariors? Yes we should be careful of the budhai kherai of the temples but where's the youth? Our fathers were in their 20's when they took over and created what is today the panthic friendly gurdwara's post bluestar!!! Like I said I'm from Coventry, and at my local gurughar there's a sizable group of youths that definitely look the part, but alas......................... If only looks could kill huh?
  14. *Mod Deleted - Control your language please.*
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