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  1. No worries lol i was wondering myself why it was in Gupt section rather than in Politics section when i first posted it.
  2. One things Sikhs should understand is that alot of jathebandi's told the kaum lies for decades to furfil their own agenda's, the indian govt also told lies and as did the hindu extremists. It was the akali dal that floated the khalistan narrative and missions aboard to win concessions from the indian establishment and get more power for themselves in punjab. Khalistan was never their serious objective it was just their extreme front to frighten the establishment and for them to negotiate for a better deal. The akalis also painted sant bhindranwale as someone for khalistan even though many times he said his demand is not khalistan but he wont reject it he wanted equal treatment of Sikhs and better rights. So guys, if you want to know the dirty gadar game akali's and their allied babbar militant's played just find out the reason why sant bhindranwale and his loyalists were forced to move to sri akal takht from nanak niwas. And it was akal takht that was attacked and destroyed by the indian army tanks. It was babbars the armed wing of akali dal that "helped" free sant bhindranwale from police custody and invited him to darbar sahib for refuge. And in the end it was the akalis that were in league with indira's congress however both were trying to get their own agenda and political mileage by using the sant bhindranwale and innocent naive sikhs in the trap they had created for the kaum. Sant bhindranwale vowed to die as a shaheed as head of Damdami Taksal whose ancient legendary hero was baba deep singh ji so he wanted to be shaheed in the same warrior spirit fighting an outside force in the traditions of Sikhi. The ones who fled the scene during the battle yet had given their vows to defend darbar sahib to death were the gadars who to this day are either alive as politicians or killed by indian establishment after being useful patsy (knowingly or unknowingly) R&AW agents for them, or disguised and in hiding Chess game was set and the pieces were played. Only Sant bhindranwale and those who died defending darbar sahib against the aggressor armed forces of the establishment can be truly seen as hero's of Sikhism.
  3. The elites always plan well ahead in advance even, when things happen in society always look for the funders. Always follow the money. One thing you will notice about these confrontations so far is that the racist black supremists/nationalists and their racist white counterparts want to use problems in their own communities to deflect them on the other races. So you got the racist black supremists trying to unite their feuding degenerate feral gangsters to stop killing each other and start uniting to attack to common enough of them all ie. the racist white man and establishment that keeps them economically poor. They never do protests or demonstrations for black on black crime or black on non-black crime. So their hypocritical supremacist narrative will and is being exposed by educated blacks themselves. The racist white supremists trying to woke up and unite the majority of whites of nations to come into their camps and focus their fight on the blacks and their allies because they fear their decreasing demographics and thus their identity and heritage as a white nation being lost forever. Racial politics is very dangerous because we saw what happened in ww2 with rise of hitler and when people played politics of race. The low IQ racist black nationalists are leading their people along with all us minority communities into a fight where we do not want to be. Time for Sikhs to see the signs and work out how best to support the community in all aspects for the coming storms ahead.
  4. Thought i had posted it there but it appears it's in the wrong category. Admin, please move this topic to politics section.
  5. Elites financiers are playing chess in a rigged game which means they will win all the time. Rest of us in society are the pawns, the police, politicians,religious leaders are the rest of the pieces on the board. BLM should be seen as a group no ethnic or religious minority should align themselves to. Even alot of blacks who are wise to the game of the elites distance themselves from BLM, they can see in their manifesto the BLM want to push the lgbt agenda and feminism and most self respecting black people strongly oppose those aims. Low IQ sikhs align with BLM High IQ sikhs align with SLM ...... SikhLivesMatter movement which is organically created and not funded or supported by any external powers. Muslims have quite clearly aligned themselves with BLM because lot of blacks are muslims and because muslims see benefit in destroying the non-muslim west they will aid and support BLM if it helps the agenda of islamification of the UK. Also certain political powers have been supporting wars in middle east and destabilization of it thus enabling muslim mass migration and refugee's to create the perfect storm against the old order in the majority white christian western world.
  6. brothers we predicted this already. This is what the elites in the establishments want to distract the sheeple and hide what they doing with the economy and theft of money out of the system and de-funding of services when the deep recession hits. Thats why billionaire soros amoung others is funding BLM and the other side too.
  7. For subverting the democratic process and enforcing their own mob rule by both far left and inciting the thugs from far right to retaliate? OR does the elites want and need these far right white nationalists vs black nationalists conflicts with LGBT+ cultural far left Marxist extremist narratives and agenda's played out to take over of the western societies.
  8. Goes to prove that only Sikhs held it up for punjab, punjabi and punjabiyat. The vast majority of pakistani muslims are in favor of urdu because its association with mughul muslim rule. The hindu's are in favor of hindi as proved by their insitance of dividing pepsu punjabi area's in 1960s into 3 different states along non-punjabi speaking linguistic lines. So if a person is a true punjabi they should align themselves with sikhi who fought and held pride of punjab up.
  9. Whats your racial/ethnic background? Are you a convert to Sikhi or born into it? If a convert what about Sikhi attracted you to the faith and what has your journey in the faith been so far?
  10. Alot of truth in your posts but you cant blame all sikh women for these problems entirely. Sikhs need to stop being cucks and create fellowship with like minded sikhs. It is alot of left wing communist atheist brainwashing by the mainstream media and sarbat da bhalla types that have brainwashed not just women but alot of sikh males into liberal care free attitudes not standing up for Sikhi when its required. Only right wing sikh nationalist programming will set the kaum on the right path again. We have to remember women generally love dominance love muscularity and they look for security/safety, power and not just good looks to mat. If they see you as a strong dominant powerful man you being instantly desirable if they see Sikh men of today with huge turbans and beards carrying kirpans but always the weak cowardly getting beaten by everyone and and serving everyone like a langari slave without giving parchar spreading sikhi and defending his own community these kinda traits dont attract or impress most women. The weak turbanned sikh and weak khalsa it seems is slowly dying a natural evolution death in Sikh community just as the turban has done with persian society, muslim society, jewish society, afghan society and hindu rajput society. Majority women themselves are choosing to go for non-turban wearing guys because balance of power has shifted away from turban males unlike centuries past where if you didnt have a turban and huge beard you'd be considered a nobody in society, not a man and feminine looking. Most muslim women are not practising and prefer guys who are not molvi types. After they get married sometimes they want to go all out religious or if they got bad past they become religious hijab wearing nuns to get married. The main thing Sikhs need to focus on is changing their mindset to right wing Sikh nationalism then after that getting power and dominance whether that's in the streets by group muscle running area's or politics or by financial means. With power everything else will follow. The condition of a most woman is that they are sheeples they are usually the first to jump on the popular bandwagons by flocking to the current trends and narratives created by mostly dominant vocal assertive males of society. So if the dominant males are hindus or muslims spreading their own ideology and flexing their numbers then they dont even need to even groom the women of other communities as they themselves will feel more protected and attracted to those who can further provide for their needs.
  11. You gotta hand it to BLM, antifa and anarchists they have proved that mob rule works and violent activism is the only way to get results in the UK, USA and i suspect in rest of the west too. The establishment is either shook or secretly happy so that they can play their next chess move. I'm suspecting the later they need these groups to do what they do so they can play their next move. My concern is that it sets a dangerous precedent for other groups (like other ethnicities who feel victimised or even the far right white nationalists to take violence to the streets) taking the same approach to achieve the results they want. So if the authorities come down hard against other groups for exactly the same sort of rioting and protests then they will complain of state victimization and discrimination and further radicalise their supporters. If the authorities let everyone do what they want then it will be chaos and anarchy and then they'll just bring in Marshall law just as its predicted what the elites probably want as theres predicted to be a deep recession, job loses, home loses and riots combined with what the coronavirus still about with 2nd wave predicted in the colder months .
  12. No worries bro and like wise. Your views are often appreciated and balanced.
  13. We all want the self determination, freedom, dignity, land and mineral rights, water, clean air and sustainable living. The right to be unmolested and practice dharam bro. However If you see the thread we talking about the antics of BLM and far left antifa in the UK not America, its a different type of situation over there. I know the history of america its a native brown shamanic tribal population land and the white european and African black population immigrated there around 1600's under different circumstances and different racial power dynamics. I also know that african black kings sold and traded black slaves in different african kingdoms with each other and with outsiders like islamic arab slave traders/owners and christian european slave traders/owners. Slavery wasn't just an inherit european white trait that happened relatively recently. Enslavement of humanity and their distraction of their dignity goes back to the times of the pharaohs 6,000 years ago. It's as old as the earliest human civilizations. Those rich elite banking financiers who fund various groups to create wars and trouble in society are the very ones who are enslaving everyone under economic debt slavery. I will always stand with the oppressed person of colour than with the privileged ruling class of white man and woman (who are the gate keepers preventing equality and economic prosperity). However I will not stand for criminality and hooliganism mob rule whether it be religious or racial backgrounds. When i see majority of blacks in mobs and online behaving like zombies being manipulated by the mainstream and social media and funded by the same elites who is funding the other side who stands for their white nationalist people. Then I can see all these guys are falling for the oldest trick in the book by those elites in power, which is divide and rule. I try to always to see things for a balanced point of view and try to look at the wider picture and agenda of funders of change and chaos in society.
  14. These daft low IQ women always think grass is greener on the other side, then realise what horrible mistake they made being fooled into islam.
  15. Imagine those were brown man/ asian guys who tried do that. Would they have been given a free pass like black mobs have been given like this? The cenotaph is to the british white natives to what Gurdwara's Nishan Sahib is to the Sikhs. No Sikhs would tolerate the attacks. And so these kinda images are triggering and creating the anger in british white nationalist circles.
  16. Former KGB agent giving away secrets of the art of how to destablise and demoralize a nation and conquer them without ever lifting a bullet.
  17. Not just because of how many years it was ruled but also the culture of lahore its not mainstream strict islamic it is more sufi and pluralistic and colourful. The day it becomes a hardline islamic city is the day of its downfall as native lahori sufi muslims will wish for Sikh rule to return to free them.
  18. Bro the whole Sikh kaum been fooled over the years not thinking how far that deep rabbit hole goes. Certain jathabandi's and people within them have been covertly working with the Indian state either for a number of reasons most of them which are monetary gain or political asylum. if the Indian establishment could develop and test the hydrogen bomb under the noses of the west and put probes on moon and mars. Then creating elaborate anti-sikh terrorist schemes to attack, confuse and hoodwink Sikhs and their own general low IQ public of india with the huge extent of their power and influence is small fry. And to top it off everything is done with and without the knowledge and collusion of certain global intelligence security agencies. No government will out the war crimes of other governments intelligence agencies unless its a clear cut long term geo-political enemy and there's no economic benefit from them. So only pakistan is willing to out india's war crimes against Sikhs and kashmiris but it has hardly any credibility because its own spy agency is an overt jihad islamic terrorist funder and supporter in afghanistan and kashmir.
  19. They did put a statue of maharajah ranjit singh i think in or near lahore fort recently lol But the certain muslim extremists didnt take to kindly to it and damaged it. Lahore is the natural city of the Sikhs one day it will be a Sikh city again. Most muslims view him neutrally as the one who saved punjab from afghan invaders. Because the afghans smashed and crushed the mughul muslim empire first and did untold crazyness to their fellow muslims who happened to be punjabi. So when the mughuls were weakened the Sikhs attacked on mass took over lahore and rest of punjab and was a relief they even aided the Sikhs to prevent the afghans coming for them again. So to this day afghan pasthun's have deep hatred for pakistani muslim punjabi's and vice versa.
  20. Alot of people on youtube been pointing that out. Many blacks been killed in much worse clear cut murder cases caught on film and nothing like this was coordinated. A white pregnant woman was shot dead this year and there was no riots or mass media campaign. Floyd and his killer were work colleagues in a club for 17years. Floyd had a big criminal record (no excuse for his murder), but he was no saint. Floyd had freemasonic ties for some strange reason. He died from cardiac arrest autopsy reports state he had taken drugs which was present in his system. When ever things like this are coordinate always look at those who fund the groups and its widely known george soros the hungerian jewish billionaire financier is funding BLM and far left organisations. Then we have Israeli Jewish zionist groups funding people like tommy robinson. So clearly some shadowy protected powers are pulling strings behind the curtains to incite violence and chaos in western society.
  21. Exactly. The message it sends out is that the white native population is that they are now powerless to stop the tides of change against them. It also sends out the message that mob rule by certain black and far left white people is tolerated by the establishment and they are powerless or don't know how to react against the rioting black mobs complaining about racism. If the police go in too hard and they will get bashed by blacks everywhere and the by the black centric media. Go in too soft and they are seen as weak and submissive and it angers the majority white native people. It also sends out the message if the certain blacks are violent and assertive on the streets even against the authorities over practically nothing then they and those who politically fund them and shield them are the real power now. It will give strength to that feeling of oppression of the white natives in their own country. Maybe its karma for what the racist right wing white European's did in non-white lands centuries ago and still do covertly via their governments but i can guarantee by these acts are being seen as black nationalist and far left appeasement which is doing nothing but harm to social cohesion between right wing white and ethnic minority communities.
  22. All this statue knocking over and attacks on war memorials by black nationalists and far left white anarchists and antifa Marxists has triggered alot of the white ethno nationalists. In my view if you are in a country from a relative recent immigrant community it is upon you to respect the historical heritage of the native population. Even if these statues and monuments glorify villains of the past. It's not upon us to take them down thats like us going over to afghanistan and blowing up ahmed shah durrani abdali's tomb up or wazir khans masjid up although some may argue it would be justified for past historical crimes against our community.
  23. Probably wont because the Congressi Indian's will cry and cause a fuss over it. Maybe this statue that should be removed as far as Indian nationalists are concerned since they consider the indian mutiny of 1857 to be the first war of independence for them. https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-m/1280/18/91/a3/66/photo0jpg.jpg
  24. Don't think it's blackmail. I'm guessing its a bit of guilt but more of a way to get back at the Indian establishment who made them become that way. Also they feel the times have changed and now everyone should come clean of the roles they played in a conflict that brought disaster to alot of families in punjab. Many of these people who speak out now are disillusioned by the state and its system of looking after "patriots". Even a few former R&AW agents who did missions in pakistan on behalf of india spoke out to the media after sarabjit singh was killed in prison in pakistan few years ago. They weren't getting the pensions and wages they thought they would after risking their whole lives for the indian regime. Alot of the former Indian soldiers also spoke out against the establishment and staged demonstrations for not getting what they were promised fighting for defense of the nation. So alot of these people want to highlight their own plight and give their stories so that the narrative isn't painted by history that all of them were hell bent on genocide and mass murder. I'm guessing also they are limited not being allowed to travel aboard to the west because of their role in the security establishment violating several UN human rights laws and so feel aggrieved due to that.
  25. I'm guessing a bit of both really. After analysing research from books, articles and statements. My assessment is that there was alot of players from different religious and political groups with their own agenda's. Some where already trained up Indian military R&AW agents whose mission was to spread terror within the Sikh and Hindu communities in indian punjab and some of the agents were trained to carry out attacks in pakistan in late 80s. People like the now dead sarabjit singh (a R&AW agent hindu from haryana who pretended to be a sikh separatist crossed the border and did attacks in lahore in late 80s, was eventually caught by pakistani authorities and imprisoned). I'm guessing they wanted intelligence on what pakistani ISI was up to. So having the fake khalistani's was one way of doing that getting important intelligence, disrupting and subverting the movement for Punjab's independence. We may recall how Benizair Bhutto was forced to sign an truce agreement with Rajiv gandhi to give up names and safe sanctuary of khalistani's in pakistan after these incidents. This is how arms shipping from pakistan to indian punjab gradually stopped. You had hindu punjabi extremist's who were trained by indian military dressed up to dress as Sikh separatists and did the bidding of the Indian govt terrorizing punjab and blaming it on Sikhs. There's a magazine article i read few years ago which gave away how even to this day even though on of them was a brahmin hindu he kept their dastaar and long beard because it suited him. Hindu terrorist groups like shiv sena punjab among others. Alot of people dont know their role in defaming Sikh separatists and their part in terrorist attacks in punjab. People tend to think they are a harmless group of baffons or loud mouth hindu extremists. But they are still part of the same indian security establishment who try to goad, bait and incite and criminalise Sikhs in order to defame any movement for Sikh autonomy or Independence. You had black cat indian punjab police terrorist gangs designed by avjit doval and KPS Gill creating criminal gangs like alam sena, virk sena, saini sena, etc who went around murdering and looting punjabi's pretending to be Sikh separatists. You also had genuine kharku separatists who later were caught and blackmailed to fight for indian state in-order not to have themselves and their family massacred or had naturally given up the fight to live quite life. Alot of this group of ghost indian agents are probably ones listed in the outlook magazine article who pretend to be killed in a encounter, changed their names and identities. The divide and rule policies making kharku' groups suspect, confuse, fight each and kill other rather than the indian state was probably the aim of the whole strategy. Just as they are now doing in kashmir hence why the kashmiri armed movement for independence will never work. The indian military establishment is far more ruthless and devious in a covert way than the general public think.
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