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  1. This whole grooming issue and the Leicester case in particular are absolutely disgusting and saddens me deeply. I’m just thankful that there are people like Bhai Mohan Singh and SAS out there who are trying to combat this. Having been on this forum for many years, I do get concerned when allegations are made against individuals or organisations on here. Singh1986, can you please share any FB comments or posts that you are referring to made by these elders or organisations?
  2. I agree with Menu Ke Patha here! In actual fact what that meeting has done is actually cause further division in UK. So while AKJ UK are acting like hero's to the wider UK sangat...but the fact is that they are infact responsible for more disunty in UK now. As S1ngh has said, an open sadda to all Taksaal students of UK should have been done if they wanted Ekta but it wasn't...why???
  3. Chinese proverb: 'It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness' Instead of criticising others for their inactions, we all actually need to ask ourselves...what am i doing to bring about change? Don't expect others to start a revolution...be the revolution yourself! There's so much me can do while just residing in the West to bring about change....but the question we all need to ask ourselves is 'do we really care'? If you really care, then be part of the solution, do something...no matter how small, just like the little girl did in Punjab.
  4. This for me is totally the wrong kind of publicity...showing a few tricks for the masses - is that what the Khalsa has been reduced to...really?!? And to top it off...they waved an India flag...are you kidding me!!!!! i don't care how much publicity they received...they sold their jameer (conscience) for 3 lakh rupees...all at the expense of the panth!!!!
  5. There are always exceptions but generally all Punjabi's today are hardwired today to put themselves first...but this can be changed...through education alone. Educate the kids and inspire them to build a relationship with Guru Jee and we will see the changes. I know of so many parents who have began changing their ways and coming more into Sikhi just because their kids go home after camps and question their parents lifestyle/actions. With the blessing of Guru Jee, we are slowly seeing a change...it maybe be only slow change for now but slow change is better than no change. However, i can
  6. Lets just wait and see how quickly Badal removes Gianni Jee from their seva...
  7. This is very sad news to hear if 3ho are doing this. i too am shocked to see Snatam Kaur doing that! Also, i find Gurkha singh in the video's on Sikhnet very egotistical - he totally doesn't seem to have the humitlty a parchak needs!!!! However, i really like all the video's of Shanti Kaur Khalsa. Shes got the humility that a parcharak needs, she can reference historical granths and is well read & it appear that she has a good knowledge of 1984- this comes across in every video she's done. Sikhnet need to drop Gurka Singh and have Bibi Shanti Kaur to do all their video's
  8. The congress lot are a dying breed in the UK - no UK born sikhs want to join them. What i find most ironic is that i know loads of the kids of congressi parents, and they are infact Pro-Khalistan, pro-Sant Jarnail Singh & this is going to increase with time. If a date is fixed for Indira...please let the UK sangat know...as this then becomes an issue for the panth and not just leamington.
  9. Great idea! This is exactly whqat should be done! SikherOfNaam...according to you, are all religions equal to Sikhi? Are the prophets of other faiths on par with Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee?
  10. Someone has just text me saying Harinder Singh from SikhRI is the guest speaker on the show...i hope thats true?
  11. Nihal Show will be discussing Delhi 1984 today - hopefully that clown jaswinder won't be calling in with his anti-Sikh views! No-one else can ever gets through on the phone lines to call in...but guess what Jaswinder always does! Please tune in on BBC Asian Network today: 2 to 3pm Today
  12. Has Buddha Dal recognised him as the last master...yeah right! He's a self proclaimed master!
  13. A non-kesadhari guy, who has really been getting interested in sikhi went to a few of the talks at the Exhibition. Basically, the main thing he took from the talks he went to was that...Sikhs are Hindu's. It only took me a few mins to put this genuine seeker of truth straight and that what he had been told was totally rubbish! He said for days he was sooo confused about what he learnt. It was ashame that i dodn't get more of a chance to speak to him about what other rubbish was taught there - i pray i get to meet him again...so i can detail everything that was talked about in the talks.
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