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  1. If you want to see some really hardcore beabdi of the Sikhi saroop, then watch the Pakistani Punjabi 'Amar Akbar Anthony', it was made circa 1980's...
  2. <banned word filter activated> IS YOUR POST ABOUT?...
  3. A Devi that could not protect herself from the Daints is hardly likely to protect the Khalsa! If Devi gave Satguru the powers, then Guru Ji would've clearly chanted: DEVI JI KA KHALSA! DEVI JI KI FATEH... SATGURU WORSHIPPED THE CREATOR; NOTHING ELSE!......
  4. KALKA ARADHEE.... Guru Maharaj says that he is the ARADHEE (devotee) of KAAL ( creator). You need to separate the KA from KAALKA, otherwise you'll fall into the wrong trap. SGGS says that Devi is incapable of giving MUKHTI. Why would GURU SAHIB worship something other than the creator? Why would MARD AGAMDA invoke a female for sanctuary? What protection can a Devi give GURU SAHIB; the Devi, who herself, ran scared from Daints? GURU SAHIB would never contradict SGGS.....
  5. Have the EDL or BNP condemned this attack? If not, why not?....
  6. If you live your life as a true Sikh, this will have a huge impact on others too. Ye who without sin, cast the first stone.....
  7. Since the marriage was under the ageis of SGGS Ji then it stands to reason that when things go pear shaped both parties should seek guidance from SGGS Ji. The person who walks out without taking shelter from Gurbani can be considered to be wrong. The party that wants to keep the marriage intact with Guru Ji's help will have Guru Ji on their side. Apologies in advance for anything that causes offence.
  8. My wife goes through quite a lot of discomfort during period. She finds it difficult to concentrate on Nitnem etc. generally she feels very on edge during those days. Could this be a reason? Just wandering.
  9. Could the lack of media coverage/attention be a result of the fact that India is a tiger economy? Britain/USA are now bedfellows with India? Britain is dependent on India in terms of trade etc? I feel that a protest against middle eastern countries by Uk based dissidents would have definitely attracted more coverage. We live in a money driven world. The only way we Sikhs will attract sympathy is if we become affluent enough to have an impact on the western economy. Human rights don't seem to matter unless atrocities are committed against the dissidents of a country that the west wants to dest
  10. I hear what you're saying Penji. Would he have a legal obligation to denounce his public office [the mayor] ? The Pardhaan has no formidable opposition to challenge him in an election. If the Pardhaan should resign on moral grounds and the Mayor resign on moral grounds , that can only happen if they have any morals! What's the solution in this case?
  11. No one is a virgin. Life F***S us all.
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