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  1. wjkwjkf Going back to the original thread, for me Guru Ganth Sahib is a friend. When I have no friend. Guru ji acts as my friend and guide. It is a source of immense beauty and contemplation. It is a bringer of peace and calmness to my mind. It is a light of God on earth. It is the source of the creator. It is the embodiment of love of God. Guru Granth Sahib is the only one I will bow too. It is where I am at ease and at peace. My Guru gives me acceptance in a world that is hostile. Without my Guru I would ease to exist
  2. Waheguru I did not watch all the video because it was too horrific to see a young girl being beaten to death. What is more horrific is that is was photographed. It seems to me to be staged performance. The photographer took the photographs of a girl being beaten to death and NO one intervened at all, young and old Sikh men watched. Then some Sikh man comes at the end and waves a kirpan so pathetic, makes me so ashamed to be SIkh. One Sikh mans turban gets knocked off and the world Sikh community is in rage. There no stop coverage in the media. facebook etc.... about the humiliation and
  3. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ka Fateh In what circumstances can a divorce take place in Sikhism without being punished by guru ji? If you are really suffering badly violence and abuse and your safety is compromised then you should leave. You will be forgiven by Guru ji and supported, anything else, just get on with it and don't think about marriage, get on with living your life.
  4. WJKKWJKF Don't worry Simran you will find accommodation:-) When I moved to London, it was hard at first and I went through the same problem as you, then I moved in with an old lady and it was much better. If you ask at your local Gurdwara I am sure someone will be able to help you. I am sure there is an old lady looking for company from a girl like you as well. Have faith. Good luck
  5. WJKWJKF People with mental health disorders do alot to other people, cause alot of grieve within families and outside. If she believes she was a fearless warrior, then it she really should be on medication, before she hurts anyone. Has nobody, considered taking her to the doctors?? she really needs help, rather than condemnation. Mental health disorders are complex and people suffering from them, say all and do all sorts of things. A doctor will make a ref feral to see health professional who will be able to help her. Apologises, I really don't know much about this:-(
  6. I don't know these people, but it seems clear to me that the person is suffering from 'split personality disorder' and should be on medication 'asap'. I hope people who know them can support them to seeing a doctor and taking medication, the 5 Singhs should have recommended that and hopefully understood, that it is a mental disorder issue.
  7. Wjkkwjkf Thank you Bhenjee, can you please text the above number, for further details. We are grateful for your help, Bablir Bhenjee will be happy to provide further details.
  8. The 313th Sahibzadas Sikh Scout Group (Birmingham) are looking for volunteers to work with young people in the Scouts troops sections, ages 10.5 to 14 year old's. If you are enthusiastic about outdoor life, like working with young people and can commit yourself to organising programmes, as well bringing the values and principles of Sikhi in line with Scouting fundamentals which go hand in hand, please contact the Group Scout Leader for further information and details: Balbir Kaur on 07762 652969 www.scouts.org.uk
  9. WJKKWJKF Parshaad, don't wipe away the ghee, with tissue, rub it all over your face and hands It clears any skin dryness. It does work.
  10. Be Part of the London 2012 GamesRecruitment Event: 7 February 2012, Stratford Want to help us make the Games happen? Gain new skills, make friends and be part of one of the world’s greatest events.Working for London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic is your chance to do this and to share a moment of history. What’s on offer? London 2012 is a Games for everyone, so there are all sorts of job opportunities for all sorts of people, including those currently out of work and students. More than 100,000 people will be paid to work on the Games, all of them with different languages, skills and expe
  11. It is not a class issue, my late mother in law was illiterate but she still read Jap Ji each day all day, sang shahads with the ladies and was such a nice lady, always helping others in the community. There is still strong divisions between castes, I go to all Gurdwaras. I don,t identify myself with any group at all, but when you do venture out to a different Gurdwara, people are suspicious, or try to join a group again entry levels are high, especially with Sikhs, but I have had English, and many other groups who do not have strong divisions and are happy to come and visit and we go out. Not
  12. Sorry, I am letting off steam here, was really upset with numerous instances that have occurred. There are some wonderful Sikhs and know many many in the community, Sikhs young and old etc.. there are lots of them, I have many acquaintances. There some wonderful Sikh females, some I would go as far as saying great in the east end. But the opportunity to 'connect' on a spiritual level, discussing talking about issues, seriously and other things, there are not many, they are all too busy, well so am I. But not busy to help other people and I have always, but when it comes to people supporti
  13. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ka Fateh Having experienced very little community support and kindness, from the Sikh community, I had come to the conclusion that there was logic to Sikhs behaviour. You see if we were nice to each other then it would go against Sikhi, we believe only in the Support of the Nam, everything else is farce. Great, I understand, then we are told, we need to be in a Sadh Sangat. But SIkhs all hate each other, how is that possible?? I come to terms with it by just listening and sitting in the Sadh sangat, anything more than that is a bonus. In all the 13 year
  14. Fateh Ji You really need to see a doctor and get some tests done. Once they have identified the problem you can then work on natural ways to complement treatment from health professional. Don't leave it too late and insist that they do a number of tests to find the core of the problem. You will be fine, listen to Sukhmani Sahib everyday.
  15. The biggest threat to Sikhism is not the lack of girls in the community, due to female foeticide. Guru Gobind Singh Ji clearly made it a demand that no female foeticide should be practised in the Sikh Community, any Sikh doing so will be excommunicated. But no other religion other than Sikhi has the highest rate of female foeticide and you have the situation we are in today, many Sikh boys with a fewer Sikh girls. I saw a matrimonial poster in some Gurdwara the ratio of available males was far smaller to the ratio of females. I can also obtain more reliable census data, other than observati
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