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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I used to wear a Dastaar I started whering it after I went to Camp but ppl really started taking the micky out of me so I stopped, I wish I had the will power all those Bhenji's have that wear the beautiful Crown our Guru Ji gave us. I have total respect for all who wear a Dastaar they are truely the true princesses of our Guru's. Inder Kaur Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  2. Gore are tapped they try to shorten your name even change into gora style Inderjeet to: Injit Imagine Indajit Ijit injajit imergin indergate <<< Classic and the best one is G as in the letter G propa craked up names
  3. Hawwwww Yeah but My pronthey are still the nicest but you gona never beat the old folks styles Heera veera ji broke my heart and princess your a girl so you are special :doh:
  4. Happy Belated birthday bro Inder Kaur (sorry)
  5. Hey chuch chuch chuch look wat I been missing but this is propa funny pyario Mum's fav to bro: Bandar jiha emi paunk da rehnda. Mum: ja ki apna kam kar me: it's done mum mum: ja soja jaki fir Dad to bro: twalt vich beki bhout parna aunda tenu. (well I think it's funny)
  6. oye oye oye oye wats going on here hey???? yeah yeah I know been long time but yo's im back now. Princess darling you are very special, Heera Bhaji just jealous of that so don't worry acha. Inder Kaur
  7. See i've said it so many times you can sell anything on e-bay even a bottle full of air.
  8. LOL Props man this is funny but also very a Duh factor!!!
  9. This is cool finally somethingf to do when im at work lol Inder
  10. Hi Bhaji Happy Birthday :HP: <_< and keep smiling
  11. people people people stop arguing and accept the appologies just all stay happy Bhull Chuck Maff Karna
  12. lol that's funny I agree the male gender makes any one his rishtidar.
  13. awwww poor woman ouch I bet it hurt glad im not her lolzzzzzz
  14. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Gateh All I can say at this point is im dissapointed in you lot, I mean when I left the forum to go on a business trip it was hype on stories and word associations and stuff so what went wrong??? Whether we are from UK or anywhere else it doe not matter cus we Sikh man and if Kumi want's to post his views then allow him and let him do it, don't be against but encourage him and help him on the right track. Kumi don't be discouraged by our bro's and sis's across the world it is also there feelings just take what they say in to consideration, and if you don't agreen then allow it but don't argue with them. Bhulla Chucka maff Karni jio and that includes for Kumi Bhaji too Inder Kaur. Gurfateh Jio
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