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  1. ther are more girls than boys anyways. I hav noticed that eventuali the gals come round to idea of a sardar out of desperashun . Tha sardars shud be the kind educatd stable one 4 the marriage. The gals mess around with the non sardar types then come lookin 4stability. This is only based on the 1-2 ppl i talk to on lookin for marriage ther are more girls than boys anyways. I hav noticed that eventuali the gals come round to idea of a sardar out of desperashun . Tha sardars shud be the kind educatd stable one 4 the marriage. The gals mess around with the non sardar types then come lookin 4sta
  2. If the dude deserv respec i giv it.... He stilll fat n thaz just the truth. He does speak good punjabi so i respec him 4dat
  3. Is that that the fat dr gurdeeps singh ? With the glasses. God gelp us if it is him . . . International team changin what... Lightbulbs ?
  4. Come on londoners can someone help this guru pyara? Maybe a uni sikh society wil help or try the sikhs in the city?
  5. Is anyone botherd ? Is this good or bad 4futur of channel ?
  6. The moss best way is ur own exampl u set . Ppl wil see this and realise the divinity is shinin 4m u. That u might be sent in ther life 2shine this. The rest is god's design. Always remember every1 is looking 4divinity its just that u see mayas things 1st
  7. just use cling film and ther will be ok sucham.... ;-)But seriously arent there shabads in guru granth sahib on what is tru suchm. I remember readin it . How doers a bit of saliva destroy guru gobind singhs AMRIT? Don't make no sense! Perhaps in his company she 2 wil be hav AMRIT . But if he push her away like this no one is helped ?
  8. This topic has and is effectin sikhs so that shud be enuf said . On that . But also think if we all thought no stay away 4m such girls or guyss then we mite then ther risk losing these ppl to other religions. Our sikhi shud b strong enuf to cope with past of a partner. It seems like everyone these days has a past. I not sayin anythin is ok. Just that shud this bro say no to move on to a next person wit almost the same stuff! Or guyss here wil say marry a virgin tha u don't really like just cos she is a virgin type. An thanx 4sharin the personal exp of life, it helps to c wo happene This to
  9. i love it ! This is the way we shud be. We r prisoning ourselfs all the time. Love uncertainty. But with a minnd that waiguru is always ther guiding. . Go4it! B a risk taker!
  10. Thank fors the tru honesty. These R the main things in his mind also on the past drag up sum not nice things that might spoil things for the togetherness of it all. On the other hand in 20years time who will care? We'll be gone from this duniaa ther won't even be any record of us. I am trying to just listen and tho i think he shud jus 4giv and 4get. Is ther any sense in marrying a diff person u don't love as much ... How about not inviting 2many ppl 2wedding to reduce the stigma? Lol
  11. Have you tried sleeping at lunch time. The pratan singhs wud do this afternoo sleep that way need less sleep at night
  12. So sad so sad. Stealing is stealin. Have seen gurdwara committee members just use the position to eat all the best food at weddings birthdays and funerals. They are like leeches on the community suck it dry .
  13. camps are for kids . Yeh but the Sevadarz R usually marryin age . No u shud not go 4that but life is like that sometimes things just happen. U c some1 u like u talk next thing u r in lov and married. Or married and then lov dependin on ur religiousnesses. Same as at uni s it just happens. Do ardas n watch the magic happen
  14. Thankyov so much 4 taking the time 2read the dilemma and see the deeper part of the thing in hand. The advice is so tru . Ego is the thing always in our path. stoppin us being tru. To the other post i think you can now see love trust forgiveness relationships ego have everything to do with sikhi . Dont be so kwik to judge. This post is under a section called Relations ! Lol
  15. Sadi sangat ji. I hav been having almost daily hour long calls wit a friend suffering 2much. B4 you accuse and abuse . I wil explain. He is interested in her 4purposes of marriage. She too after many years of bad luci on relationss and sleeping around. He is madly in lov but cannot overcome this issue of sleeping around so much. . . So is she on him i think. Wo sikhi advice can i giv to the brother, shud he 4giv? Look elsewher? .thanks in the advancing
  16. Just say no it makes things difficult and no it might b what all else ppl get up to but we R special. Girls can never deal with the issues this creates. And carry them all thru their lives. H've seen the guilt really mess some ppl up big time. Wo 4 ? A moments happiness.
  17. You need to drink more water this will balance you and your inner organs . 40 it is natural to have hair on us is ther to help. Modern diet and no exercise is main prob
  18. Ur ego is eatin a way at you. Mine 2. Everyones ego does that is maya way. We shud c god in all then How can u H8 anyone or anything . Love all spread luv on all. Luv luv luv. I love u
  19. We will all express lov in diff ways some will express it with the Keski on the hed some on the stomach . Main thing is it is out of love we do . I love you still
  20. ty the round type. It may fall off tho. Yu can wrap ur Kes into it to keep it in place
  21. i agree caste hrs dying out. It is a hindu thing not sikh. So let it die How it should. By makin such a song and a dance on it you R bringing it backl to life and helping it live on and on and
  22. I no see what the fuss is about as it depends on preference. Some ppl tie pugri in 1 style some in another it depends on many things . So some ppl have long beard some short. Dont. Be jealous just c the beauty inside of each person. Isnt it better to tie beard n keep those vaal then a person that trims it ? So then what category do all those sikhs that fort in the ww2 go in do you look down on them too for tying beard?
  23. When the time his write its written in sanjog :-) bless them alls
  24. Yew will find most sikhs are very nice and welcoming like we R tort to be only a few make bad feelings and sting a good name for otheres
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