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  1. Hi Wales, Hope all is going well. To answer your question very briefly, Sikhi is 100% monothestic. In Jap Ji Sahib and other prayers, there are various references to devi devtas. You are quite correct in that they are often used to illusrate some of the different facets of the power of God. The passage which you quoted actually rejects the idea of the supremacy of the deities if you examine it carefully. The passage speaks of three elements of the power of God, Creative, sustaining and destructive. These are describes as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; three of the most recognised Hindu deitie
  2. The connection is through Bhai Baghel Singh, who in the 1780's attacked Delhi and occupied the Lal Kila, flowing the Nishaan Sahib. There are seven Gurdware in Delhi at historic sites that Bhai Sahib Ji is credited with establishing through his actions. These are Gurdwara Mata Sundri, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, Gurdwara Bala Sahib, Gurdwara Rakab Ganj,Gurdwara Sis Ganj, Gurdwara Moti Bagh and Gurdwara Majnu Ka Tilla.
  3. I think your post is unfair in suggesting these descriptions of issues at Amritsar are falsified. I myself used the Amritsar airport for the first time recently, and recieved quite a lot of unwarranted hassle; I would suggest more so than at Delhi. Also, the staff there appear to be wholly amateurish and nobody seems to know what the rules for anything are. An example was a guard I saw freely allowing some passengers to carry water bottles and pepsi bottles while confiscating small tubs of cream from others'. There is no doubt Raja Sansi airport could be far more popular if not held back by D
  4. DTF books in Birmingham also offer a Sundar Gutka with translation and transliteration. If you are looking to obtain the CSJS published version, make sure you get the second edition, as the first is full of errors and mistakes within the transliteration.
  5. A visa will be needed unless they are a British national, which would not be the case with your wife.
  6. I don't think it is available on dvd, well it definately wasn't a few years back when I needed it. Why don't you check if there are any forthcoming theatre productions. Gurufateh! there is one - but i dnt think am goin North London u know - lol doubt my mom will let me go anyway Thanks every1 anyway!!! i'll jus read the book lol :TH: Gurufateh! Its actually a quite interesting play if you get into it, a good insight into some of the issues caused by British presence around the world.
  7. I don't think it is available on dvd, well it definately wasn't a few years back when I needed it. Why don't you check if there are any forthcoming theatre productions.
  8. I think it means you should not live off the earnings of your daughter, I think something similar appears in the Bhai Nand Lal Rehitnama. I think there is some exploration on the site below. http://sikhitothemax.com/Rehat.asp?ID=90
  9. I think West Brom loaned him out to neighbouring localities to raise funds to re-introduce a refuse collection programme. Judging by my last visit to West Brom, they have yet to meet the required target.
  10. Theres only one pic we're talking about on here, the drugsss are making ya see doublesssss
  11. My response was aimed towards Kumi, and not your reply to Kumi. Kumis waaaay more important than u. But its great u think its great to know how im doing aswell, so thanks I guess.
  12. Be sure to make an appearence at the next Nanaksar Nagar Keertan in Coventry; there you will see all the proof you need. Was the drink-driving just an article or was he actually convicted? I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult for someone in Canada to uncover the truth there either. I think there is a parallell post-Mihan Singh Nanaksar Sant in India, who has the Nanaksar Gurdwara there under his hold, and if I remember correctly, there is friction between the two with regards to who is the real successor to Baba Mihan Singh.
  13. Am DOINGGGGGGGGGGG fine thanks, how about yourself?
  14. lol, you beat me to it, was just gonna say it looked darn familiar!!
  15. I have listened to the same recordings you reffer to, and agree it would be hard to understand what was being said unless you are very familiar with the bani. However, if you are familiar with Jaap Sahib as per teh example you use, I think you can quite adequately understand what is being spoken, although the speed does not allow for much thinking/interpretaion time. I don't think this is ideal, but I guess it might work for some people, but the best advice is if you don't agree with it, or it doesn't work for you, the find a version you are more comfortable listening to. Personally, I wou
  16. I bees cool, man we cant jack our own threads these days??? See admins, this is why people resort to street crime, as you just can't get away with net crime anymore A passing thought regarding hastening my passing? Umm, I'll let you off then as I don't know what else to do. Jan 08 sounds good, but guess i'll be winning till then Thank you for the appreciation, we only do it for the fans.
  17. H4RPAL

    Two Kareh

    Wear them as you want, might get a bit noisy with two on one arm though.
  18. Were u gonna kill me??? Is this what society wants to do to you when you become aged? Funnily enough, speaking of death, I think Akaal108 is no longer with us, but I believe he has reincarnated. Dunno if this is true, could someone check on Wikipedia please?
  19. I would fund this suggested web project...but....I'm tight, so I'm not gonna. Can we put it on some free site?? I mean it would be impossible to respect this picture enough by buying an adequately expensive site name for it, as there would be no such site name and webspace existent, so why don't we just give up trying? BTW, was up at 11:33 because I got hungry. I have a new meal schedule: Breakfast Brunch Lunch (As of yet unnamed meal) Tea Supper (As of yet unnamed 11:33 snack time) Midnight Feast Worst bit is I'm not even joking (seriously)
  20. I know Kurtas was being sarcastic, were you too? All this potential humour is getting confusing.
  21. We have progress, I've found a small version, not the full sized, high quality, version you need to really appreciate the piece.
  22. Seek internally and ye shall find the image. Either that or I'll just have to search my PC.
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