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  1. Sat Sri Akal my brothers The Situation these days is like after the baisakhi when Bhai Fauja Singh was martyred, situation could get out of hand... I live in delhi and at my office s0me of my co-workers were discussing the current issue with me, to any hindu this is just a un-called for attention towards sacha sauda, they say sikhs r over-reacting, i don't really blame them since they r used to seeing their gods inder taking a beating from some demons on national tv, i just tell them that our maryada is very different, if u r not offended by seeing someone dressed as hanuman going abt begging thats ur call... but this is not accetable to us, So long story short, if situation get out of hand, how many of us are equipped with martial skill to defend ourselves, i don't know one fine day b4 u leave for home u might hear sikhs r being beaten up in delhi or something, i mean the thought does occur if u think of 84, then it started with nirankari's and now with sacha sauda.. i tried to make a poll, i had intended for there to be a yes and no against have u any knowledge of martial arts, but i wonder if thats what it'll look like.
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I recently saw a writing somewhere which said something like sikh hoye siir topi dhare 7 janam kusht ho mare not sure if these were the exact wordings, but it was a sticker, Is this taken from gurbani? Many sikhs wear caps these days, just coz they're too lazy to tie turbans or too much into fashion to tie a patka if anyone is aware of this verse, please let me know. Thanks
  3. Guru sahib and Jahangir happened to be hunting in the area around Lahore, and one of jahangir's hawk who was following a prey swayed away and fell in the hands of some sikhs, when the royal soldiers came to recover their hawk, the sikhs refused to return the hawk on account of the foul language and arrogant behavior of the army men. you can read more here http://allaboutsikhs.com/gurus/guruhargobindi2.htm WJKK WJKF
  4. OMG!!! Guru Nanak's photo in such a wrong place
  5. Sikh is he from whom guru is guru granth sahib ji, and he shld explore the truth with his guru, if one goes to some swami how can he be a true sikh radha swami's dress like sikhs, add singh to their names, imitate sikhi as much as possible and call themselves radha swami's not sikhs, if they r sikhs then why a different name, r they trying to devide sikhs,.. ask them!
  6. They say my name as 'RAAV-n-der' like lavender with a R, but thats almost close
  7. Nice article the gurdwara made in memory of Baba ji martyrdom is in mehrauli, one can see the nishan sahib form the mehrauli police station, sad thing is very few ppl go there and very few know about it. even the location is such that busses cannot go there
  8. Kandola is right, being a politician Manmohan Singh is only doing his job, but we'd all feel a bit proud of him if he'd have some anakh
  9. sikhism does believe in reincarnations, there is a verse in sri guru Granth Sahib, I think it is written by bhagat Trilochan Ji he has written(read below or see the attachment) AMiq kwil jo lCmI ismrY AYsI icMqw mih jy mrY ] ant kaal jo lachhmee simrai aisee chintaa meh jay marai. At the very last moment, one who thinks of wealth, and dies in such thoughts, srp join vil vil AauqrY ]1] sarap jon val val a-utarai. ||1|| shall be reincarnated over and over again, in the form of serpents. ||1|| ArI bweI goibd nwmu miq bIsrY ] rhwau ] aree baa-ee gobid naam mat beesrai. rahaa-o. O sister, do not forget the Name of the Lord of the Universe. ||Pause|| AMiq kwil jo iesqRI ismrY AYsI icMqw mih jy mrY ] ant kaal jo istaree simrai aisee chintaa meh jay marai. At the very last moment, he who thinks of women, and dies in such thoughts, bysvw join vil vil AauqrY ]2] baysvaa jon val val a-utarai. ||2|| shall be reincarnated over and over again as a prostitute. ||2|| AMiq kwil jo liVky ismrY AYsI icMqw mih jy mrY ] ant kaal jo larhikay simrai aisee chintaa meh jay marai. At the very last moment, one who thinks of his children, and dies in such thoughts, sUkr join vil vil AauqrY ]3] sookar jon val val a-utarai. ||3|| shall be reincarnated over and over again as a pig. ||3|| AMiq kwil jo mMdr ismrY AYsI icMqw mih jy mrY ] ant kaal jo mandar simrai aisee chintaa meh jay marai. At the very last moment, one who thinks of mansions, and dies in such thoughts, pRyq join vil vil AauqrY ]4] parayt jon val val a-utarai. ||4|| shall be reincarnated over and over again as a goblin. ||4|| AMiq kwil nwrwiexu ismrY AYsI icMqw mih jy mrY ] ant kaal naaraa-in simrai aisee chintaa meh jay marai. At the very last moment, one who thinks of the Lord, and dies in such thoughts, bdiq iqlocnu qy nr mukqw pIqMbru vw ky irdY bsY ]5] 2] badat tilochan tay nar muktaa peetambar vaa kay ridai basai. ||5||2|| says Trilochan, that man shall be liberated; the Lord shall abide in his heart. ||5||2|| tt_0024.pdf
  10. The problem is one sided research.... and blinldly accepting whatever u hear from ppl as the gospel truth, sant bhindranwale didn't stand for his personal fame, he stood for the sikh community, and in anyway the anandpur resolution would have been benificial for entire punjab even the punjabi hindu's. During his days, when haryana was abt to get the lions share of the waters which flowed in punjab, in answer to sikh protests, and alleged militancy(militancy did exist but not in the way the center propogated the rumors), sikhs were pulled from busses and shaved clean this went on all day, and policemen watched, 2 gurdwara's in panipat were burnt, 8 sikhs clubbed to death, other than this sikhs in the villages of haryana were drowned in filthy ponds of water... BHAJAN lal the chief minister of haryana sponser the events... when sant bhindranwale heard of this, he said "each village must have 1 motorbike3 riders, 3 revolvers these weapons will protect you, and also help u to punish those, who do such evils... there is no court to try those who burnt our guru, ..... who so ever bring such ppl to justice, in anywhich way, can come to me for help" so they say he promoted militancy, why didn't they just hand over to the sikhs/punjab what rightfully belongs to them, there will be no reason for any "militancy" u know what punjab was b4 47, and how small it is now, water levels r going down, in my village we had water at 40 ft in 84, now its at 150 ft
  11. I wonder what that guy was thinking, *EDITED* Admin Note:Verji.. from rules & guidelines.. Do not post messages that advocate harm or death to anyone, threaten the livelihood of anyone
  12. on the 22nd after the blasts, altho they said on tv the city is on red alert, there was nothing to show for it i was in GK that night and drove to my house in gurgaon at about 1am, and i didn't see one cop on my way home, i saw barriers on my way home, but not 1 cop could be seen on the roads, not even at the delhi-haryana border. the news channels say anything they like
  13. 1 dead and 50 injured, some r very citically injured, thats what i read in the paper so far nobody has claimed responsibility of this attack, lets all pray no sikh has anything to do with this, this could be a conspiracy coming from pakistan to disturb the peace between hindu's and sikhs, which would divert the govt/media's attention from muslim terror groups for a while
  14. few question which come to my mind are What kind of taxes will there be in khalistan, how will the military be established, how will we secure the borders, there will be india on one side and pakistan on the other, both r traditional enemies ... most ppl in punjab say drugs r smuggled in from rajasthan, so securing the indian border would be very important, right now the indian govt gives LPG and other fuels, some of which r at a subsidised rate, so won't these things be more expensive in the newly formed khalastan... how will that be managed in 47 when sikhs moved from pakistan to punjab they got lands in return of what they lost in pakistan, will there be such an arrangement for those who lose assets in india, coz there r many sikhs in UP who own farming land other than that intelligent manpower, that will be another challenge when i try to imagine a khalastan these questions come to my mind another thing is there r a large number of followers of these radha soami's and nirankari's in punjab itself, what will be the status of these preachers, giving religious freedom is one thing but allowing them to go on preaching the bogus stuff, is there a way to resolve this peacefully, will minimal resentment from the people Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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