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  1. I agree with you all !!! This is a new game - we Sikhs have to be intelligent !!
  2. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Paneer Monster, Great great posts!!! Thanks for taking the time to type up your posts, it is not time wasted!!! May the eternal soul and light of the 10 Guru's, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, bless all the Gursikh Piyare who posted on here to help the Sikh Sangat not get tied in with the occult Rhadasoami club. We all get very tired of these Rhadasoami brain washed robots coming onto this site looking for justification of their occult Rhadasoami club (because they actually haven't got true faith in it themselves. They are just brain washe
  3. Surely somebody must know this mans name? Does anybody actually know the name of this man who dresses like a Sikh and impersonates Sikhs and then burns the American flag at the request of anti-humanitarian agencies in the hope that some Sikhs will get attacked or murdered as a result?
  4. :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  5. Actually Paaji, you're probably right. It's just that alot of what he says is so predictable and school boyish it lead me to under estimate his intelligence. Some of the stuff he says makes me cringe. I get the same feeling listening to Nihal as I do when I happen to catch an episode of Alan Patridge. Now there's an interview I'd pay really good money to watch, or even just hear.... an interview between Alan Patridge and Nihal. That would be hilarious!!!
  6. I totally agree, the Solution is to get well versed Sikhs onto other channels and shows to let the non-Sikhs learn about Sikhi from practising Sikhs. He does shows on BCC Radio for Asians and usually tells us Sikhs how we should deal with our affairs. I think he means well but usually does more harm than good for our reputation and image. Can't blame you. However, sometimes it's worth listening so that you know what the 'damage' is that needs undoing following one of their shows. That's one theory (I just think that he doesn't realise the damage that he does to us).
  7. Does anybody else ever get the impression that Nihal wants to be a Sikh? If you notice he can't seem to leave us alone. I'm sure Nihal would tell us it's just his job, but I'm not convinced??? It's almost like he wants to tell us that being a Sikh is basically the same as his own personal beliefs. However, because he can't embrace Sikhi (for whatever reasons) his envy shines through in his unrelenting aim to keep on taking the Separate identity of the Sikh Religion, and therefore the Sikhs, away from the Sikhs. Nihal will never accept Sikhs as a stand alone religion in its own right. I w
  8. You're absolutely right! People like Nihal from the BCC make us feel guilty for trying to save our fellow Sikhs from being unfairly discriminated against i.e. sworn at, or spit at, or threatened, or beaten up, or even killed (as there have been many cases of Sikhs being killed due to being mistaken for Muslims). He tries to tell us that we are wrong for letting the world know that we are not Muslims. However, I dare him to even look at one of the Sikh relatives in the face whose relative had been seriously attacked or killed as a result of being mistaken for a Muslim, he wouldn't have the G
  9. If an African tells us he’s African and not Jamaican, does it mean he hates Jamaicans? If a Jamaican tells us he’s Jamaican and not African, does it mean he hates Africans? If Japanese told us he was Japanese and not Chinese, does it mean he hates Chinese? If a Chinese tells us he’s Chinese and not Japanese, does it mean he hates Japanese? If a Pakistani tells you he is Pakistani and not Indian does that mean he hates Indians? If a Hindu tells you that he is Hindu and not Muslim, does that mean he hates Muslims? If a Hindu tells you he’s a Hindu and not a Sikh, does that mean he hates Si
  10. Sometimes I think it doesnt need us to go into too much detail. All we need to say is 'Sikhs are not Muslims', period. If all us Sikhs went on as many sites as they could around the world ie Sikh websites, facebook pages, chat sites like this, twitter etc posting the simple words 'Sikhs are not Muslims' everything would be fixed overnight. I'm sick of the fact that Muslims commited the 9/11 acts in America and the 7/7 acts in England and we Sikhs are taking all the flack!! Just as an individual needs to take responsibility for their own actions so do religions need to take responsibility
  11. By the way, we Sikhs should proactively stop any organisation using the word Akali in their name or title unless they have full permission from the whole panth. I think words like Akali, Sikh, the 11 Gurus names from Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Guru Granth Sahib Ji, or Vaheguru, or any Sikh Specific words should be in some way copyrighted or protected by us Sikhs in some way !!! We should not let people like this hijack our names and titles to just discredit us.
  12. This non-sikh agent of india (the anti-Sikh individual pretending to be a sikh with the crossed swords) should be named. He is deliberately trying to get innocent Sikhs killed and harmed around the world. If our media, news papers, radio, magazines and tv stations really care about Sikhs and want to prevent further attacks on Sikhs then they will definately name and shame this man who hates humanity. It's better this one evil man gets a good slapping as a result of being exposed rather than further innocent men, women and children getting attacked around the world as a result of this evil m
  13. I think Sangat tv and Sikh Channel should get this mans name, the man who is putting his sword through the Amercian Flag in the first picture, and expose him to all the Sikh Sangat as a traitor. Especially as he has been seen at all the wrong protests and is known to be on the Indian Government Payroll to discredit the Sikhi of our 11 Gurus! Hopefully though, whatever happens, Sangat tv and Sikh Channel won't actually show any films or photographs of the American flag being burnt, otherwise, both channels would be as stupid and harmful to the Sikhs as this man. Please Sangat tv and Sikh Cha
  14. I couldn't agree with you more Kalsingh! We go on our own channels and non-Sikh channels and keep mentioning Taliban, terrorists, fundamentalists associating those words with our image and name when in fact we have been proven to be the most helpful religion for all of mankind. All we need to say is we are not Muslims, Sikhs are not Muslims! What you forget esingh is that this guy (crazy gun man M Page) had the worst case of mental illness you can have. You have to be really really, chronically mentally ill to start firing at unarmed people. Forget white supremecy this poor cowardly sou
  15. Yes, Good interview. But, again, what the bald interviewer says at 3.38 does not really help this interview at all. We do need to get the message across that Sikhs are not Muslims. i.e not only are Sikhs are not associated with the Taliban, Sikhs are not associated with Islam or the Muslim religion, period! (or full stop as we say in the UK.) We have nothing against the Muslims at all, but we Sikhs want to be known as Sikhs. Why are we Sikhs so scared of simply sayings 'Sikhs are not Muslims' Why? The Muslims are not stupid or daft, they are big enough to justify their own religion. The
  16. My prayers are totally with the 6 innocent poeple whose lives were taken by the derranged gun man or derranged gun men. My prayers are also with those innocent people who were injured. We don't know if the wicked gun man/gun men thought they were muslim or not. However, I can't help feeling that if we had done more to let the rest of the world know who we are as a religion (and yes we are a totally separate religion from the Hindu and Muslim religion) some Sikhs would still be alive today. I am not just talking about today but from 9/11. Following this incident the western world is going
  17. To the person who started this thread (and anyone else who wants to know why we keep our hair)..... As said before we keep our hair because God made us that way. To cut it is to say God got it wrong, and instead of following God, we then follow the person who first cut their hair and started off the man made trend of cutting hair. If a man cuts his hair including his beard he deforms his face. It's just like drinking, smoking, herion, cocaine, they are all man made pass times that some people choose to follow, however a Sikh never should !!! You're probably doing this for a woman or women
  18. @jsinghnz I don't think dasgurka is acknowledging caste above. I think, dasgurka is saying that even though some people, who still call themselves Sikhs but instead follow brahaminvaad i.e. the caste system, may see the above great great great Singhs as lower caste, the above Singhs we in fact greatly elevated human beings because of the actions. I think dasgurka is saying that after getting rid of their castes by taking Amrit, and carrying out amazing actions for the good of humanity, the above Sikhs are looked upto by us as the highest of the highest Sikhs of the Guru. Proving your previ
  19. Great article!! As you say, our saviour is always here, Guru Granth and Guru Panth! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  20. Got my answer! Brilliaint !!! There was no opinion in my question, I use wanted the Sangat's views. Thanks to everyone who replied!
  21. We all know that the ultimate Sikh male will have uncut kesh/hair with a full flowing open beard and where the 5k's and obviously do nitnem. However, please could the Sangat let us know if any of following 'inbetween' states, from a point of view of adopting the Sikhi Saroop, are actually better than being a munar (a shaved and hair cut sikh): A) wearing a turban or patka whilst shaving and cutting your hair, and still drinking in pubs B) wearing a turban or patka whilst shaving and cutting your hair C) wearing a turban or patka with earrings, and still drinking in pubs D) wearing a turba
  22. Great Job SinghStah, I could never do that. I haven't got the energy to speak to such moorrakhs. I just think these 'so called' sikhs are totally deviod of any self respect, knowledge or intelligence, and so I would never have the courage to try and even start to climb such a steep mountain. The worst is, these people keep the sikhi saroop to buy themselves some respect by attaching themselves to the image of the Sikhs. However, they just bring disrespect to the rest of the Sikhs. As long as these selfish people can get the respect they gain from the Sikhi Saroop, they're happy. The don
  23. I don't think this happened.. A family bought a house built on a very old cemetery. The arial came off the telly and the little girl of the house was pulled into the telly while there was no transmission. Then a lady came and pulled the little girl out the telly with a long rope, and then said "this house is clean". I think the above is just fiction though.
  24. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, For those of you in the Midlands, there's still a couple of dates left. Then it's back to London way with a final date in the Midlands to finish off. At least this way more people can get to a Gurdwara near them on the dates. Don't forget to note the dates of when the Gurdwara is nearer you !!! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  25. As an Amritdhari your father has a choice on whether he wears a helmet or not. Millions of people around the world, who are not Amritdhari, ride a Motor bike without a helmet. Some Sikhs wear a helmet, others, like you Veer Ji, can only wear a Dastaar and not replace it or cover it - RESPECT !!!
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